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How to Use PureVPN With Deluge?

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To use PureVPN with Deluge, install the PureVPN app, bind your PureVPN IP address to Deluge, and set up port forwarding.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll discuss how to set up PureVPN with Deluge and what makes it a fantastic choice for P2P filesharing.

How to Use PureVPN With Deluge?

In these sections, I’ll discuss how to use PureVPN with Deluge using the base app, how to bind your PureVPN IP address to Deluge, and how to enable the port forwarding feature.

Let’s take a look at each method.

Use Deluge With the PureVPN App

Setting up the PureVPN app for safe torrenting with Deluge is simple.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a PureVPN subscription. Grab a lucrative discount here.
  2. Install and launch the app on your device, then log in.
purevpn log in
  1. Enable the kill switch. Click the Settings cog in the bottom left corner of the app window and go to General.
purevpn general settings
  1. Under “Enable IKS,” click the toggle.
purevpn internet kill switch enabled
  1. Next, go to the Protocol menu and select the WireGuard protocol for the fastest download speeds.
purevpn wiregaurd protocol
  1. Under the Locations tab, select the P2P filter and choose a VPN server location from PureVPN’s P2P-optimized servers list.
purevpn p2p servers
  1. You’re all set to start torrenting with Deluge!
purevpn connected to luxembourg server
  1. To ensure your IP is hidden, perform a quick DNS leak test from dnsleak.com.

Bind Your PureVPN IP to Deluge

Binding your PureVPN IP address to Deluge guarantees that it routes all data exclusively through the VPN.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Connect to a P2P-friendly server on PureVPN following the steps above.
  2. Make a note of the specific server’s IP address.
purevpn luxembourg server ip address
  1. Launch the Deluge app on your device and go to Edit > Preferences.
deluge app preferences
  1. Go to the Network tab.
deluge app network settings
  1. Under the Interface section, enter the IP address you copied in step 2.
set incoming interface ip address on deluge app
  1. Click Apply and then OK.
apply network settings

Set Up PureVPN Port Forwarding With Deluge

Setting up PureVPN port forwarding with Deluge can significantly improve download speeds. However, port forwarding must be purchased as an add-on to your PureVPN subscription.

After purchasing the add-on, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PureVPN and go to this page on your web browser.
  2. Tap on the Enable specific ports option. Then, enter any value over 1000 into the value field and hit Apply Settings.
purevpn port forwarding settings
  1. Start the PureVPN app and enable both the P2P and the PF filters over the server list.
purevpn port forwarding servers
  1. Connect to any one of the servers.
  2. In the connection window, expand the Connection Details section.
purevpn connected to stockholm server
  1. In the Enabled Ports section, confirm if your forwarded port is showing up.
purevpn stockholm server connection details
  1. Next, launch your Deluge torrent client and go to Edit > Preferences > Network.
  2. Under the Incoming Port section, uncheck the box labeled “Random.”
  3. In the value field, enter the same port number you set in PureVPN.
set incoming port number on deluge app
  1. Under the Network Extras section, uncheck the boxes labeled “UPnP” and “NAT-PMP.”
deluge network extras options
  1. Finally, click on Apply to save your settings.
save network settings

Enjoy the boost in download speeds!

Why Use PureVPN With Deluge?

PureVPN offers numerous P2P-focused features that make for hassle-free and secure torrenting. Here are examples:

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding provides faster download speeds and an added layer of security when you’re torrenting with Deluge. It also makes seeding more accessible.

P2P-Optimized Servers

PureVPN has a large number of servers that are specially optimized for peer-to-peer networks. These servers offer unlimited bandwidth for even faster Deluge downloads.

Unbreakable Encryption Protocol

PureVPN uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, the industry gold standard for VPN services. This encrypts your connection, so peers on the same network can’t see your IP.

Kill Switch

The PureVPN kill switch is an extremely useful feature that ensures your privacy remains unbreached even if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

You can thus safely torrent on Deluge without worrying about IP leaks (and DMCA notices).

Fast Speeds

PureVPN offers excellent download speeds to ensure your downloads continue uninterrupted while using Deluge. I used the Sweden server to download a 1.8 GB Linux ISO, which took just under seven minutes.

PureVPN Deluge Connection Not Working: 3 Easy Fixes

If your PureVPN-Deluge connection isn’t working, it could be because the PureVPN or Deluge apps are not updated to their latest versions, you’re not connected to a P2P-friendly server, or your DNS cache is full.

If updating and/or restarting both apps doesn’t work, try the following fixes.

Connect to a P2P-Friendly Server

Not all PureVPN servers are optimized for P2P file sharing. Make sure you’re connected to a P2P-friendly server. If you’re already connected to one, try connecting to a different P2P server and see if that addresses the issue.

Perform a DNS Flush

Often, your DNS cache gets full and can cause connectivity issues.

This could be the potential cause behind your PureVPN-Deluge connection not working. 

In this case, performing a DNS flush can solve the problem.

Get in Touch With PureVPN Support

If none of the above methods work, getting in touch with PureVPN support is your last resort. PureVPN has a 24/7 support team to guide you through troubleshooting.

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The best PureVPN servers for torrenting with Deluge include any of the service’s P2P-friendly servers, like the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Chile, Bermuda, Netherlands, and Germany.

Wrapping Up

Setting up PureVPN with Deluge is a simple way to keep your privacy and security unbreached while you torrent your favorite shows and movies.

To start safe torrenting with Deluge, get a PureVPN subscription with an attractive discount here.

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