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TorGuard Pricing & Plans: Which Should You Choose?

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TorGuard has flexible pricing and plans, with its main offerings presented under the Anonymous VPN and Business packages. The VPN service provider also offers sub-packages to help users tailor the VPN plan to their needs.

Furthermore, TorGuard offers bundle packages to help users save more on highly sought-after features. That way, you can combine the essential VPN with the needed add-ons.

Finally, TorGuard has prices for standalone add-ons (optional) with the Anonymous VPN or Business packages.

I’ve reviewed all its pricing plans and thrown in some discounts below.

How Much Do the TorGuard Anonymous Plans Cost?

The TorGuard Anonymous plan is split into two offerings – Anonymous VPN and Anonymous VPN Pro – which start at $9.99 per month. 

Luckily, you can drive the starting price down to less than $4/month with my discounts if you choose the multi-year plan.

torguard anonymous pricing
The TorGuard Premium Plan is no longer available, but its status may change in the future.

The pricing table below shows how the TorGuard Anonymous plans get considerably cheaper with my discounts on longer-term offerings.

Plan/Validity Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually 2-Year 3-Year
Anonymous VPN $9.99 $19.99 $29.99 $59.99 $99.99 $139.99
Anonymous VPN Pro $12.99 $34.99 $69.99 $119.99 $179.98 $249.99
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If you’re wondering whether to get the Pro plan over the standard offering, you may not need it.

I’ve compressed what you get with each Anonymous Plan in the table below.

Plan/Features Anonymous VPN Anonymous VPN Pro
Simultaneous connections 8 12
Static IPs
Dedicated IPs 1 location
Port forwarding
Ad/Tracker blocker
Free router

How Much Do the TorGuard Business Plans Cost?

TorGuard also splits the Business plans into different categories: Starter, Small, Medium, and Large. These plans start from $32.99/month, but you can get maximum savings when you choose the longer-term offerings.

torguard business vpn plans

Using my discounts below, here’s how the Business plan gets considerably cheaper as you move to the longer-term plans.

Plan/Validity Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
Starter $32.99 $65.99 $131.99 $263.99
Small $69 $138 $276 $552
Medium $110 $220 $440 $880
Large $169 $338 $676 $1352
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However, TorGuard doesn’t easily give up the long-term Business plans, forcing you onto the more expensive month-to-month plans. Fortunately, you can follow my guide to get the long-term TorGuard Business plans for savings.

In the meantime, discover what differs across these plans below.

Business Plan/Features Starter Small Medium Large
User Package 5 10 15 20
Email Accounts 5 10 15 20
Dedicated IPs 1 3 5 10

Besides these, the plans are similar across other features like simultaneous connections, ad/tracker blockers, and access to a dedicated account manager, among other things.

What’s the Price of TorGuard Bundle Offerings?

TorGuard bundles some of its plans and offerings, allowing users to grab commonly-used features at a lower price. Here’s a brief overview of the package/bundle deals you get with TorGuard.

Anonymous VPN + PrivateMail

The Anonymous VPN + PrivateMail bundle starts at $12.99 per month, which can be as low as $6.90 monthly if you splurge on the 3-year validity for this plan with my exclusive discounts.

torguard privatemail vpn bundle

Like every other TorGuard plan, it splits this into separate packages – Anonymous VPN + PrivateMail Standard and Anonymous VPN Pro + PrivateMail Pro.

Here’s how the bundle prices differ across plan validity tiers.

Plan/Validity Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually 2-Year 3-Year
Anonymous VPN + PrivateMail Standard $12.99 $34.99 $69.99 $119.99 $179.98 $249.99
Anonymous VPN Pro + PrivateMail Pro $16.98 $39.98 $77.98 $139.99 $219.99 -
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But what’s different across these bundle offerings?

Plan/Features Anonymous VPN + PrivateMail Standard Anonymous VPN Pro + PrivateMail Pro
Email Aliases 5 20
Encrypted Email Storage 10GB 20GB
Encrypted File Storage 10GB 20GB

The fundamental differences between the Anonymous and Anonymous Pro plans also apply here.

That said, it’s worth grabbing this bundle if you need the TorGuard VPN and a private email service to match.

On its own, the Private Mail service starts from $8.95/month

Combining that with the basic month-to-month Anonymous VPN plan would have cost you ($9.99 + $8.95 =) $18.94 monthly. But the bundle package gives you both for just $12.99 per month. Once you switch to the longer-term plans, you see even bigger savings.

Anonymous VPN + Streaming

Unlike the other plans, TorGuard offers only ONE streaming bundle. 

However, this bundle also helps you save massively over buying the Anonymous VPN and streaming bundles separately.

torguard anonymous vpn and streaming bundle

Check the table below for pricing.

Plan/Validity Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually 2-Year
Anonymous VPN + Streaming $21.98 $41.98 $61.98 $121.98 $201.98
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Recall that the Anonymous VPN Plan starts from $12.99. Likewise, the cheapest streaming IPs cost $7.99, and you get TWO on the bundle ($7.99 x 2 = $15.98). 

So, you’ll be set back anywhere from ($12.99 + $15.98 =) $28.97 monthly to buy this bundle’s offerings independently.

