8 Best Cheap VPN Services

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Sometimes, great things come cheap.

If you are looking to protect your entire internet experience, you can do so by getting yourself a cheap VPN service that works well.

What Is The Best Cheap VPN?

You do not need to shell out an extreme amount of cash to get the most effective product available. Again, there are affordable options you can choose from.

However, looking for a reliable and cheap VPN can often be an overwhelming undertaking. You see, most low-cost VPN services are usually associated with poor and subpar performance/connections.

So, choosing the cheapest product might not be the wisest idea, to begin with. In order to get the best anonymizing tool, you need to do a comprehensive product comparison check first and see which companies can provide the best VPN experience for the price.

Gladly, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to list the most effective and low-priced VPN options available in the market that works well just like an expensive service being offered by a top-notch VPN service provider.

Cost-Efficient Solution for Your Security and Privacy

Protecting your online privacy does not need to be expensive. Sometimes, you just have to look for the right tool or service that can do the job at an affordable price.

In this list, we have grouped virtual private networks depending on their prices; $10, $5, $1, and totally free trial accounts.

Providers for Less Than $10

Protecting your online privacy does not need to be expensive.

Sometimes, you just have to look for the right tool or service that can do the job at an affordable price.

In this list, we have grouped VPN services depending on their prices; $10, $5, $1, and totally free trial accounts.

1. IPVanish

IPVanish website

IPVanish is another powerful VPN service provider that has been around for years now.

IPVanish is a US-based company that takes security seriously. So, if you are looking for a premium VPN service that does the job well, you can never go wrong with IPVanish.

Here’s why we love IPVanish.

IPVanish is a well-known VPN service that costs roughly about $10.00 per month. Each VPN offering is packed with state-of-the-art technology that can provide anonymous browsing experiences at top speed.

IPvanish is available in three different payment schemes – monthly, 3-month, or annually. If you opt for the 3-month plan, you can get 25% off. You save 46% when you subscribe to the 1-year plan.

We have been using IPVanish for a week now and we could not complain about the service at all. It supports P2P traffic, plus it comes with 5 simultaneous connections on multiples devices.

We also tried accessing geo-blocked websites and glad we were able to access them without any hassle all thanks to IPVanish. In terms of speed, IPVanish delivers what it promised – fast and stable connections.

We also like the fact that this VPN service is true to its claims of Zero-log practice. While there are currently no data retention laws in the United States, a company based there could still be mandated by authorities to collect private data.

IPVanish is a likable service that has more than 40,000 shared IP addresses and over 1,000 servers located in 60+ countries.

With a 256-bit AES encryption system, IPVanish can effectively protect your data while you go about your internet activities. When you need help with anything related to your account and connections, you can always count on IPVanish’s 24/7 support.

2. VyprVPN

Among the top-rated VPN services in the industry, VyprVPN is always a favorite option. VyprVPN, powered by Golden Frog, is a high-quality VPN service that offers fast and reliable privacy-protecting solutions.

VyprVPN offers a good service at fair prices. The Swiss company offers simple and straightforward packages that are packed with the right stuff. If you opt to pay monthly, VyprVPN is available at $9.95 per month.

Subscribing to an annual plan would allow you to avail of big discounts. Both plans, Standard and Premium plans cost less than $10 per month if billed annually.

VyprVPN also offers 3-day free trial access but you still would have to disclose payment information to avail such offer.

So What Do You Get With a $10-Priced VPN Service?

For Less Than $5

1. PureVPN

PureVPN website

If you are looking to purchase a VPN service that is roughly 5 bucks, then go for PureVPN – an all-around VPN service that can offer secure connections using military-grade encryption.

PureVPN, as its name suggests, offers only pure and stable VPN connections. No gimmicks whatsoever – what you pay for is what you will get.

PureVPN offers a monthly plan worth $11.00. But if you subscribe to a 1 year or 2 years plan, you can avail of massive discounts.

The VPN company’s 1-year plan costs about $5.00 per month – which means you get to save 55%. You can get access to PureVPN’s network for as low as $2.88 per month (if you subscribe to its 2 year VPN package that costs $69).

If you often browse the web then you can get the most secure connections by using PureVPN. Each VPN subscription will entail users of 5 multiple logins on different devices.

Let take a look at what PureVPN has to offer.

Aside from the basic features that a VPN must-have, PureVPN also supports P2P traffic on certain VPN servers. Users may also enjoy better streaming experiences by connecting to dedicated servers optimized for the sole purpose of unblocking streaming services.

With 256-bit military-grade encryption, PureVPN users will be delighted to browse the entire web with strong layers of security features to hide their activities from prying eyes. PureVPN also adds a NAT firewall feature to maximize privacy and data protection.

PureVPN is not your typical VPN service though – it is the epitome of a reasonably-priced VPN that gets the job done effectively.

2. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access website

While giving Private Internet Access (PIA) a test run, we were able to experience the amazing network performance by this VPN service.

Although not as popular as its competitors, PIA definitely deserves every VPN user’s attention and for the right reasons. PIA is not only a stable VPN service, but it is also a cheap choice for those who are only looking to shell out less than $5 for a good VPN service.

PIA costs about $2.91 per month (if subscribed to its 2-year plan that costs $70). The VPN company also offers a monthly plan for $6.95 and that still is a great price for a high-quality VPN service.

