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Can You Play Lost Ark With PureVPN?

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You can play Lost Ark with PureVPN, thanks to over 6500 global servers and AES-256 encryption. Thus, you can unblock the game anywhere and enjoy it to your heart’s content without fear of DDoS attacks or slow connection speeds.

Besides, PureVPN has many fantastic features that allow you to enjoy hunting for treasure and defeating demon legions in Lost Ark.

So, how do you set up PureVPN to play Lost Ark? This guide answers that and more.

How to Play Lost Ark With PureVPN? (Simple Steps)

Playing Lost Ark with PureVPN on any device is straightforward.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Buy a PureVPN subscription and install the app on your preferred device. PureVPN currently offers a five-year deal with a high discount. I’ll use my Windows PC for this guide.
purevpn pricing
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  1. Launch PureVPN and connect to a server (preferably a closer one in a Lost Ark-supported region) for better speed.
purevpn location servers
  1. Open the Lost Ark website and start playing!
lost ark gameplay

Is PureVPN Fast Enough for Lost Ark?

PureVPN is fast enough for Lost Ark. Its many servers are one of the few features that make it great for playing different Lost Ark class series without overcrowding, but that’s not all it offers.

Here are a few other features:

  • Unlimited speed. PureVPN optimizes and reroutes online data to the fastest channel, giving you the speed needed for a pleasant gaming experience.
  • Global servers. With 6,500+ VPN servers in 96+ locations and 78+ countries, there are numerous options for effortless gameplay and unblocking Lost Ark to explore the world of Arkesia.
  • P2P VPN servers. PureVPN offers integrated P2P network connections that allow you to share resources without hassle. Thus, you avoid server and disconnection issues that impact your gaming session.
  • DDoS protection. DDoS attacks can ruin your game time, especially with it being almost unavoidable with Lost Ark due to the multiplayer feature. However, PureVPN offers DDoS protection that prevents you from falling prey to these attacks from bots or gamers.
  • Unblocking in geo-restricted locations. If you’re in a country Lost Ark’s blocked in, like Belgium, Netherlands, South Korea, or China, PureVPN can unblock the game access to play and have a swell time.

Lost Ark Not Working With PureVPN? (Troubleshooting Tips)

purevpn lost ark issues

If you set up PureVPN with Lost Ark the right way and still have issues unblocking or playing, here are some troubleshooting tips to try:

  • Switch servers. The server you’re connected to is likely congested and slow, and switching to a less congested one may help. Also, ensure the chosen server isn’t in a region where Lost Ark is blocked.
  • Restart PureVPN. A simple action like restarting your PureVPN app can help solve this issue. Disconnect the server, exit the app, and relaunch it.
  • Update your PureVPN app. Your app is likely outdated and no longer supported by PureVPN. Go to your device’s store and update the app to solve this. You can also download the latest app version from the PureVPN website.
  • Reduce the number of simultaneous connections. Your PureVPN may have issues with Lost Ark because your simultaneous connections exceed the device limit. Hence, disconnect some devices, connect your gaming device and relaunch the game.
  • Contact customer support. If none of the options above work, you can contact PureVPN’s customer support via email or live chat for further help.
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PureVPN won’t slow you down on Lost Ark. Instead, it’ll increase your speed and give you an even better gaming experience with its super-fast connection speeds and dodging ISP throttling. It gets even better when you connect to a closer server.

The best PureVPN server for Lost Ark is the closest server to you, as it’ll give you the fastest connection speed. However, you can also try a US server, as PureVPN has 1800+ US servers, giving you multiple options.

Wrapping Up

PureVPN is one of the best VPNs to play Lost Ark, thanks to its server count, security, and privacy features. You can also enjoy DDoS protection, IP leak protection, and lag-free gaming on Lost Ark, thanks to this fast VPN.

Are you ready to unblock Lost Ark from anywhere now? Get PureVPN’s affordable subscription.

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