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20 Best Putlocker Alternatives (Free & Safe)

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Searching for the top Putlocker alternatives?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll explore 20 exceptional Putlocker alternatives that match or even surpass Putlocker in content quality, reliability, speed, functionality, and features.

The most remarkable aspect of these Putlocker alternatives is that the majority of them are entirely FREE.

Free Putlocker Alternatives (April 2024)

1. FMovies

fmovies homepage

FMovies tops this list as an excellent Putlocker alternative with its vast library of classics and new releases.

It’s my favorite, and I’ve been using it for a while.

The website offers everything, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to your favorite TV series, all for free.

FMovies looks similar to Putlocker but goes a step further by allowing users to get details of every movie and show.

Just hover your mouse over a title to see the synopsis, rating, country of origin, and genre.

FMovies is also free, and you don’t have to create an account to watch anything.

Everything is arranged in categories, and there’s a search option for finding anything you want.

The user interface is also one of the best on my list, with buttons at the top for easy navigation.

2. 123Movies

123movies homepage

123Movies no longer exists, and this is a mirror website that provides all kinds of films and TV shows.

It keeps getting taken down, so the mirror link above can change at any time.

But it’s still a good alternative for Putlocker, as it has documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters, animated films, adventure films, Bollywood films, and more.

The landing page is also more detailed than Putlocker’s.

It opens to a neatly arranged list of all the latest shows and movies.

There’s no need to create an account to watch content on 123Movies.

But there are ads, though they’re not as aggressive as Putlocker was.

123Movies is updated several times a day, sometimes even multiple times an hour.

On top of this, its library has more than 5,000 titles.

Other areas where 123Movies edges out Putlocker are the Chromecast compatibility, IMDb integration for learning about your favorite actors and movies and removing distracting advertisements after devoted use.

A point to note, using mirror sites like 123Movies isn’t safe.

Use a VPN when watching your favorite shows and movies, especially one with anti-malware features like NordVPN.

3. Watch Series Online

watch series homepage

Watch Series Online has countless genres of movies and shows that will entertain you without spending a dime.

You can choose from dramas, action movies, chick flicks, and even physiological thrillers.

There’s no limit!

Watch Series Online looks better than Putlocker.

You can see all the posters and titles of the latest movies and TV on the landing page.

This is categorized under a section called Most Popular.

Watch Series Online also provides trailers to view before watching a show or movie.

It also has a section where you can check content presented in foreign languages if you want to broaden your horizons.

Just like Putlocker, you can also directly download the movies and shows to your device for watching later, and there are subtitles you can activate for foreign content.

The only drawback is the ads.

Depending on the browser you’re using, you might need an adblocker extension.

Or better yet, go for a VPN with an in-built adblocker, like Surfshark.

4. Tubi TV

tubi tv homepage

Tubi TV is another streaming website that offers everything, from popular movies and classic series to anime and foreign films.

The only requirement is a working internet connection.

The site has more than 50,000 titles, so it’s not an understatement to say there’s something for everyone.

Tubi TV also has a better interface than Putolocker.

The landing page displays all the latest movies and shows, and all you need to do is tap on any to start watching.

However, with Tubi TV, you need to create an account first.

Putlocker didn’t have that requirement.

Another area where Tubi TV edges Putlocker is the availability of Android and iOS apps.

This means it’s optimized for use on mobile devices, making Tubi ideal for people who want to watch movies and shows on the move.

But it lacks direct downloads for offline watching, something that Putlocker had.

5. Vudu

vudu homepage

Vudu is one of those websites you recommend to friends and family, even if they aren’t looking for Putlocker alternatives.

As far as functionality goes, Vudu takes the crown, as it has a very smooth app.

Another great aspect that sets it apart from Putlocker and most options on this list is its offer of HD and 4K Ultra videos at up to 60 fps.

Even premium options like Netflix and Hulu only offer 30 fps playback.

You can download the app on various devices, including iOS, Android, Roku, and even your gaming console.

However, unlike Putlocker, Vudu isn’t entirely free.

You can choose to rent or buy a movie or show at relatively fair prices.

If this isn’t an option for you, you can watch content for free, but you’ll have to contend with ads.

Another drawback is that Vudu requires a registered account to access the movies and series.

With Putlocker, all you had to do was open the site and choose something to watch.

6. IMDb TV

imdbtv home

IMDb, also known as Internet Movie Database, is an online entertainment portal that provides information about movies, television shows, and cast and crew members.

It’s a rich source of information for entertainment industry professionals and casual fans.

