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Does Atlas VPN Work With Plex? (Tried and Tested Results)

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I’m happy to report that AtlasVPN does work with Plex! It ticks the right boxes for ensuring safe, unrestricted streaming on Plex servers.

But take note! The free AtlasVPN option restricts performance, especially regarding security and bypassing censorship. So, stick to the premium version (available at a steal) for the best Atlas VPN and Plex experience.

The premium option offers servers optimized for streaming and everything else you need to use the Plex media server safely and remotelyHowever, there’s one niggle, the VPN provider doesn’t offer port forwarding.

Keep reading to learn more.

Testing Atlas VPN With Plex

Atlas VPN is one of the newer VPNs on the market. So, I was curious to see if it performed well with Plex (like its senior competitors).

My first aim was to see if it could unblock Plex content. Living in South Africa, I’m limited to several popular titles. For example, we don’t get Hulu and HBO Max.

However, I’m keen to watch House of the Dragon, the title I’ve used for testing purposes.

Without connecting to a VPN, I receive Plex’s veiled geo-blocking feedback: “There are no streaming services currently available for this title.”

house of the dragon on plex


The results change when I connect to an Atlas VPN server based in the USA (Los Angeles). I’m immediately accommodated with suggestions on where I can watch the series:

plex hbo max atlasvpn

The screenshot above proves that Atlas VPN does work with Plex, and the VPN successfully unblocks geo-restricted content. Hooray!

To be 100% sure, I clicked on “HBO Max Free” to see if I could stream House of the Dragon while connected to an Atlas VPN server.

accessing hbo max with atlasvpn

Whoop whoop! I had no issue indulging in the first episode and enjoyed watching this foreign title. Lucky me!

But while Alas VPN works with Plex, the question is, does it offer the best security for the media server?

I’ll answer this question in the next section.

Does Atlas VPN Offer DNS Leak Protection for Plex?

Apart from military-grade encryption, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch, Atlas VPN offers DNS leak protection. This is good news if you intend on using Plex privately with no detectable records of your online activity.

According to this Plex VPN provider, it employs “sophisticated anti-leak protection.” But in the same breath, it also admits that some devices can still encounter issues with DNS changes (primarily due to devices being cached up).

I advise running a DNS leak test before using Atlas VPN for Plex.

To do this:

  1. Connect to an Atlas VPN server.
  2. Open dnsleaktest.com in your web browser.
  3. Click on “Extended test.”

You’re good to go if your actual location and IP are hidden!

Here’s a screenshot of my result:

atlasvpn dns leak test results

My precise location in South Africa was hidden, and there’s no mention of my IP. 

Instead, my details were successfully replaced by Atlas VPN’s Los Angeles server details.

Thus, I can conclude that no leaks were detected using my Windows PC.

Is Atlas VPN Fast Enough for Plex?

Using speedtest.net, I found that Atlas VPN is fast enough for Plex.

You can even stream in HD!

Having a VPN that allows you to use Plex is a priority, but it’s also essential that the connection speeds hold up so you can enjoy a seamless experience while streaming content.

I conducted various download speed tests to see how Atlas VPN performs with different server connections.

Here they are.

Base Speed Test (No VPN Server Connection)

I first tested my baseline speed without connecting to AtlasVPN to have figures for comparison against the VPN speeds.

base speed test results

Bear with me; my base connection is slow, returning a meager 10.95 Mbps.

Speed Test Using a FREE Atlas VPN New York Server

I was curious to see what speeds I could get with this VPN provider.

To feed this curiosity, I connected to a free Atlas VPN server next.

free atlasvpn speed test results with us server

There was a significant 38% drop in my base connection speed.

This is no surprise since all VPNs slow a connection somewhat.

But as you see below, the paid-for servers performed better!

Speed Test Using a PAID-FOR Atlas VPN New York Server

Next, I tested the Atlas VPN New York server using the purchased app.

paid atlasvpn speed test results on us server

As I expected, this paid-for server is faster by 0.70 MbpsIt also closed the speed loss gap by yielding a lower 31% drop than the free New York server.

Speed Test Using My Nearest PAID-FOR VPN Server

As you’ll see, my nearest server, which turned out to be in Dubai, provided the fastest download speed results.

Unfortunately, there’s no “nearest server” category, and you’ll have to sift through the P2P server list to determine which country is nearest to you.

Alternatively, connect to the recommended “Best Location” in the Atlas VPN app to get the nearest and fastest server.

nearest vpn speed test resuts with uae server

Moving on, I got a download speed of 8.32 Mbps, which prompted an easier-to-swallow 24% speed drop.

Speed Test Using a PAID-FOR, Streaming-Optimized Server

My investigation wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include one of Atlas VPN’s optimized streaming servers in my research.

So, I connected to an Australian server (one of the closest streaming servers to my location).

paid atlasvpn speed test results with australia server

The download speed I received (6.77 Mbps) is almost on par with the New York servers but didn’t climb as high as my closest (Dubai) server.

Speed Comparison Table

Check out the table below, which details the download speeds experienced with a direct connection, along with speed loss results when connected to an Altas VPN server:

Plan Server Download Speed (Mbps) Speed Loss (%)
None Direct connection 10.5 Mbps N/A
Free New York 6.75 Mbps 38%
Paid New York 7.45 Mbps 31%
Paid Nearest server - Dubai 8.32 Mbps 24%
Paid Streaming optimized server - Australia 6.77 Mbps 38%

Despite my slow connection, Atlas VPN ensures I can still stream in HD while using Plex.

