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How to Use IPVanish With Deluge?

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The best way to use IPVanish with Deluge is by enabling IPVanish’s kill switch feature and connecting to a VPN server location before starting a torrent download on Deluge. Alternatively, you can configure Deluge with IPVanish’s SOCKS5 proxy.

IPVanish offers a seamless Deluge torrenting experience and packs torrent-friendly features such as unlimited bandwidth, unmetered connections, and 2,200+ servers in 75+ locations.

How to Set Up IPVanish With Deluge?

The most crucial step to this setup is to get an active IPVanish subscription to keep your torrenting activities secure. Luckily, you can grab our time-limited IPVanish discount offer while it lasts.

Then, proceed to any of the setup methods below.  

Set Up IPVanish for Torrenting With Deluge (VPN Method)

The benefit of this method is that your entire internet connection is routed through IPVanish’s torrent-friendly servers. This protects and hides your real IP address from torrent websites, copyright trolls, your ISP, and peers by using the VPN’s IP address.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Download the IPVanish VPN app for your device. You can get one for your device via the IPVanish download page.
locating ipvanish setup on windows pc downloads
  1. Double-click the downloaded file. Then click “Install.”
locating install button on ipvanish
  1. After installation, log in to IPVanish using your login credentials.
ipvanish log in
  1. Connect to a server location.
ipvanish connected to tel aviv server
  1. Go to IPVanish Settings and turn on the kill switch.
enable kill switch on ipvanish settings
  1. Open Deluge and start downloading torrents.
using deluge with ipvanish on tel aviv server

Set Up IPVanish SOCKS5 Proxy With Deluge

For this method, you’ll need to tweak a few Deluge settings. Let’s get to it:

  1. Launch Deluge.
launch deluge
  1. Click Edit > Preferences.
locating preferences on deluge
  1. In the pop-up window, click “Proxy.”
locating proxy on deluge
  1. Select “SOCKS5.”
selecting socks5 on deluge
  1. Log in to your IPVanish account on your web browser to access the control panel. Click “SOCKS5 Proxy.”
locating socks5 proxy on ipvanish
  1. Grab your proxy details on the left side. You’ll need the Username and the Port number.
adding username and port number on ipvanish
  1.  Enter the Username and the Port number in the provided spaces on Deluge.
enter hostname and port number on deluge
  1. Click “OK.”
selecting ok in deluge preferences
  1. Quit Deluge and restart it.
  2. You have successfully set up an IPVanish SOCKS5 proxy with Deluge.

What Makes IPVanish Suitable for Torrenting on Deluge?

For anyone who enjoys using an ad-free, open-source, and highly flexible torrent client, Deluge is the best. Nevertheless, despite these stellar features, Deluge is still susceptible to the same vulnerabilities as other torrent software.

That’s where IPVanish comes in with the following torrent-friendly features:

SOCKS5 Proxy

IPVanish’s SOCKS5 proxy feature allows you to enjoy IP privacy protection without encryption to maximize the speed of your torrent uploads/downloads.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

IPVanish offers unlimited connections. Therefore, multiple Deluge users under the same household don’t need to get a new subscription for all their devices when they can share in the fantastic features of one.

Strict No-Logs Policy

IPVanish’s zero logs policy ensures none of your torrent activity gets recorded by the VPN. Therefore, IPVanish doesn’t know what you did on its server, can’t tell anyone what files you downloaded, or even confirm when you used Deluge.

Encrypted Deluge Torrenting

IPVanish’s top-shelf encryption keeps your ISP, copyright trolls, and third parties out.

In fact, not even the peers on the same torrent you’re downloading can see your actual IP address once connected via IPVanish. Hence, no one could ever prove that you were there.

Dedicated Kill Switch

The VPN’s kill switch feature shuts down all your traffic in case your VPN connection drops, providing IP/DNS leak protection. That means even copyright trolls can’t exploit these drops in connection to catch a glimpse of your true IP address, which may be enough to deanonymize you.

How to Test That IPVanish Works With Deluge?

To test whether IPVanish works with Deluge as advertised, conduct an IP/DNS leak test:

  1. Before connecting to IPVanish, conduct a DNS/IP address test. This should show your true IP address.
true ip address on whatismyipaddress.com
  1. Connect to an IPVanish server.
ipvanish connected to tel aviv server
  1. Recheck your IP address.
recheck ip address on whatismyipaddress.com
  1. As you can see, your real IP address is hidden. Now you can proceed to download your torrents on Deluge anonymously.
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Torrent Safely on Deluge Using IPVanish

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