Unlike Putlocker, you need to sign in to your Amazon account to watch anything on IMDb TV.

Furthermore, as much as IMDbTV is free, you have to deal with ads all through while watching the movies and shows.

Fortunately, it has a wide range of movies and shows to choose from, especially old classics that were hard to find on Putlocker.

Another area where IMDbTV trounces Putlocker is the availability of movie and show summaries.

You simply hover the cursor over a movie and read a quick synopsis of what it’s about.

7. Crackle

crackle homepage

Crackle, formerly known as Grouper, is another Putlocker alternative that’s been around for a while (since 2007).

Crackle is the largest advertiser-supported digital destination for feature films, TV shows, and original series.

It claims to reach more than 20 million viewers.

You also need to sign in to watch movies and shows on Crackle, but that’s not all.

Unlike Putlocker, which could be accessed from anywhere, Crackle is only available in specific countries, like the US.

You’ll need a good VPN to access the content.

On the flip side, the platform has high-quality shows and movies.

It also comes with options to save a movie and watch later, but it lacks a download option like Putlocker.

You can also access the movie/show synopsis before deciding what to watch.

Crackle has ads like Putlocker, and it’s very aggressive against any use of adblocker.

I couldn’t proceed until I disabled mine.

However, it has a premium version if you want to remove ads.

8. SolarMovie

solarmovie homepage

SolarMovie might not be your first option when thinking about Putlocker alternatives, but it still offers something many streaming services don’t … hundreds of high-quality movies and TV shows.

SolarMovie has a user interface that almost mirrors what Putlocker used to have.

The landing page has a button that opens categories for the movies and shows.

But unlike Putlocker, you can see brief information on the show or movie by hovering the mouse on top of it.

Another area where SolarMovies surpasses Putlocker is the availability of a custom low-compression player, which guarantees no glitches or breaks while enjoying your favorite content.

The library is also updated daily, contains a low amount of ads for free users, and does not contain any viruses due to its strict virus checking system.

9. Popcornflix

popcornflix homepage

Popcornflix is another amazing Putlocker alternative that has everything.

If you love classic cinema, the website’s collection includes cult classics from the likes of Quentin Tarantino and foreign films made worldwide.

Popcornflix has an amazing user interface, more intuitive and colorful than Putlocker.

There’s no need to sign in; you simply choose a movie or show from the categories and start watching.

But there’s a catch.

You have to contend with unskippable ads every 20 minutes.

Another downside to Popcornflix is that it’s blocked in many regions.

You’ll need a VPN to gain access, which is another added cost since Putlocker had no geo-restrictions.

On a positive note, the platform has an extensive library of movies and series.

It’s home to exclusive content like popular Indie and Classic films and foreign-language titles that aren’t available anywhere else.

10. MoviesJoy

moviesjoy homepage

MoviesJoy is a website that was relaunched in 2016 and currently boasts a library of more than 10,000 videos, including new releases and older classics.

The site is free, with ads for those who don’t subscribe.

However, free members have no restrictions or daily limits, making it a great Putlocker alternative.

MoviesJoy looks similar to Putlocker.

Rather than a list of the latest movies, you’re given categories to choose from based on the genre and type.

There’s no need to sign in.

You find the movie or show you want to watch, choose a server, and start streaming.

However, there’s a fair share of ads, though they’re not as aggressive as Putlocker was.

Premium Putlocker Alternatives

11. Netflix

netflix homepage

Netflix is a premium video streaming service launched in August 1997 by Reed Hasting.

Initially, it only had a collection of around 1000 DVDs for rent.

Netflix surpasses Putlocker in many areas.

To start, it’s a paid streaming platform.

This means there are no ads.

It also has an extensive library of movies and shows to choose from, with new ones added daily.

The two areas where Putlocker edges Netflix are the ability to watch content without any need to sign in and that you don’t have to pay anything.

However, Putlocker had aggressive ads, and that made watching movies and shows a little frustrating.

The user interface on Netflix is amazing, with organized and easy-to-navigate categories.

But at $14 a month, Netflix is one of the costliest premium Putlocker alternatives.

12. Hulu

hulu home

Hulu is a great video streaming service launched in October 2007 by NBCUniversal.

Initially, it only provided users access to its localized media library.

Later on, it added a feature for live streaming media.

Hulu is a paid streaming platform and, unlike Putlocker, you have to create an account to access the movies and TV shows.

Hulu also offers Live TV combined with Disney and ESPN for the higher plans.

Another feature that makes Hulu a good Putlocker alternative is the availability of over 75 channels that you can access with one subscription, though it isn’t cheap.