Other Bundles

TorGuard offers other products, such as a secure cloud service and a premium proxy (which lacks the VPN’s encryption). Likewise, the VPN service provider has carefully merged these extra offerings with its essential VPN to ensure top-of-the-line security for customers.

Discover what these bundles cost below.

Bundle/Validity Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually Biennially Triennially
Anonymous VPN + Premium Proxy $24.98 $49.98 $84.98 $149.98 $269.98 -
Private VPN Cloud + Anonymous VPN $25.98 $59.98 $99.97 $179.98 $299.98 $469.96
Private VPN Cloud + Premium Proxy $30.98 $69.98 $124.97 $209.98 $369.98 -
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How Much Do TorGuard Add-Ons Cost?

TorGuard streamlines its VPN offerings to include optional add-ons like residential dedicated IPs, regular dedicated IPs, and streaming-optimized IP addresses.

You’ll get unique add-ons if you buy the Anonymous VPN Plan or the Business VPN package. I’ve briefly explored the add-ons available to you across different plans below.

Anonymous VPN Add-Ons

The Anonymous VPN plans are peppered with many add-ons to improve your basic VPN experience.

torguard anonymous vpn add ons

Whether you want a regular dedicated IP address, a residential IP alternative, a reliable VPN router, or anything else, you’ll find it here.

Anonymous VPN Add-Ons Monthly Cost
10Gbit Premium SOCKS5 Network $7.99
10Gbit Premium VPN Network $7.99
Dedicated Regular IP $7.99*
Dedicated Streaming IP $7.99**
Dedicated Residential IP $13.99

* Priced per location
** Singapore and Australia dedicated streaming IPs cost $13.99 each.

You can also purchase TorGuard-offered routers for a $40 – $149 one-time fee.

Business VPN Add-Ons

There are no streaming IP or speed add-ons for the Business VPN plans. 

Likewise, this plan already offers dedicated IPs, so it doesn’t need those as an add-on.

However, TorGuard allows you to configure your Business VPN plan for up to 5,000 extra users. Scroll after choosing your preferred business plan and move the slider depending on the additional users you want.

torguard business vpn add ons

The pricing in the checkout box automatically adjusts to reflect the new due payment.

Furthermore, TorGuard allows you to purchase VPN-compatible routers at a one-time cost for business, home, or personal usage.

The pricing is as follows

Router One-Time Cost
BPI Berry M2 OpenWRT + Docker Router $69.99
Intel Celeron 2.3 GHz 6GB DDR4 1TB SSD OpenWRT + Docker Router $149
Intel Celeron VPN Router $115
Rpi4 4GB OpenWRT + Docker Router $149

Does TorGuard Charge Higher on Autorenewals?

There’s nothing to suggest that TorGuard charges you higher than you paid the first time when processing autorenewals. However, I’ve seen this happen on multiple VPNs, so it’s best to stay safer by canceling auto-renewal.

That way, you’re always in charge of your payments and can quickly spot if something’s off with the payment price before renewing your subscription.

Does TorGuard Provide Discounts for Savings?

TorGuard allows potential users to save on its VPN packages and bundles when they opt for longer-term plans. Hence, you’ll pay more to use the VPN month-to-month than for a quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or other longer-term validity.

Furthermore, you can save more money on your purchase using my TorGuard discounts. That way, you can put the savings towards buying one of the month-to-month add-ons or grab a cup of coffee.

Does TorGuard Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

TorGuard offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on the Anonymous VPN plans, allowing you to test the VPN service risk-free before deciding to stay on board. 

However, you won’t get a refund on purchased add-ons, and there’s no such refund guarantee for Business plan buyers.

torguard payment methods
Not all TorGuard payment options have the moneyback guarantee

Furthermore, users keeping their money-back guarantee options open shouldn’t pay for TorGuard with gift cards or crypto. Otherwise, TorGuard won’t process a refund to them. Instead, pay with a credit card or use a debit card otherwise.

What Are the Best TorGuard Alternatives?

TorGuard promises robust security for personal and business VPN users, but its offerings get too complicated. Likewise, you may find its money-back guarantee duration less than ideal or put off by its relatively high prices.

No matter your reason for shopping for an alternative, here are a few reliable providers that stand toe-to-toe with TorGuard:

Provider Unique Offering vs. TorGuard Learn More Best Price
  • 5800+ servers vs 3000+ servers
  • 60 countries vs. 50+ countries
  • Integrated streaming servers (free add-on)
NordVPN Pricing & Plans Guide NordVPN Discount
  • 9000+ servers vs 3000+ servers
  • 45-day money-back guarantee vs. 7-day MBG
  • Free specialized streaming servers
CyberGhost Review CyberGhost Discount
  • Servers in 100 countries vs 50+ countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections on ALL plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Surfshark Pricing & Plans Guide Surfshark Discounts
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It’s Raining Plans

TorGuard surely knows how to spread its plans for ultimate user convenience.

At first glance, it might look confusing and overwhelming. 

But with a guide like this, you should easily navigate its packages, long-term pricing, add-ons, and bundles.

And if you’re a business user, you also know how to get the long-term plans.

Why not quickly choose your preferred TorGuard plan before these exclusive discounts expire?

Try TorGuard Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 7 days of service.

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