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6 Best VPNs for Warzone: Unbiased Review & Comparison

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SBMM is the bane of our existence as CoD: Warzone players – and there’s no way to eliminate it.

But there is a solution that might help: a VPN.

I’ll make it easy on you.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Warzone.

I’ve been using it to play Warzone since its 2020 release.

And sometimes, depending on the server I’m using and time of day, SBMM is less noticeable.

On top of that, ExpressVPN stabilizes my connection and barely influences my gaming speeds and latency.

But I’ll discuss all of this (and more) in my guide, along with trustworthy alternatives like NordVPN and IPVanish.

Top 3 VPNs for Warzone (May, 2024)

NordVPN devices

NordVPN impressed me with its speed test results by placing first! This means lightning-fast speeds are guaranteed. On top of that, you’ll get a low ping and latency, must-have security features (including DDoS protection and two kill switches), and 5,200+ servers in 60 countries.

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ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN earns the top spot, thanks to its stellar performance in every area – from low latency and ping to super-fast speeds and some of the best results at negating SBMM (along with 94 countries to choose from). Of course, you’ll also get a kill switch and DDoS protection.

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ipvanish devices

IPVanish is my third-place contender, with the lowest ping (10ms), 1% packet loss, and a speed drop of just 8.64 Mbps. You’ll also get unlimited simultaneous connections, so you and your friends can use the same account to stay protected while gaming, plus must-have security features.

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Unearthing the most reliable VPNs for CoD: Warzone took a lot of work, with many players putting emphasis on beating SBMM (score-based matchmaking).

You can’t beat it entirely, but I did look for VPNs with large server networks and country coverage to help you avoid it as much as possible.

I also looked for VPNs with seamless connectivity (so you can rush unsuspecting squads without latency issues), security features for gamers, and apps for Warzone devices.

Let’s take a look at my top six VPNs for CoD: Warzone to get started!

Grab One of My Top VPNs for Warzone Before Jumping in Battle Royale or Plunder!

You might have just two modes to choose from in Warzone – but there are six Warzone VPNs in my guide!

Take a look:

  • ExpressVPN – Best Overall + Automatic Obfuscation for Matches on Public WiFi
  • NordVPN – Two Kill Switches to Avoid Swatting + Fastest VPN for Warzone
  • IPVanish – Fast Speeds & Unlimited Connections to Play With Friends
  • Surfshark – Affordable Plans for Warzone Players on a Budget + Fast Speeds
  • CyberGhost – Dedicated Gaming Servers + Large Server Network
  • Private Internet Access – Port Forwarding + Best VPN to MAYBE Avoid SBMM

Detailed Reviews of the Best VPNs for Warzone

cod warzone plentiful fields

In the next section, you’ll discover six VPN mini-reviews that discuss why they’re an excellent choice for using with Warzone.

You’ll also find valuable comparisons, speed and latency test results, and unique features that might make one VPN more appealing than the others.

Keep reading to claim some VPN bounties (AKA: discounts)!

1. ExpressVPN – Best Overall + Automatic Obfuscation for Matches on Public WiFi

expressvpn for gaming

If you’re looking for a VPN that will help you escape a 1v1 in the Gulag without any glitch in your gameplay, ExpressVPN is it.

Your experience is guaranteed to be lag-free.

In fact, out of all the VPNs I tested (including those not on this list), ExpressVPN earned the top results in my latency tests, alongside NordVPN.

Both boasted a 0% packet loss.

ExpressVPN also placed second in my speed tests, though it’s more usual for the VPN to place first.

Regardless, my speed only dropped by 8.46 Mbps!

And while it raised my ping just slightly, it still sat at 11ms (earning second, alongside NordVPN and Surfshark).

Either way, my Warzone sessions were seamless, stable, and fast.

Here’s a table to give you a clearer picture:

CoD: Warzone Criteria Results With ExpressVPN Performance
Ping: 11ms Second Place (Tie)
Packet Loss: 0% First Place (Tie)
Speed Loss Difference: 8.46 Mbps Second Place

ExpressVPN also has a unique feature that no other VPN on my list can claim: automatic obfuscation on every server with any protocol.

Some VPNs on my list offer obfuscation (like NordVPN and Surfshark), but it’s not available with every server and/or protocol.

This means if you play CoD: Warzone on public WiFi, you’ll have an extra layer of security to keep your data (and precious bounty) protected while eliminating swatting attempts.

playing call of duty warzone with expressvpn

And speaking of public WiFi – ExpressVPN is a great choice for unblocking the game at school, work, or in countries like Brazil.