The user interface is excellent, and navigating through the platform to find what you need is easy.

The downside is the cost.

The cheapest plan is $6.99/month, and even that comes with limited ads.

If you want to get rid of ads, it will set you back $12.99/month.

For Live TV, it’s $75.99/month.

Furthermore, Hulu is only available in the US.

You’ll need a VPN to watch the shows outside the United States.

One of the best VPNs that work well with Hulu is ExpressVPN.

13. Apple TV+

appletv plus home

Apple TV+ is an Apple product and stands among the most reliable options in regions where it’s supported.

It was established by Apple Inc in 2019 and provides all the latest movies and TV shows.

Surprisingly, Apple TV+ isn’t that expensive considering the brand’s history.

At only $5 a month, you can have access to exclusive shows.

Plus, the quality of Apple TV+’s movies and TV shows is better than what Putlocker used to offer.

Furthermore, there are no ads involved since it’s a paid platform.

In terms of variety, Putlocker packed more since it derived shows and movies from all platforms.

This means you can’t find everything on Apple TV+.

Fortunately, the library is expanding rapidly.

The user interface is immaculate, making Apple TV+ one of the best alternatives of Putlocker, as it provides its users with the latest movies & TV shows.

14. Disney Plus

disney plus

Disney Plus was launched in 2019 by The Walt Disney Company to provide Disney fans with a high-quality library of exclusive content.

Disney plus has a ton of content available in three categories: original programming, library content, and live sports.

Unfortunately, unlike Putlocker, the service isn’t available across the globe.

You may need to use a VPN to access it, like ExpressVPN.

It’s also slightly costlier than Apple TV+, but you get exclusive content not found elsewhere.

Putlocker still had a bigger library, though, if you overlooked its many ads.

15. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video homepage

Amazon Prime Video is another paid video streaming service launched by Amazon Inc in 2006.

The prime membership of this service offers access to exclusive content with high definition quality.

The quality of movies and shows is better than what Putlocker used to offer, but Amazon Prime Video costs $12.99 a month.

On one side, you’ll have access to exclusive content without dealing with ads every few minutes.

You’ll also get an added bundle of Amazon Music and Prime delivery.

The movie and TV show library is also growing rapidly.

The company claims it has over 200 million subscribers.

That should give you enough reasons to try Amazon Prime Video as a Putlocker alternative.

16. Peacock TV

peacocktv homepage

Peacock TV is considered the best streaming site for watching local channels in the United States, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and the UK.

The ideal alternative to Putlocker.

Unfortunately, for those who want to watch their favorite shows on Peacock TV, a VPN is necessary since it isn’t available in other regions.

The cost isn’t that high, though.

At $4.99 a month, you get to watch all kinds of movies and shows.

The user interface is very sleek and better than what Putlocker offered.

The same extends to the quality of the shows and movies.

Peacock TV also offers Live TV, including sports and news, something Putlocker never offered.

17. HBO Max

hbomax home

HBO Max is another top Putlocker alternative and one of the newest entrants to the game.

It offers access to exciting premium content & services.

You don’t have to worry about ads like you would with Putlocker.

Unfortunately, HBO Max is only available in the US and a few selected places in Europe, the Caribbean, and US territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, and the like.

You’ll need to use a reliable VPN to access the premium content on HBO Max.

The price is also on the higher side compared to Peacock and Amazon Prime.

It does offer HD content that’s better than what Putlocker offered, though!

18. KweliTV

kwelitv home

KweliTV is the home of Indie content, the type that can’t be found in any popular mainstream platform.

It has a particular leaning towards Black shows and movies.

You can watch your favorite movies anytime with the help of Kweli TV’s easy-to-use interface.

Additionally, Kweli TV has apps for Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, and more.

This offers more flexibility than Putlocker, as you can watch your favorite shows on any device.

However, compared to Putlocker, the library of movies and shows on KweliTV is limited.

It’s slightly above 500 at the moment.

On top of this, you have to pay to access the content and sign up for an account.

19. Criterion Channel

criterion channel home

Criterion Channel is an online streaming platform that caters to a specific niche of movies, with hard-to-find classics being the majority.

Think of TCM movies, and you’ll get a clear picture of what Criterion Channel is all about.

Just like Putlocker, you can use any web browser to access the content on this site, so all you need is a working internet connection.

However, you need to create an account and pay a subscription fee to gain access to the content.

The library of movies and TV shows on Criterion Channel isn’t as extensive as Putlocker.

There are about 1000 so far, with more shows being added slowly.

If you’re a movie buff that only watches highly rated movies and shows, then this is the best Putlocker alternative for you.

