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Can You Play Elden Ring With PureVPN?

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You can play Elden Ring with PureVPN, which is a top-notch VPN solution for Elden Ring gamers.

Hence, you can access the game from multiple locations and unblock it in regions where it’s unavailable, like China and Hong Kong.

The VPN also allows you to explore Limgrave, summon Torrent, get your Spirit-Calling Bell from Snow Witch, and grab all the fun in between via its robust encryption protocols, dedicated IP addresses, and 6500+ servers.

So how do you set up PureVPN to play Elden Ring? I’ll show you in this article.

How to Play Elden Ring With PureVPN?

Embark on an uninterrupted adventure through Legacy Dungeons as a Samurai or Astrologer shielded from gaming bans and ISP throttling by setting up PureVPN on your console or PC.

Here are stepwise procedures to help.

How to Play Elden Ring With PureVPN on PC?

Follow these simple steps to play Elden Ring with PureVPN on your Windows PC. 

  1. Buy a PureVPN subscription.
  1. Download and install the PureVPN app. I’ll use the Mac app for this guide.
  2. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials.
purevpn log in
  1. Go to Preferences > Advanced and check “Internet kill switch” to prevent IP leaks during random VPN server disconnections.
purevpn internet kill switch enabled
  1. Go to “Locations.”
purevpn locations tab
  1. Click on a preferred server to connect. I recommend connecting to a nearby server in a region that supports Elden Ring to reduce latency. Likewise, it’s best to choose a server from the P2P list for faster gaming speed.
purevpn p2p servers
  1. Launch the Elden Ring game on your PC and defeat the giant bats of Limgrave With PureVPN.

How to Play Elden Ring With PureVPN on Gaming Consoles?

To play Elden Ring with PureVPN on your console, you must either use your PC as a virtual router or set up PureVPN on a router running Tomato, Linksys, pfSense, or other supported router firmware.

For this guide, I’ll use my MacBook to create a virtual PureVPN router for my PS4 console.

You’ll need:

  • A Mac computer (or other PCs) with a wired internet connection (Ethernet cable).
  • A gaming console like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch with Wi-Fi capability.

Here are the steps to start:

  1. Purchase PureVPN (get discounts).
  1. Download and install the PureVPN app. I’ll use my macOS for this guide.
download purevpn for mac
  1. Go to “System Settings…” on your Mac.
macos system settings
  1. Click “General” on the left panel and toggle “Internet Sharing.”
  1. From the “Share your connection” dropdown menu, select “Ethernet” or the name of the wired connection your Mac is using.
  2. Check the “Wi-Fi” box under “To computers using.”
  1. Click “Wi-Fi Options…” right under the box.
  1. Set a “Network Name” and “Password” for your virtual router and click “OK.”
  1. Go to “Settings” on your PS4 and connect your console to your created virtual Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the PureVPN app on your Mac and connect to your preferred server. For the best gaming experience, I recommend connecting to a server close to Elden Ring game servers.
purevpn connected to amsterdam server
  1. Launch Elden Ring on your console and teach the fearsome Gravewarden a memorable lesson.

Why Is PureVPN Good for Elden Ring?

There are various reasons to play Elden Ring with PureVPN. 

Here are some important ones:

Server Spread & Speed

PureVPN has 6500+ servers in 88+ locations, allowing you to connect to servers closer to the Elden Ring game servers. This proximity helps reduce ping and gives you more responsive gameplay while you prove your prowess as a fearless warrior in the Nightmare Abyss.

purevpn speed test on new york server

The VPN also provides P2P servers optimized explicitly for online gaming

Finally, PureVPN’s unlimited bandwidth ensures you don’t worry about data caps or internet speed throttling while engaging in thrilling PvP battles.


PureVPN offers a kill switch feature to help conceal your IP address in case of a sudden VPN connection drop. The PureVPN DNS leak protection also ensures that your gaming activities aren’t leaked to hackers, ISPs, or third-party websites.

I ran a DNS leak test during one of my Elden ring gameplay while connected to PureVPN. The DNS leak protection successfully routed all DNS requests through secure servers, safeguarding my privacy and ensuring that my real IP address remained hidden.

