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How to Set Up ProtonVPN on Samsung Smart TV?

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To set up ProtonVPN on a Samsung smart TV, install the VPN on your router and connect your TV to the router-enabled WiFi. Thus, you can access Hulu, Netflix libraries, ABC iView, and other geo-restricted content on your Samsung TV worldwide.

Alternatively, you can use ProtonVPN on a Samsung smart TV through internet sharing on your PC. The VPN provider also has an Amazon FireStick app that can be paired with your Samsung smart TV.

Keep reading for easy setup steps!

How to Set Up ProtonVPN on Samsung Smart TV via Router?

ProtonVPN doesn’t have an app for non-android smart TVs, such as Samsung TVs. Fortunately, you can manually configure the VPN provider on your home router, then connect your Samsung Smart TV to the router network to unblock HD and 4K quality content.

Here’s how:

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  1. Check if your router is VPN-compatible. This information is available in your router manual or the manufacturer’s website.
  2. If your router doesn’t support VPNs, use other methods or flash the router and install an open-source firmware that supports VPNs. See the video below for steps.
  1. Install and set up ProtonVPN on your VPN-compatible router. As outlined in the guides below, the setup procedures vary depending on your router type.
    1. AsusWRT using OpenVPN or WireGuard
    2. AsusWRT-Merlin using OpenVPN
    3. DD-WRT
    4. FreshTomato
    5. OpenWRT
    6. Gl.iNet Flint using OpenVPN
    7. MikroTik using WireGuard or IKEv2
    8. Tomato (legacy)
    9. pfSense 2.4.5x, 2.5.x, or 2.6.x
  2. After installing ProtonVPN on your router, launch your Samsung smart TV and look for the router name in the TV’s WiFi settings.
  3. Enter the router’s WiFi password to connect.
  4. That’s it! Start unblocking ABC iView, BBC iPlayer, France.tv, and other geo-restricted content on your Samsung TV. For example, I unblocked Netflix US to watch the NCIS series in HD.
streaming netflix us with protonvpn on smasung tv

How to Set Up ProtonVPN on Samsung Smart TV via Virtual Router?

If you lack a VPN-compatible router, the virtual router method can unblock content on Samsung smart TVs with ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN allows VPN connection sharing on Windows and Linux. I’ll use Windows for the tutorial below.

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  1. Visit the ProtonVPN website, then scroll down and click “VPN for Windows.”
protonvpn platforms
  1. Double-click the downloaded ProtonVPN file to install the VPN app on your computer.
installing protonvpn on windows pc
  1. Launch the ProtonVPN app, then enter your account credentials (Username and Password) to sign in.
protonvpn sign in
  1. Click the hamburger icon, then “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
protonvpn settings
  1. Connect to ProtonVPN’s OpenVPN protocol (Ideal for routing VPN connections). Go through Connection > Protocol > OpenVPN UDP/TCP.
protonvpn protocols
  1. Connect to a ProtonVPN server in the country of your target content. For instance, use a UK server for BBC iPlayer, a US server for Netflix US and Hulu, and a France server for France.tv.
protonvpn connected to us server
  1. Set up a VPN-sharing connection on your Windows or Linux devices. See the guides below for each unit.
    1. Windows
    2. Linux
  2. After, connect your Samsung smart TV to the hotspot WiFi network.
  3. Access blocked channels and stream your favorite shows/news/movies worldwide. For example, I watched No One Will Save You on Hulu while bypassing my ISP speed throttling for HD quality.
streaming hulu with protonvpn on samsung smart tv

How to Set Up ProtonVPN on Samsung Smart TV via Firestick?

You can also unblock content on your Samsung smart TV by setting up ProtonVPN on your Fire TV device. This is the easiest method, but (obviously) requires an Amazon Firestick. Follow these steps:

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  1. Set up the Amazon FireStick on your Samsung smart TV. The video below has straightforward steps.
  1. Download and install ProtonVPN from the Amazon App Store on your FireStick. See this guide for the steps.
  2. Connect to a suitable ProtonVPN server that unblocks your desired content. For example, I used the US server to watch The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera on CBS.
streaming cbs with protonvpn on samsung smart tv

Does Samsung Smart View Work With ProtonVPN?

Some users complain that ProtonVPN doesn’t work with Samsung Smart View.

samsung smart view not working with protonvpn

To verify ProtonVPN’s compatibility with Samsung Smart View, I tried contacting ProtonVPN support but didn’t get a response. 

protonvpn email support

Then, I tried using ProtonVPN with the Samsung Smart View feature. 

Unfortunately, I got an error that my TV connection ended due to the VPN.

One solution was to install OpenVPN for Android, which allows screen casting with Smart View.

However, this setup requires downloading ProtonVPN’s OpenVPN configuration files and only works to split-tunnel and cast. This defeats the purpose of using ProtonVPN to unblock geo-restricted content with Smart View.

Thus, I recommend choosing a reliable ProtonVPN alternative like NordVPN that works with the Smart View feature.

Furthermore, NordVPN offers a Smart DNS service that unblocks USA-based streaming services on Samsung smart TVs – so complicated router setups aren’t required.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can use ProtonVPN on a Samsung smart TV via wired Samsung DeX. However, the wireless Samsung DeX experiences connection interruptions when paired with ProtonVPN (and other VPNs). Fortunately, you can install ProtonVPN on your router to circumvent this and enjoy a VPN-encrypted desktop experience with wireless DeX.

Unveiling ProtonVPN Potential on Samsung Smart TVs

If you lack an Amazon FireStick, the most convenient way to use ProtonVPN on Samsung smart TVs is through a VPN-sharing connection on Windows or Linux

However, the router method is the most reliable for fast streaming speeds on your Samsung TV.

Regardless, ProtonVPN stands out with 2700+ VPN servers in 69 countries to unblock content on Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix libraries, and other geo-restricted streaming services.

So, get ProtonVPN for a Samsung smart TV using my sweet offers to test it risk-free for 30 days!

Alternatively, use these NordVPN coupons if you want Smart DNS or a VPN compatible with Samsung Smart View.

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