This is thanks to its big server network (3,000+ servers) and, more importantly, its country coverage.

The VPN provider boasts the most coverage on this list in 94 countries!

So, if you need to connect to a server in your country or a nearby country to enjoy Warzone, you’ll have no problem finding reliable options.

This also makes it easier to avoid SBMM.

Don’t be mistaken – you can’t eliminate it.

But with so many countries to choose from, you can connect to a server in a different time zone (probably 12 AM-3 AM), giving you a smaller pool of players and a larger pool of skill levels.

call of duty modern warfare

But it’s important to remember that Warzone is popular worldwide.

This method is not guaranteed to work every time, if at all.

Luckily, I have more good news to cheer you up.

ExpressVPN has essential security features for Warzone players, including DDoS protection and a kill switch.

So, if the squad you ambushed gets angry and tries to mess with your connection by launching a DDoS attack, ExpressVPN will keep you safe.

Likewise, if your VPN connection unexpectedly drops, so will your internet, preventing your real IP from being leaked to enemies and cybercriminals.

Finally, ExpressVPN is compatible with all Warzone devices (Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S).

Just keep in mind that its console coverage requires a router setup or using your PC as a hotspot.

One last downside.

ExpressVPN is the least affordable VPN on my list.

Even its long-term plans offer little savings.

So, if you want the BEST price, you NEED to use my exclusive discount link!



2. NordVPN – Two Kill Switches to Avoid Swatting + Fastest VPN for Warzone

nordvpn gaming

NordVPN blew me away by placing first in my speed tests!

That rarely happens (second or third is more usual), but the provider has performed spectacularly lately.

Just that it outperformed ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish is impressive – more than actually landing in the Boneyard with the rest of your squad (vs. missing it entirely by miles).

cod warfare parachute

Overall, I only had a speed loss of 8.31 Mbps.

On top of that, the VPN provider tied with ExpressVPN and Surfshark for second in my ping tests (11ms) and had a 0% packet loss in my latency tests.

So, you can expect an airtight Warzone session, no matter where you land.

Need a better resource?

Here’s a table:

CoD: Warzone Criteria Results With NordVPN Performance
Ping: 11ms Second Place (Tie)
Packet Loss: 0% First Place (Tie)
Speed Loss Difference: 8.31 Mbps First Place

Plus, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN has a unique feature that’s not offered by other providers on my list: a second, app-based kill switch.

This means in addition to your typical system kill switch that cuts your internet if your VPN connection drops, you’ll also get an app kill switch that closes Warzone at the same time.

nordvpn internet and app kill switches

So, your real IP won’t leak to enemy squads who might get pissed when you wipe out their team and seek revenge by swatting.

Or, if you play on public networks (like at school or work), your data will stay secure if your VPN disconnects.

And that’s just the beginning of NordVPN’s security features.

Another relevant one for gamers is DDoS protection.

Like the kill switches, this will keep you safe if an enemy tries enacting revenge (this time by launching a DDoS attack).

There are other features, too (like obfuscation and a double VPN).

However, they negatively impact your speed, so I don’t recommend using them with Warzone.

In better news, NordVPN has the third-largest VPN server network on my list at 5,100+ servers.

Its coverage is a bit more sparse (60 countries) but still enough to find nearby servers for the best Warzone speeds.

Of course, that also means you’ll have plenty of options for trying to evade SBMM.

And if you’re trying to unblock the game at school, work, or in your place of residence, you’ll have no issues.

playing call of duty warzone with nordvpn

Two last bonuses.

First, NordVPN is compatible with all CoD: Warzone platforms, including Windows and game consoles.

Though, like all the VPNs on my list, you need to use a router or PC setup for consoles.

Second, the VPN provider offers affordable plans with great long-term savings:

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3. IPVanish – Fast Speeds & Unlimited Connections to Play With Friends

ipvanish for gaming

Suppose you want to play Battle Royale with your friends without sacrificing speed or buying multiple VPN accounts.

That’s exactly why IPVanish is one of my top VPNs for Warzone – it offers fast speeds and unlimited simultaneous connections.

So, you can form a squad with your friends while using the same IPVanish account, all while enjoying super-fast speeds.

call of duty warzone ruins

The only other VPN on my list that offers simultaneous connections is Surfshark, though IPVanish places higher because it beat Surfshark in my speed and ping tests.