Dedicated IP

PureVPN’s dedicated IP creates a more stable and consistent connection. 

Connecting to a dedicated IP server reduced lag or glitches during my gaming sessions, making the experience much smoother.

purevpn add-ons

Dedicated IPs can also help prevent IP blocks from Elden Ring servers. 

After all, a lousy gamer might have used one of the shared IPs you landed on for nefarious purposes in the past and gotten that address blocked.

This is an issue you never have to worry about with dedicated IPs.

Port Forwarding

If you also want to host your multiplayer session in Elden Ring, you’ll need to enable the port forwarding feature. By doing this, other players can quickly join your game and play with you or challenge you in player-versus-player battles.

However, note that this is a paid add-on with PureVPN. Instead, grab PrivateVPN or Private Internet Access for free and efficient port forwarding.

Multi-Device Support

One PureVPN account supports 10 connections simultaneously. 

So, you can share your Elden Ring experience with friends and family since you can all connect on your PCs or game consoles without buying another VPN plan.

What Are Some Alternative VPNs for Elden Ring?

After dealing with some connectivity issues with PureVPN, I tested alternative VPN services with extra features for Elden Ring.

NordVPN - Better Speed, Lower Latency

nordvpn servers

One of the reasons why NordVPN tops my list is because of its in-house NordLynx protocol. NordLynx is built on WireGuard and designed for faster gaming speed. 

Its data packets are transmitted more quickly, reducing the latency you might experience during gaming sessions.

During one of my Elden Ring gaming sessions, NordVPN maintained over 88% of my initial connection speed and zero lag over NordLynx.

Although NordVPN only has 5700+ servers compared to PureVPN’s 6500+ servers, it offers DDoS protection which is essential for gamers. Sadly, PureVPN doesn’t have DDoS protection.

On top of that, NordVPN provides safety features like Threat Protection, blocking ads, and malware, which may interrupt your gaming experience.

Grab the NordVPN discount below to unlock all these and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing.

PrivateVPN - Free Port Forwarding

privatevpn dashboard

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly Elden Ring VPN, then PrivateVPN it is. 

PureVPN is slightly pricier than PrivateVPN, which offers a 36-month deal with this exclusive offer.

PrivateVPN offers customizable encryption that allows you to configure your security settings. It also supports free dynamic, dedicated IPs, and port-forwarding functionality to ensure anonymity while you play Elden Ring.

Get PrivateVPN through the time-limited discount below!

What’s the Best PureVPN Server and Protocol for Elden Ring?

The best PureVPN server for Elden Ring depends on your need.

All PureVPN P2P servers are great for gaming, as confirmed by the VPN’s support team. So, connect to any of these servers for faster and more secure gameplay without exposing your IP address and DNS details to other gamers.

However, since Elden Ring is a region-locked game for some players, you’ll need to bypass restrictions and censorship if you’re in an unsupported region. 

In this case, the best PureVPN server for Elden Ring would be one in a supported area like the UK, Brazil, and Germany.

That said, I suggest using PureVPN’s IKEv2 or UDP protocols for Elden Ring because they offer optimum gaming speed and security balance.

purevpn speed test on amsterdam server
Interesting Reads:


PureVPN and ExpressVPN are excellent VPN service providers for Elden Ring. 

They offer quality encryption, a vast server spread, and port forwarding support. However, ExpressVPN is a slightly faster, low-ping VPN with DDoS protection, making it more suitable for Elden Ring.

You won’t be banned from Elden Ring for using PureVPN if you don’t violate the game’s terms of service.

You can use PureVPN to unblock Elden Ring if your IP is banned.

According to PureVPN support, you must change your protocol to UDP or WireGuard in the PureVPN application settings and reconnect to Elden Ring via another server. This grants you a new IP address to play any Elden Ring game mode without worrying about your previous IP ban.

Final Verdict

PureVPN helps minimize lag, evens out pings, and supplies incredible speed for playing Elden Ring. In addition to numerous servers that can help you unblock Elden Ring, PureVPN also provides dedicated P2P servers ideal for gaming.

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