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Does AtlasVPN Work in the Philippines? (Performance and Servers)

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I recently visited the Philippines and decided to test AtlasVPN.

Well, I can now confirm that AtlasVPN works exceptionally in the Philippines to unblock content abroad, bypass ISP throttling, improve public Wi-Fi safety and safeguard your online anonymity.

However, this VPN provider doesn’t have a server in the Philippines, so you can’t unblock local content with it. The good news is that this doesn’t impact its effectiveness, as I will soon show.

So, keep reading to learn how to use AtlasVPN in the Philippines.

How to Use AtlasVPN in the Philippines?

Like many Asian countries, the Philippines has strict internet use laws, especially regarding political activism. There are also some geo-restrictions to online content that the Philippines government classifies as pornographic or under other banned categories.

But AtlasVPN can help unblock websites and stay anonymous from the government/your ISP in the Philippines.

atlasvpn download for windows

Follow these steps to use AtlasVPN in the Philippines:

  1. Buy an AtlasVPN subscription.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your preferred device. AtlasVPN has native apps for Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and macOS devices.
atlasvpn compatible devices
  1. Set up the application on your device and log in to the app.
  2. Enable the killswitch. Go to Settings > Kill switch > Toggle icon.
  3. Click the settings icon on your AtlasVPN app.
locating atlasvpn settings
  1. Go to the kill switch section and toggle the icon to enable it.
atlasvpn kill switch feature
  1. Choose the right protocol. Do that through Settings > Protocols > Enable preferred protocol. WireGuard is preferred as it’s more secure than IPSec.
atlasvpn protocols settings
  1. Connect to your desired server location. You can either use the quick connect or manually choose your preferred server. With the quick connect option, the VPN automatically connects you to the most suitable server.

That’s it! You have secured your internet connection and can enjoy AtlasVPN’s services in the Philippines.

Why AtlasVPN Is the Best VPN to Use in the Philippines?

atlasvpn tracker blocker

From my review, here are some reasons I’m certain AtlasVPN is one of the best virtual private networks to use in the Philippines:

  • Seamless streaming. AtlasVPN offers impressive streaming-optimized servers. So, you can enjoy streaming content without encountering annoying lag, buffering, or other glitches.
  • Prevents ISP throttling. The VPN encrypts your internet activities, which prevents PLDT Home, Eastern Communications, One Sky, and other Filipino internet service providers from throttling your connection.
  • High-level internet traffic encryption. AtlasVPN uses IPSec/IKEv2, and WireGuard-crafted tunnels layered over AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard your web traffic from cybersecurity threats.
  • Monitors data breaches. This VPN uses a Data Breach Monitor that searches the internet to determine if your private details have been compromised.
  • Blocks ads and malware. Under its Tracker Blocker’s protection, you’ll encounter less aggressive ads and websites with malicious intent.
  • Fast connection speeds. You can enjoy lightning-fast speeds by connecting to the platform’s 750+ servers globally from the Philippines. Additionally, the VPN can help you automatically choose the ideal server based on latency, distance, and download speed.
  • Zero logs. AtlasVPN has a strict no-logs policy; hence it doesn’t collect your connection data or infringe on your privacy.
  • Unlimited device connections. You can share it with your household, travel group, friends, or close circle without incurring additional costs.

As you can see, AtlasVPN has a lot of benefits to offer for streaming, privacy, unblocking, speed, and security. However, it also has limitations that could hinder you from enjoying the fantastic features.

Let’s discuss those below.

Limitations of AtlasVPN in the Philippines

The main downsides I experienced when using AtlasVPN in the Philippines include

  • Lack of servers in the Philippines. Atlas has a small server fleet, which unfortunately affects the Philippines because it doesn’t have servers there. Thus, it’s impossible to get local IPs to unblock Filipino content or encrypt the web locally.
  • AtlasVPN doesn’t have a smart DNS tool. This means you cannot use it to access geo-restricted content on smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices that can’t download a VPN app in the Philippines.
  • AtlasVPN doesn’t have router support. This makes it difficult to connect with devices that don’t support VPNs, such as Apple TVs and gaming consoles.

AtlasVPN Speeds and Performance in the Philippines

get atlasvpn full speed

Atlas VPN’s average speeds in the Philippines are impressive and guarantee excellent performance in every region. 