In fact, IPVanish had the lowest ping out of all the VPNs on my list (10ms).

As for speed, it placed third with a speed loss of 8.64 Mbps.

That’s mighty impressive!

And though its packet loss percentage was 1%, I didn’t experience any lag during my (many) Warzone sessions.

Here’s an overview of everything:

CoD: Warzone Criteria Results With IPVanish Performance
Ping: 10ms First Place
Packet Loss: 1% Second Place (Tie)
Speed Loss Difference: 8.64 Mbps Third Place

All in all, you can expect seamless gameplay as you try and reach the closest helicopter before the other squad (run!!!).

IPVanish also offers all the necessary security features to keep you safe while terrorizing players with your MP-40, including a kill switch and DDoS protection.

ipvanish vpn kill switch

This means you’re safe from swatting, DDoS attacks, and data leaks (should your VPN connection drop).

There are a couple of downsides, though.

First, IPVanish has the smallest server network and coverage on my list, with 1,900+ servers in 50+ countries.

That’s at least enough to connect to a server in a different time zone to (try to) evade SBMM, though.

ipvanish map server list

It’s also enough to unblock Warzone if you’re in a location or country that restricts it.

And, as you can see from my test results, IPVanish’s server network doesn’t negatively impact your speed (that much).

The second downside might be an upside, depending on your VPN knowledge.

IPVanish’s app is pretty advanced.

There are many customizable options, making it a little scary to novice VPN users.

ipvanish connection settings

But, on the bright side, you’ll get an app for all major platforms, including Windows, macOS (for PC setup on game consoles), and router (also for consoles).

Plus, IPVanish boasts an affordable monthly plan, along with decent long-term savings:

ipvanish subscription prices

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4. Surfshark – Affordable Plans for Warzone Players on a Budget + Fast Speeds

surfshark vpn for gaming

Surfshark slides into fourth place on my list of the best VPNs for Warzone, thanks to its affordable prices, fast speeds, and unlimited simultaneous connections.

First, despite placing fourth in my speed tests, Surfshark gave me blazing-fast speeds throughout my Battle Royale games with a speed drop of just 8.70 Mbps.

Similarly, even with a 1% packet loss, I didn’t lag at all.

And my ping was 11ms, earning the VPN provider second place, alongside ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Check this table for an overview of my Surfshark test results:

CoD: Warzone Criteria Results With Surfshark Performance
Ping: 11ms Second Place (Tie)
Packet Loss: 1% Second Place (Tie)
Speed Loss Difference: 8.70 Mbps Fourth Place

Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about stuttering while raiding chests or shooting nearby enemies.

playing call of duty warzone with surfshark vpn

Next, like IPVanish, Surfshark makes it easy to protect yourself and all of your friends by providing unlimited simultaneous connections.

This is especially helpful if any of your friends have an ISP that throttles their bandwidth while gaming, as Surfshark will prevent throttling by hiding any activities.

And while the VPN provider isn’t on par with ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or PIA when it comes to country coverage, you’ll still get 3,200+ servers in 65 countries.

That’s more countries than IPVanish and NordVPN!

It’s also enough to aid your efforts in avoiding SBMM and/or accessing Warzone in areas where it’s blocked or banned (looking at you, Brazil).

Now for another unique feature that only Surfshark has: static servers.

These are included for free with any subscription, allowing you to play Warzone from the same IP every time.

This eliminates the risk of Blizzard flagging your account for switching IPs too many times.

However, the servers are shared, meaning the usual risk of an IP getting banned due to another user’s ToS violation is still there.

But they’re nice to have, anyway!

Moving on, Surfshark includes essential gaming security features – namely, a kill switch and DDoS protection.

So, your data and IP are safe if your VPN disconnects or you piss off the enemy enough that they DDoS attack you.

surfshark kill switch

Lastly, Surfshark offers setups for all Warzone platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S (with router and PC setups for consoles).

And, as promised, you’ll get extremely affordable plans:

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5. CyberGhost – Dedicated Gaming Servers + Large Server Network

cyberghost for gaming

In a surprise turn of events, CyberGhost impressed me, especially with its gaming servers.

I’ve known about them for a while – there are four countries to choose from (Germany, the UK, the US, and France), and they fall short in most of my tests.

cyberghost dedicated gaming servers

But this time, they met my expectations.

CyberGhost still placed last in my speed tests, but with much better speeds than usual.