20. IFC Films Unlimited

ifcfilms home

IFC Films Unlimited is another premium online movie streaming service.

It offers more than just infinite entertainment.

IFC Films Unlimited has one of the biggest selections of indie films and some blockbusters, giving it a good shout as a Putlocker alternative.

However, IFC Films Unlimited is a niche platform, meaning the variety of movies and series isn’t as extensive as what Putlocker offered.

Its saving grace is that the content is of the highest quality and way better than what you’d typically find on Putlocker.

You need to create an account and pay a subscription fee to watch what you want.

Choosing a Putlocker Alternative: Factors to Keep In Mind

With all the legal trouble Putlocker keeps running into due to copyright suits, finding a suitable alternative is a little challenging.

To help you navigate this tricky phase, here are some pointers.

Price Plans

The first thing to consider is if the Putlocker alternative is free or paid.

And if it’s paid, what plans does it offer?

Is there a free trial period?

Are there different price plans, and which one works best for you?


Is it geo-restricted?

If so, this limits your options to only those services that allow access in the country they’re being accessed from.

Consider using VPNs to stream restricted content from anywhere.

Some notable ones include CyberGhost, PureVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN.

Registration Requirements

Can you access the content right away without registering an account or linking them to your Facebook or Google account?

Or do you need to go through the lengthy and unnecessary process of filling in registration forms for several different websites?

Considering these sites aren’t secure, this isn’t what you want to do just to watch movies.

VPN Friendliness

If you want to remain anonymous while streaming movies, you need a VPN.

This allows you to change your IP address at any time and access geo-restricted Putlocker alternatives that may be banned if they know your actual IP address.

Severity of Ads

Most of the free alternatives for Putlocker have ads, some more than others.

Being offered an island in the Maldives for the price of an iPhone 13 in the middle of a movie isn’t fun.

Therefore, go for a platform with fewer ads or use adblocker extensions to limit their effect.

Nature of Content

The nature of the content available can also affect your decision.

Most services allow free access to their videos.

However, some offer premium membership plans as well (which should be cheaper than signing up for a service like Netflix).

You should also think of what you want between movies, shows, and live stream events like sports.

User Interface

The user interface of the site should be easy to use and navigate.

Think of how the movies are arranged based on the genre, country of origin, year of production, and other metrics—the more options, the better the experience.


The more crowded a site is, the slower the streaming speeds.

This is the problem with using the more popular Putlocker alternatives.

A movie buffering every few seconds because half the world has decided to watch one movie isn’t what you want to experience.

Settling for the less popular sites may be the best way for you.

Interesting Reads:

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Streaming Movies on Free Sites?

  1. Use VPNs to hide your IP address and protect your machine from phishing attempts. You’ll get the bonus of accessing geo-restricted sites like Crackle.
  2. Use ad-blocking extensions to eliminate malicious ad pop-ups that may lead to viruses being downloaded on the device you’re using. Adblock Plus is a good option.
  3. Clear your web history and cookies regularly to keep Google from tracking your online activities.


Putlocker was taken down in 2016.

But you will find mirror sites without any information on who owns them or if they are trustworthy.

If you choose to watch movies and films on these mirror sites, ensure you use a VPN to protect yourself since they’re breeding grounds for hackers.

Free sites have a lot of risks, especially when accessing them with your laptop.

You may save money by accessing premium content freely, but you’ll be exposed to all kinds of threats like malware and hackers.

You should especially be wary of any unsecured site that offers direct downloads.

Illegal streaming sites never have original content.

You’ll find Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max content on them.

That’s called poaching, and it’s illegal.

Other characteristics for illicit streams include:

  • Availability of downloadable content.
  • Questionable ads.
  • Constant alerts asking you to use a VPN.
  • Lack of apps on the App Store or Play Store.
  • Missing contact information.
  • Literal warning signs flash on the screen.

Ideally, you can get sued if you get caught streaming copyrighted materials on illegal sites.

Putlocker and most of the other free sites have so many users, and this can make it hard for a single person to be caught, especially when streaming outside the United States.

However, getting caught will land you in a lot of trouble.

To be on the safe side, use a VPN to stream movies and shows on these sites.


So which of these 20 alternatives impressed you?

There are countless more Putlocker alternatives you can fund online, and they change faster than you can find them.

DMCA takedowns are more common these days.

Fortunately, new sites are always coming up.

Find the one that suits your needs and enjoy unlimited movies all day and night.

For more information on VPNs, how they work, and how you can use them to access all these amazing Putlocker alternatives, check out our website.

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