How to Watch Plex With Atlas VPN?

This section focuses on how to use watch Plex with Atlas VPN.

Since Atlas VPN offers unlimited device connections, you may find that your entire household wants to run their Plex server through the VPN encrypted tunnel, which is why I’ve included steps for multiple devices.

Here goes:

How to Watch Plex With Atlas VPN on a PC?

Use Plex and Atlas VPN to turn your PC into the ultimate media station.

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase an Atlas VPN subscription.
Atlas VPN black friday prices
  1. Complete your payment and create an account.
  2. Download the right Atlas VPN app for your operating system.
atlasvpn download windows
  1. Go to Settings > Security to ensure the kill switch is enabled.
atlasvpn kill switch feature
  1. Connect to an Atlas VPN server.
  2. Run a DNS leak test.
  3. Open your web browser, go to plex.tv, and create an account.
plex website

Use Plex for free or purchase a premium account. You can also download the plex media server to your PC to organize your media files.

How to Watch Plex With Atlas VPN on Your Mobile?

Access Plex safely using your mobile so you can watch your favorite shows on the go.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase and subscribe to an Atlas VPN plan.
  2. Create an Atlas VPN account.
  3. Download Atlas VPN from the VPN’s website, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store.
download atlasvpn on ios
  1. Log in to the app with your account credentials.
  2. Click Settings > General to enable the kill switch.
atlasvpn general settings
  1. Connect to an Atlas VPN server.
  2. Run a DNS leak test.
  3. Download Plex from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
download plex app on google play
  1. Create an account and/or log in with your username and password.
Watch movies and series or stream music you’ve organized on your Plex server!

How to Watch Plex With Atlas VPN on Android TV?

Atlas VPN has an Android TV app that makes using the VPN with Plex easy on this device!

All you need to do is

  1. Purchase and subscribe to an Atlas VPN plan.
atlasvpn payment
  1. Create an Atlas VPN account.
  2. Download Atlas VPN from your Android TV’s Google Play store.
atlasvpn app on google play
  1. Log in to your VPN app.
  2. Enable the kill switch found under the “Settings” menu.
  3. Connect to a server.
atlasvpn server locations
  1. Optional: You can run a leak test via an internet browser on your Android TV.
  2. Download the Plex app to your Android TV from Google Play Store.
  3. Sign up or log in to Plex.
plex on android tv

Access your favorite media files via a secure, VPN-encrypted tunnel.

How to Watch Plex With Atlas VPN on Amazon Fire Stick?

AtlasVPN has a dedicated app for Fire Stick, making it an easy-to-use VPN for Plex.

Let’s start.

  1. Purchase an Atlas VPN plan.
  2. Download Atlas VPN onto your Amazon Firestick device using the provider’s website or the Amazon app store.
downlaod atlasvpn on firestick and firetv
  1. Log in to your VPN app.
  2. Go to “Settings” to enable the kill switch.
atlasvpn kill switch feature
  1. Connect to a preferred Atlas VPN server.
  2. Optional: You can run a leak test via an internet browser on FireStick.
  3. Download the Plex app to your FireStick device from the Amazon App Store.
plex app on amazon app store
  1. Create a Plex account or log in if you have an activated account.
plex on fire tv

Use this Plex VPN to organize several media libraries anonymously.

Alternative Plex VPNs With Port Forwarding

I’m happy with Atlas VPN as a VPN for Plex. However, it doesn’t offer port forwarding, which could help attain faster download speeds and is necessary for seeding.

I followed up with the provider’s support team on Live Chat, and according to Morgan, there are no plans to implement it soon.

atlasvpn live chat support about port forwarding

If port forwarding for Plex is on your agenda, you’ll have to consider one of these VPN alternatives:

  • Private Internet Access. PIA is arguably one of the best port-forwarding VPNs. As a plus, the feature is worked into the monthly subscription, and you won’t have to fork out extra for the service. The only catch is that it can only be used with servers outside the US, and you can’t manually specify ports.
  • ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN offers an excellent port forwarding service but only on recommended routers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it’s a means to ensure all your devices fall under the feature’s umbrella.
  • PureVPN. The catch with PureVPN is that you must purchase port forwarding as an add-on. But this is OK since the VPN provider’s prices are so low! Once it’s in your possession, you can use the service on all ports.
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You can’t access the Plex server remotely with Atlas VPN.

This is because the VPN has no port forwarding functionality, a prerequisite for a VPN-protected remote setup.

Yes, Atlas VPN’s free VPN does work with Plex.

However, it offers a limited server selection, making the option less than ideal if you need to unblock geo-restricted content elsewhere.

You’re also capped at 5GB of monthly data for one Atlas VPN account.

Signing Out…

Atlas VPN may be one of the newer kids on the block, but it’s far from being juvenile.

It can unblock geo-restricted content on Plex while maintaining fast streaming speeds and a leak-free network. Overall, I’m happy.

Another plus is that it’s affordable, and you don’t have to risk suffering through the free version. I’ll even throw in an added discount to sweeten the deal.

Not convinced Atlas VPN is going to meet your Plex needs?

Read a full review on the VPN before you make a decision.

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