My speed loss was only 10.73 Mbps (vs. the 15-20 Mbps I usually get).

Better yet, the best speeds were with its (Germany) gaming servers!

So, the provider is doing something right.

And as it’s the only VPN on my list with dedicated gaming servers, that’s a valuable advantage.

playing call of duty warzone with cyberghost vpn

Unfortunately, the VPN provider did have the highest ping (13ms – not too bad) and the second-highest packet loss percentage (2%).

Even so, I barely experienced lag while playing Warzone, which helped me emerge victorious from the Gulag!

Here’s an overview of everything:

CoD: Warzone Criteria Results With CyberGhost Performance
Ping: 13ms Last Place
Packet Loss: 2% Fifth Place
Speed Loss Difference: 10.73 Mbps Last Place

Another thing CyberGhost can boast is its large server network and coverage – both are the second-largest on my list at 7,500+ servers in 91 countries.

So, clearly, you’ll have no trouble connecting to a server in a different country to tackle SBMM or unblock the game in restricted locations.

cyberghost all servers

CyberGhost also has all of the necessary security features, guaranteed to keep you safe while chasing that bounty on another player ($3,000? That’s a lot to pass up!).

This includes robust DDoS protection, protecting you from the player whose bounty you just claimed (should they try and DDoS you).

You’ll also get a reliable kill switch that will cut your internet if your VPN lapses, preventing your IP from landing in the wrong hands (like swatters).

And finally, CyberGhost supports all Warzone platforms (Windows and game consoles) and has good savings on long-term plans.

But remember, you can use this VPN bounty for a MAJOR discount!



6. Private Internet Access – Port Forwarding + Best VPN to MAYBE Avoid SBMM

private internet access vpn for gaming

Last on my list of the most reliable VPNs for Warzone is Private Internet Access (PIA).

And as you can see from its header, PIA is the best VPN on my list for MAYBE avoiding SBMM.

This is thanks to the provider’s 30,000+ servers (last known number) in 78 countries – an overwhelming number of servers and an ideal number of countries.

In other words, it’s easy to switch servers if one isn’t fast enough, so you can play Warzone “in another country,” potentially combatting SBMM with a smaller pool of players at “dead hours.”

Plus, so many servers mean you can unblock the game in locations where it’s restricted, whether work, school, or your home country.

However, PIA’s overall performance with Warzone is why the provider is last.

It had a 12ms ping, 3% packet loss, and 11.26 Mbps speed drop.

Fortunately, PIA offers port forwarding, which lowered my speed loss to 9.11 Mbps

pia request port forwarding

Here’s a table of everything:

CoD: Warzone Criteria Results With PIA Performance
Ping: 12ms Fifth Place
Packet Loss: 2% Last Place
Speed Loss Difference: 10.73 Mbps Fifth Place

Because of these results, I wasn’t too shocked to experience some lag while running around the Verdansk Regional Airport (and in general).

But it wasn’t enough to make the game unplayable!

On the contrary, I enjoyed myself… even though my squad came in last.

playing call of duty warzone with private internet access (pia)

Moving on (seriously, let’s forget I said that), PIA comes equipped with security features that will secure your connection while playing Warzone, even if your VPN disconnects.

This includes a kill switch and DDoS protection.

And lastly, you’ll find easy setups for Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S, allowing you to enjoy Battle Royale on any Warzone device.

Oh, one more thing!

PIA has very affordable plans (monthly and long-term):

Of course, you can snag an exclusive bounty with MASSIVE SAVINGS by clicking here!



How to Choose the Best VPN for CoD: Warzone?

call of duty warzone lobby

Like all the guns you can choose from on Warzone, there are many VPNs to choose from for Warzone.

Likewise, some are way better than others…OP, even.

So, in the next sections, I’ll explain what to look for in the best VPNs for Warzone in case you want to test your luck before committing.

Let’s go!

Put Down Your RAM-7 and Grab This Checklist for the Best Warzone VPNs

This checklist is essential for finding reliable VPNs for Warzone, especially if you’re testing VPNs that didn’t make my list.

So, soak it in and live by it:

Server Network + Country Coverage

SBMM is a nightmare.

And there’s no way to eliminate it (as I keep saying).

But finding a VPN with a large server network and ample coverage might help you avoid it.

You’ll connect to a server in a country that’s in a different time zone.

Let’s say it’s 5 PM for you.

Find a country where it’s 12 AM-3 AM, connect to it, and start a game of Warzone.