I conducted some speed tests on the Virtual Private Network and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

For context, here is my base connection speed minus the VPN:

atlasvpn baseline speed test results

Now, let’s see what happens to my speeds when I connect to AtlasVPN’s local servers in different locations. I connected to servers in Singapore, Germany, and Australia for this test.

 Over Singapore server:

atlasvpn speed test results on singapore server

On Germany server:

atlasvpn speed test results on germany server

On Australia server:

atlasvpn speed test results on australia server

From the above results, you can see that AtlasVPN’s connection ensures a minimal internet connection speed drop to ensure super-fast speeds on your internet plan.

I can attribute this spectacular performance to its WireGuard protocol, which uses advanced cryptography without losing speed when connecting your smartphone or computer to the VPN.

Alternatives for AtlasVPN in the Philippines

The following VPNs offer the features AtlasVPN lacks for the Philippines:

  • ExpressVPN — This VPN has over 3000 servers in 94 countries, and the Philippines is one of them. It’s better than AtlasVPN because of more servers, locations, router support, a SmartDNS offering, and automatic obfuscation.
  • Surfshark — It’s also a great alternative with more servers (3200+ in 100 countries) than AtlasVPN and higher server speed. Thus, you can access more geo-restricted content. Most importantly, Surfshark has servers in the Philippines.
  • CyberGhost — You can use CyberGhost with your wireless router, albeit by installing it manually. This makes up for the lack of router support on AtlasVPN. Likewise, CyberGhost has several servers in the Philippines, a larger server count, and a higher country reach.

How Much Does AtlasVPN Cost in the Philippines?

atlasvpn pricing in the philippines

The current price plans for AtlasVPN in the Philippines are

  • The 2-year plan — 2.05 USD per month.
  • The 1-year plan — 3.29 USD per month
  • The 1-month plan — 10.99 USD per month

The 2-year plan is the most affordable on the AtlasVPN subscription package.

If you do the math, you’ll only pay 49.2 USD for the first two years, representing up to 81% savings!

In contrast, you would have paid 263.76 USD if you subscribed to the 1-month plan for two years or 78.96 USD using the 1-year plan for two years.

Fortunately, you can get more deals on the 2-year plan with our AtlasVPN offers.

Does AtlasVPN Philippines Accept the Philippine Peso?

No, you cannot use the Philippine peso to subscribe to AtlasVPN, but its prices are standard globally.

AtlasVPN only supports the following currencies:

  • The US dollar (USD)
  • The Euro (EUR)
  • The Australian dollar (AUD)
  • The Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • The Chinese Yuan (CNY)
  • The Sterling pound (GBP)
  • The Japanese yen (JPY)
  • The Polish zloty (PLN)

How Can I Fix AtlasVPN Connection Issues in the Philippines?

atlasvpn streaming servers

AtlasVPN Philippines has a reliable 24/7 live chat ready to receive and solve issues you may encounter on the platform. It also has an FAQ website section that’s rich in troubleshooting information.

Likewise, here are some other troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your network availability — Your internet connection could be the problem, so try accessing a website without connecting to the VPN to be sure. Contact your ISP if you have a connection issue.
  • Switch servers — The server you tried to use may be overloaded, out of order, or in maintenance. So, connect to other AtlasVPN servers to see if there’s a difference.
  • Reinstall/Update AtlasVPN — This step could help solve client errors if they are responsible for hindering your connection. Try to connect to the VPN again after downloading its newest version.
  • Disable your antivirus software — The software may read your encrypted data as a threat. So, you may have to disable it before connecting to AtlasVPN servers again.
  • Contact customer support — Describe how you’ve tried to solve the problem so the technical support team can offer other solutions.
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No, Netflix doesn’t block AtlasVPN in the Philippines. You just have to connect a reliable AtlasVPN server to unblock geo-restricted content on the giant streaming platform. Likewise, you also have to use the premium AtlasVPN version to access Netflix libraries in other regions to prevent bandwidth throttling or sub-4K streams.

Protect Your Online Privacy in the Philippines

AtlasVPN may lack Filipino servers, but it works perfectly in the region.

This VPN has terrific features to safeguard your online privacy and allow access to geo-blocked content. Even the speeds are excellent because AtlasVPN has configured its hardware perfectly to cater to your fast connection needs. 

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