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Does VyprVPN Work in the Philippines?

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VyprVPN works in the Philippines, helping you stream your favorite international content, such as Supernatural, on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

Moreover, you can access your favorite local live television or bank accounts from abroad as if in Manila. Additionally, you can expect zero lag while live-streaming your favorite Filipino content creators on Kumu.

I’ll show you how to set up VyprVPN on your device to access your favorite websites, secure your internet connections, and encrypt all data you send and receive online.

How to Set Up VyprVPN on Mobile/PC in the Philippines?

Setting up VyprVPN is simple. Follow these nine easy steps to make it happen in mere minutes:

  1. Purchase a VyprVPN subscription. Grab this special deal to save BIG on your purchase.
get vyprvpn
  1. Download the VyprVPN on your preferred device. I’ll use Windows for this example.
download vyprvpn app
  1. Log in to your account with your login credentials.
vyprvpn log in
  1. Enable the kill switch to secure your internet activity. Go to Customize > Kill Switch and toggle it ON. To access more kill switch settings, click “Configure Kill Switch.”
vyprvpn kill switch enabled
  1. Optional: Turn on Public WiFi Protection. Go to Customize > Public WiFi Protection to toggle it on. Click “Add Trusted Networks” to add your internet connection to the list of trusted networks.
vyprvpn public wifi protection disabled
  1. Select the WireGuard protocol to enjoy speedy and secure connections. Go to Customize > Protocol > WireGuard.
vyprvpn wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to an appropriate server. If you’re in the Philippines, you can select a US server to unblock content on Netflix. Or you can choose the Philippines server to access your local Filipino content while enjoying VPN protection.
vyprvpn connected to austin server
  1. Ensure your VPN connection is secure by checking for leaks on Dnsleaktest.com. Your assigned VyprVPN server should match that on the leak test site.
vyprvpn dns leak test
  1. That’s it! Unblock content, enjoy online privacy, and connect to gaming peers anywhere securely.

Will VyprVPN Unblock Netflix US in the Philippines?

You can use VyprVPN to unblock Netflix US in the Philippines.

unblock netflix us with vyprvpn connected to austin server

I connected to Austin – US for this test to see whether I could unblock Netflix US.

vyprvpn ip leak test

I could access Netflix US and see what the top shows in the US were. 

However, to test the validity of the server, I looked for Young Sheldon, a show that I know isn’t available on Netflix US.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I couldn’t find Young Sheldon on Netflix US, which proved the validity of the servers.

netflix us library

I wanted to prove this further, and I looked for the hit show Supernatural that I knew was on Netflix US. As you can see, I could watch the Supernatural pilot episode with VyprVPN connected to the Austin server.

stream netflix with vyprvpn on austin server

How Much Does VyprVPN Cost in the Philippines?

vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing

VyprVPN offers two pricing plans in the Philippines: the 1-month offer and the 1-year deal.

  • VyprVPN 1-Month Plan: This VyprVPN offer costs $10 monthly, making it the costliest option.
  • VyprVPN 1-Year Plan: This VyprVPN offer costs $5 per month, translating to $60 per year. However, this pricing is valid only when you take advantage of this VyprVPN discount deal. It helps you save up to 50% during checkout.

Additionally, you can grab the Black Friday VyprVPN deal to access more VyprVPN discount price deals and codes.

VyprVPN Not Working in the Philippines? (Troubleshooting)

VyprVPN can access region-blocked services and content, such as Netflix US. 

However, sometimes, you may receive an Access Denied error on certain websites, which might signify a blocked IP address.

Additionally, depending on factors out of your control, you may experience unreliable VPN connections.

Here are several methods to troubleshoot the stability of your VPN connection:

  • Refresh your browser and clear browser cookies, cache, and temp files.
  • Connect to a different VyprVPN server location.
  • Enable Automatic Reconnect in the VyprVPN app.
  • Try changing your VPN protocol.
  • Disable Firewalls or Antivirus Software. Or, add VyprVPN to their exclusion lists.
  • Restart your local network devices (modem, router, etc.).

Do You Need VyprVPN’s Chameleon Protocol in the Philippines?

You don’t necessarily need to use the Chameleon protocol since the Philippines doesn’t have strict censorship or data retention laws. However, you’ll need it to bypass any restrictive networks set up by school network admins or workplace ISPs in the Philippines.

To use the Chameleon protocol, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open VyprVPN and select Customize.
vyprvpn customize icon
  1. Select “Protocol.”
vyprvpn wireguard protocol
  1. Select Chameleon.
vyprvpn chameleon protocol

The Chameleon Protocol is now enabled and will remain active in all your future VyprVPN connections. The best part? It’s available in all VyprVPN accounts at no cost!

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Unblock Unlimited Content in the Philippines

VyprVPN is an excellent VPN for the Philippines, bypassing content and region blocks to your favorite shows on Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

It also helps encrypt your internet activities from ISP and government surveillance. 

So, you can experience universal internet freedom regardless of your location.

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