You might end up with fewer players, thus a less-skilled lobby.

However, remember that this isn’t a guaranteed solution.

It might not work.

Warzone is a popular game worldwide.

You might also find that the people you’re playing with that late at night are sweats.

So, to gauge this solution’s effectiveness, I did a couple of tests.

I connected to a US server early in the morning (around 7 AM for me and 1 AM for the server location) for each top VPN.

For reference, I used my main Warzone account (as opposed to the throwaway I used in the screenshots throughout my mini-reviews).

I’m a Prestige Master, level 890 (so close!!).

I looked at play levels during the tests – namely, other Prestige Masters.

Here are my results:

VPN Provider: Results: Was It Effective?
ExpressVPN A fair mix of Prestige levels It appears so
NordVPN More Prestige Masters than Prestige levelers Not noticeably
IPVanish More Prestige Masters than Prestige levelers Not noticeably
Surfshark A fair mix of Prestige levels It appears so
CyberGhost More Prestige Masters than Prestige levelers Not noticeably
PIA A fair mix of Prestige levels It appears so

It’s important to note that there is no evidence this solution works at all.

My results could be based on pure timing or luck.

That said, I had a better experience with ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and PIA.

Moving on, a server network and coverage are useful for other things, too.

For example, if you’re on a network (or in a country) that blocks access to Warzone, you’ll want nearby servers to choose from for the best speeds.

A good number to look for is 3,000+ servers in 70+ countries.

Connection Stability

Speed, ping, packet loss – all of it matters when it comes to stability.

For this reason, I recommend testing a few VPNs before committing to one.

Here are step-by-step instructions to make it easier:

  1. Find 2-4 VPNs that look promising.
  2. Ensure they offer money-back guarantees and purchase a subscription.
  3. Test their features, speeds, and latency (packet loss and ping) on multiple servers with multiple protocols. Do this while playing Warzone and during other activities. Here are some criteria to keep in mind:
  • Your speed loss shouldn’t be more than 15-20 Mbps.
  • Your ping shouldn’t jump higher than 20ms.
  • Your packet loss shouldn’t be more than 3%.
  1. If one of your VPNs meets these criteria, contact the others’ customer support and ask for a refund. Keep the best VPN for Warzone.

Alternatively, you can trust my judgment and testing process and grab one of my top VPNs for Warzone instead.

Here’s a table comparing all of their results:

VPN Provider Ping Packet Loss Speed Loss Difference
ExpressVPN 11ms 0% 8.46 Mbps
NordVPN 11ms 0% 8.31 Mbps
IPVanish 10ms 1% 8.64 Mbps
Surfshark 11ms 1% 8.70 Mbps
CyberGhost 13ms 2% 10.73 Mbps
PIA 12ms 3% 9.11 Mbps
Winner IPVanish ExpressVPN & NordVPN NordVPN

Security Features

Security features might not seem essential for gamers – and some of them aren’t – but there are a couple you’ll need.

The first is a kill switch.

This will stop your internet if your VPN connection drops, which is especially necessary on public WiFi networks, as it prevents third parties from seeing your real IP.

But also, if you’re playing with angry gamers, a kill switch will stop revenge swatting by preventing IP leaks.

The second is DDoS protection.

While Blizzard isn’t known for DDoS attacks, it’s not unusual for people to exploit consoles and find ways to grab your IP address through, for example, the PlayStation messaging system.

But with DDoS protection, even if they get your IP, it won’t be your real IP.

And then, it’ll be protected from DDoS attacks.

Although, if the player succeeds with the attack, you can easily connect to another server, effectively stopping it.

There are other security features to consider as well, such as a second, app-based kill switch, lightweight obfuscation, RAM-only servers, and public WiFi protection.

But these aren’t must-haves – just nice-to-haves.

Platform Compatibility

Warzone is supported on several platforms – Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S.

Finding VPNs that support Windows are easy.

But not every VPN supports router setups, which are necessary for getting VPN coverage on your game console.

So, ensure your VPN supports whatever Warzone device(s) you play on.

Bonus Features

There are some bonus features for gamers you might enjoy, like port forwarding or dedicated servers.

These aren’t a necessity, but they can help improve your overall gaming experience by providing better speeds, latency, and stability.


Finally, compare numerous VPN prices, features, and plans before committing to one.

You might find a better deal elsewhere after further research!

Are There Free VPNs for Warzone?

