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25+ Internet Speed Statistics, Facts & Trends

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Over the years, Internet speed has become quite important as we constantly look for faster speeds to download or enjoy our streaming.

And because of this, there has been a massive evolution in internet speeds.

So, we’ve compiled a list of fascinating internet speed statistics, facts, and trends to give a clear picture of the internet’s condition.

Top 6 Internet Speed Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • In 2023, fixed broadband speeds will double, and Mobile (cellular) speeds will triple.
  • South Korea led Asia-Pacific with a 5G mobile download speed of 80.3Mbps.
  • In 2022, Morocco had the highest average internet speed in North Africa.
  • For Chilean Netflix users, Wom Fiber and Movistar Fibra had the fastest content streaming service in August 2022.
  • As of July 2022, T-Mobile had the fastest overall and 5G data download speeds.
  • Most use cases for 6G will only emerge after 5G’s limitations are better understood.


top 6 internet speed statistics
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Global Internet Speed Statistics, Facts & Trends

1. Norway held the fastest mobile global average internet speed as of September 2022.

Norway averaged mobile connection speeds of 126.94 Mbps to take the top spot.

It was followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 126.85 Mbps speed and Qatar (124.29 Mbps) in third.

2. As of December 2022, Singapore had the fastest fixed broadband with a download speed of 225.71 Mbps.

Singapore (225.71 Mbps) won, with China (223.49 Mbps) and Chile (220.96 Mbps) coming in second and third, respectively.

Country Fixed Broadband Speeds
Singapore 225.71 Mbps
China 223.49 Mbps
Chile 220.96 Mbps
United Arab Emirates 206.12 Mbps
Hong Kong (SAR) 201.79 Mbps

3. In 2023, fixed broadband speeds will double.

Global fixed broadband speeds are expected to increase from 45.9 Mbps in 2018 to 110.4 Mbps in 2023.

4. Mobile (cellular) speeds will triple in 2023.

The mobile network connection speed was 13.2 Mbps in 2018 and will reach 43.9 Mbps in 2023.

5. Germany's average download speed in November 2022 was 80.69 Mbps.

In comparison, its average speed in October was 77.34 Mbps.

6. The global average mobile download speed in December 2022 was 36.74 Mbps.

The global mobile upload speed averaged 9.66 Mbps in the same timeframe

In contrast, the average global fixed broadband connection had a download speed of about 75.18 Mbps and an upload speed of 32.52 Mbps.

7. Maryland has the fastest average Internet speed in the US in 2023.

With a speed of 196.2 Mbps, it is miles ahead of Alaska, the slowest state (58.6 Mbps).

8. South Korea led in the Asia-Pacific region with a 5G mobile download speed of 80.3Mbps.

This 2021 data was recorded at about 8:00 or 9:00 pm, the slowest hours of the day.

9. Romania led Central and Eastern Europe on fixed broadband download and upload speeds.

In May 2022, Romania recorded a download speed of 136.07 Mbps and an upload speed of 94.21 Mbps. In second place was Moldova, with a download speed of 103.23 Mbps and an upload speed of 90.89 Mbps.

The top seven CEE regions by speed are:

Country Download Speed Upload Speed
Romania 136.07 Mbps 94.21 Mbps
Moldova 103.23 Mbps 90.89 Mbps
Hungary 101.59 Mbps 26.97 Mbps
Poland 92.39 Mbps 31.06 Mbps
Lithuania 88.01 Mbps 86.84 Mbps
Slovenia 75.52 Mbps 33.19 Mbps
Russia 68.77 Mbps 74.36 Mbps

10. In Q3 2022, Claro was the fastest mobile operator in Brazil.

Claro led with the fastest speed of 37.17 Mbps. While Vivo (28.25 Mbps) and TIM (25.98 Mbps) came second and third, respectively. 

11. In Cuba, mobile internet download speed exceeded broadband download speed.

 In August 2022, the mobile download speed was 4.15 Mbps, more than the broadband download speed of 2.92 Mbps on Cuba Island

12. In 2022, Morocco had the highest average internet speed in North Africa.

Morocco (13.03 Mbps) came first, with Tunisia (8.32 Mbps) and Egypt (7.81 Mbps) as second and third, respectively. 

13. Labrador and Newfoundland had the fastest internet speed in the Canadian province between June 2021 and June 2022.

Labrador and Newfoundland came first with an internet speed of 169.6 Mbps.

In contrast, New Brunswick came second at 157 Mbps

14. In the Czech, the fixed internet connections were higher than the cellular mobile internet connections.

In February 2022, the Czech Republic had a download speed of 43.18 Mbps for its cellular mobile internet connections and 47.04 Mbps for its fixed internet connections

15. For Chilean Netflix users, Wom Fiber and Movistar Fibra had the fastest content streaming service in August 2022.

Wom Fiber and Movistar Fibra each averaged 3.6 Mbps download speeds in the reported period

16. In New Zealand, Fiber Max broadband connections had the highest upload speed.

In March 2022, Fiber Max broadband connections’ upload speed peaked at 501.4 Mbps.

5G and 6G Internet Speed Statistics, Facts & Trends

17. As of July 2022, T-Mobile had the fastest overall and 5G data download speeds.

User experience tests showed an average speed of 171Mbps. Verizon came the closest, only managing 73Mbps.

18. Chunghwa Telecom was New Taipei's fastest 5G mobile ISP in 2021.

Chunghwa Telecom had a median download and upload speed of 375.5 Mbps and 57 Mbps, respectively, making it the fastest 5G mobile internet service provider in New Taipei in the first half of 2021.

19. In 2022, Plus supplied Poland's fastest 5G internet download speed at 142.4Mbps.

However, Orange had the highest upload speed in the same timeframe.

20. Verizon had the fastest 5G mmWave in 2021.

In 2021, Verizon had an average 5G download speed of 607.2 Mbps, making it the fastest 5G mmWave.

21. In September 2022, there was better mobile internet connection speeds thanks to 5G.

For instance, the average 4G connection speed in Saudi Arabia is 28.9 Mbps, while the average 5G connection speed is 414.2 Mbps.

22. On 6G connections, download rates will increase to 1,000 Mbps.

With a connection density ten times higher than 5G, 6G will offer quicker speeds and allow more devices to connect to a network without congestion.

23. The 5G network took eight years to develop before deployment.

That is a significant upgrade from the 3G development in 2000, which took 15 years.

Mobile Broadband Technology Years in Development
2G 22 years
3G 15 years
4G 9 years
5G 8 years

24. Most use cases for 6G will only emerge after 5G’s limitations are better understood.

In the coming years, many telecommunication businesses, including LG, Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, and ZTE, will look at the limitations of 5G, gather data, and search for ways to overcome the technical obstacles preventing the development of 6G.

25. The lead 5G operator with the highest upload speed in Kaohsiung was FarEasTone.

In the second half of 2021, FarEasTone had an upload speed of over 39 Mbps. 

However, Chunghwa Telecom remained the fastest by download speed in the same timeframe. 

26. As of March 2022, South Korea had the highest 5G network download speed.

South Korea recorded an average download speed of 438 Mbps in March 2022 on the 5G network

To Wrap Up

These facts, trends, and statistics give you a prominent picture of internet speeds globally and help you make data-driven decisions on what broadband technologies to deploy.

You may also need encryption to secure data on your internet networks without affecting speed. In that case, start with our guide to the fastest VPNs tested by experts for faster internet speeds and security.

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