So what is covered under a PIA VPN plan?

PIA offers an easy to use client app that can help users all over the world maximize their online privacy. PIA supports major security protocols namely, PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec.

You also get to enjoy 5 multi-logins if you are subscribed to any PIA VPN plan. And if you are an avid torrent downloader, you will find PIA to be the best VPN service for your needs.

There are 3,000+ servers that Private Internet Access can give access to you. PIA also claims to be a tier-1 multi-gigabit private network which makes it one of the fastest VPNs in the market available.

Overall, PIA is an excellent VPN service that provides affordable, safe, and more importantly, secure VPN.

$1 VPN Services

1. LimeVPN

LimeVPN website

$1 for a VPN service? Try LimeVPN.

Just by checking its website, you will see that LimeVPN is still a relatively young VPN service provider. And if you have previous experience dealing with VPNs, you would initially stay away from such an unproven virtual private network.

However, many users seem to be fond of the new VPN player. With a user-friendly and cost-effective VPN offering, Lime VPN is a decent VPN service that you can trust.

LimeVPN offers two VPN plans, Basic and Pro. The LimeVPN Pro plan is basically a VPN package catered for enterprise use that allows 20+ concurrent connections at a time. This VPN plan costs $264 for two years.

LimeVPN’s Basic plan is the personal VPN package that allows 2 multi-logins. This plan costs $1 per month for 2 years. This is definitely the cheapest VPN offering we have seen all over the internet.

There are 17+ VPN locations that makeup LimeVPN’s network. The VPN company has dedicated servers for torrent use and for video streaming purposes.

There is not much information about the exact number of VPN servers that LimeVPN has. The company says that you do not need to pay for a hundred VPN servers if you are only going to use 5. That’s basically a hint that LimeVPN does not have that much of VPN servers.

In terms of security features though, LimeVPN is not to be outdone by the bigger VPN companies.

LimeVPN makes use of a corporate-class 256-bit encryption system to enable a completely secured network. The VPN service also offers a NAT Firewall protection to safeguard all devices from potential security loopholes.

All major security protocols are supported by LimeVPN. The VPN service provider is also proud to have its own in-house VPN servers which means there are lesser chances of DNS leaks.

LimeVPN is your cheap VPN that has all the necessary features to keep your connections private and anonymous.

2. VersaVPN

VersaVPN website

VersaVPN is another VPN service you can get for $1.00. This, however, is not the price for a monthly plan but for a trial account which is good for 2 days only.

If you are not a regular VPN user, paying for $1 for 2 days of use is the way to go. VersaVPN’s 2-day plan is the complete VPN package so you still get to enjoy the full VPN service even for a limited time only.

The cheap service has 60 servers that are strategically located in 20+ countries. All its servers support the use of OpenVPN, PPTP, or an L2TP protocol.

VersaVPN firmly believes in the right to privacy. Thus, it does not log or monitor any user activities. The VPN company even have transparency reports and warrant canary to prove its dedication to protecting its users’ privacy.

If you find that VersaVPN suits your VPN needs, then you can opt to subscribe to its premium plan that starts at $5.50 per month.

BONUS: The Best FREE VPN Services

1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN website

Not an avid VPN user? If you do not browse the internet on a daily basis, TunnelBear’s free offer is good enough to protect your online privacy. TunnelBear offers a free VPN with 500MB of data every month. Need more data? Just tweet about the VPN to get an extra 1GB!

TunnelBear believes that quality matters. That is why it only offers strong AES 256-bit encryption to keep all VPN traffics secure and private. The VPN service also makes it clear that it won’t compromise security over cost savings.

TunnelBear is firm in providing the best and most effective VPN solution that protects users from vulnerability to hacking and other security threats. TunnelBear is basically the beast when it comes to providing the perfect VPN solution.

The bear has a VPN network consisting of multiple servers located in 20 countries. Users are allowed 5 simultaneous connections using a single account. This means that you can protect your internet activities even while on the go.

Aside from its free VPN offering, TunnelBear also has premium plans that come with unlimited data allocations. Its Giant VPN plan costs about $10 per month while the Grizzly plan costs $60 for 1 year of TunnelBear accesses.

2. HideMyAss

hide my ass website homepage

This UK-based VPN service provider is the most popular service provider in the world. The VPN service has been around for years and still considered one of the best VPNs in the entire VPN market.

Hide My Ass! does not only offer paid VPN accesses. As of this writing, it is also offering a 30-day free trial account! All you need is a valid payment method (don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the first 30 days) to avail of the trial access.

Before the free trial expires, you should cancel the subscription so as not to get charged the full year of subscription worth $83.88.

HMA offers high-quality VPN features including 5 multi-logins, unlimited bandwidth, super-fast speeds, supports major protocols, and a 760+ VPN server network.

HideMyAss is a highly recommended VPN service provider by security experts and VPN users alike. If you need to anonymize your internet habits altogether, then HMA is the perfect solution for you.


A good VPN service does not need to be expensive.

The VPN providers listed above are amongst the best deals you can find today.

If you are low on budget and would like to get a working VPN service, you can pick any of the 8 services mentioned.

These top-rated companies provide decent VPN solutions (if not better) compared to other VPN providers that cost more than $10.

Start using a VPN today.

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