Warzone might be free and reliable, but most free VPNs aren’t, and I don’t recommend using them to play Warzone.

Even the freemium VPNs I usually recommend (ProtonVPN and AtlasVPN) aren’t suitable for gaming, as they have mediocre speeds and only a small handful of servers each.

Instead, I recommend taking advantage of one of my VPN bounties (discounts).

For example, get my top VPN, ExpressVPN, with TONS of savings by using this link.

How a VPN Works for Warzone: Setup & Use Guide

If you’re struggling to set up your VPN for Warzone, these step-by-step instructions will help you:

  1. Choose one of my recommended VPNs (or a VPN you found after thorough research) and purchase a subscription.
  1. Download and install the VPN app on your device(s).
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in to your account.
  3. Ensure the kill switch and any other features you want are enabled.
expressvpn network lock feature
  1. Click the Connect button for the fastest server near you. Or, if you need a server from a specific country, select your preferred location from the server list.
  2. Open your browser and check for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
  3. Enjoy destroying lobbies in Battle Royale (or Plunder)!
playing call of duty warzone with expressvpn

Warzone Isn’t Finding a Lobby?

If you’re struggling to find a lobby in Warzone while using your VPN, try these troubleshooting steps (in no specific order):

  1. Shut the game and reopen it without disconnecting from your VPN.
  2. Disconnect from your VPN, close Warzone, connect to a new server and reopen it.
  3. Use a different VPN protocol.
  4. Ensure Warzone and your VPN are updated to the latest versions.
  5. Check if your network driver has any updates.
  6. Restart your router (I know, I know, but it’s worth a try).
  7. Change your region on Battle.net.
  8. Try enabling Crossplay to see if it’s a lack of players.
  9. Repair your Warzone game files.
  10. Try closing any other CPU-intensive programs.

If none of these troubleshooting steps work, contact your VPN’s support team for additional steps.

Will a VPN for Warzone Lower Your Ping?

A VPN for Warzone can lower your ping in a couple of ways.

First, if your ISP is guilty of bandwidth throttling when you game, your VPN will hide your activities, preventing your ISP from throttling, thus lowering your ping.

Second, if your ping frequently jumps all over the place (for example, from 10ms to 20ms), a VPN can stabilize it at the lower end.

However, it’s important to note that a VPN is more likely to raise your ping slightly while stabilizing it.

So, if you jump between 10ms and 20ms, expect 12ms to 15ms as the final number.

Interesting Reads:


Can I Get Banned for Using a VPN With Warzone?

CoD: Warzone’s Security and Enforcement Policy specifically says that using a VPN isn’t a bannable offense.

Therefore, you won’t get banned for using a VPN with Warzone.

In fact, many players openly use a VPN while playing to improve their latency and ping or negate SBMM.

Can I Use a VPN to Play Warzone on Game Consoles?

There are a couple of methods you can use to play Warzone on game consoles.

First, you can install a VPN on your router, thus securing your entire network connection, including game consoles.

Or you can use your PC to create a hotspot and connect to it on your console.

For the best speeds, I recommend the router method or using an Ethernet cable instead of a wireless hotspot.

Can I Use a VPN to Play Warzone on Mac?

Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t support Mac, so the only way to play Warzone on Mac with a VPN is to create a virtual OS of Windows using software like VirtualBox.

Will I Experience Lag When I Use a VPN for Warzone?

The best VPNs for Warzone will cause minimal to no lag – preferably no lag.

For example, out of the VPNs I tested, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, and Surfshark all had seamless, lag-free gameplay with low ping and latency.

They also had spectacular speeds with a barely noticeable drop in Mbps.

Will a VPN for Warzone Stop SBMM?

A VPN for Warzone can help you avoid score-based matchmaking, but it can’t eliminate it.

Still, by connecting to a server in a country with a different time zone, you might access smaller lobbies and, thus, less-skilled players.

During my SBMM tests, I had the most luck with ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and PIA.

Overall, if trying to negate SBMM is a goal, find a VPN with wide server coverage in 70+ countries (like ExpressVPN and PIA).


call of duty warzone loadout drop

By now, I’m confident you have an idea of the best VPN for Warzone that fits your needs.

My top choice is ExpressVPN, but your preference might be different.

Although 3,000+ servers in 94 countries, automatic obfuscation and lightning-fast speeds with low latency and ping are hard to beat.

So, if you want to take the plunge, grab my ExpressVPN discount RIGHT NOW!

You’ll save LOADS!

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