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30+ Binance Statistics and Trends

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Binance was created in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world as of 2023.

Although it hit some snags along the way, like money laundering allegations in 2021, the platform continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Here are Binance statistics and trends that correctly capture that.

Top 5 Binance Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • In 2022, over $444 million worth of BNB was removed from circulation.
  • As of 2022, Binance had over 7,500 employees.
  • Turkey was the global leader in the use of Binance as of March 2023.
  • 36.01% of Binance.com’s visitors are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • The annual Binance annual revenue hit $12 billion in 2022.


top 5 binance statistics
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General Binance Statistics

1. Binance Coin was the 4th most robust cryptocurrency as of April 2022.

It came fourth after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether while outperforming others like USD Coin, Ripple, Cardano, and Dogecoin.

2. The highest-ever Binance Coin value was $623.82 in November 2021.

This encompassed data from January 2021 to April 2023. During that period, the lowest value attained by Binance Coin was $44.62 in January 2021.

3. In 2022, over $444 million worth of BNB was removed from circulation.

This translated to 1,959,595.29 BNB, a process necessary to ensure the supply of Binance coins never surpasses 100 million.

4. As of November 2022, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform worldwide.

Binance’s trading volume at the close of 2022 stood at $4,621 billion, followed by OKX at $778 billion, Coinbase at $743 billion, and FTX at $599 billion.

Crypto Exchange Trading Volume (in Billions)
Binance $4,621
OKX $778
Coinbase $743
FTX $599
Huobi $404
Upbit $393
Kucoin $331
Gate.io $316

5. Binance experienced more activity after the FTX collapse in November 2022.

Binance grew by 0.8% following the collapse of FTX. Similar gains were registered across other major crypto coins within the same period.

6. As of 2022, Binance had over 7,500 employees.

All the employees are derived from over 100 nationalities.

Binance US Statistics

7. Binance US was established in 2019 to bypass regulatory compliances imposed on Binance.

It is home to 148 coins, with a daily trading volume of over $495 million and over $315 million in exchange reserves as of April 2023.

8. The Binance.US website received 6.7 million visitors between January and March 2023.

March had the highest number of visitors, with 2.6 million, followed by February at 2.2 million and January at 1.9 million. The average website bounce rate was 44.18%.

9. 92.47% of Binance.us visitors between Jan-Mar 2023 were Americans.

This was followed by Puerto Ricans (1.42%), Indians (0.95%), Canadians (0.55%), and Vietnamese (0.46%).

10. 32.14% of Binance.us visitors were people aged between 25 and 34 years.

This was followed by the 35-44 age group at 21.55% and the 18-24 age group at 19.28%.

Age Group Share of Visitors
18-24 19.28%
25-34 32.14%
35-44 21.55%
45-54 13.85%
55-64 8.25%
65+ 4.94%

11. 79.14% of Binance.us visitors between Jan-March 2023 were male.

Women only made up 20.86% of the total visitors over the same three-month period.

12. Binance US is not available in all American states.

Users can register for Binance US everywhere in the United States except in the states of Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, and Vermont.

13. Bitcoin is the best-performing cryptocurrency on Binance US as of April 2023.

Binance Coin ranks 15th and is valued at $331.

Binance Usage Statistics

14. The Binance website has received an average of 69.7 visitors between January and March 2023.

March had the highest number of site visits at 75.4 million. The average bounce rate of the Binance website across the three months was 35.57%.

binance website visitors
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15. Turkey was the global leader in the use of Binance as of March 2023.

The transcontinental country led the way with 5.95% of the total visitors, representing an 8.34% increase across the three months.

Country Share of Total Visitors
Turkey 5.95%
Russia 5.49%
Argentina 4.56%
Ukraine 4.28%
Vietnam 4.12%
Others 75.59%

16. 70.28% of Binance.com's audience as of March 2023 was male.

Interest in things related to Binance is lower in women, as they only make up 27.20% of Binance.com visitors.

17. 36.01% of Binance.com's visitors are aged between 25 and 34 years.

The next largest group was the 18-24-year-olds, making up 24.09% of Binance.com visitors between January and February 2023.

Age Group Share of Visitors
18-24 24.09%
25-34 36.01%
35-44 19.16%
45-54 10.49%
55-64 6.5%
65+ 3.75%

18. The French are the heaviest users of the Binance Android app.

They were followed by users from the United Kingdom, then Canada, and Germany.

19. There are over 350+ Cryptocurrencies on Binance across 180 countries.

The crypto-exchange platform also has over 120 million registered users with a daily Binance exchange trading volume of $38 billion.

20. Binance is the largest Gaming NFT trading platform as of 2023.

So far, it has transacted over $1 billion and has 20 IGO projects with over 305,000 active participants.

binance as largest gaming nft trading platform
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21. Sixty million global merchants accept the Binance card as of 2022.

An additional 9000 merchants were using Binance Pay in the same period.

Furthermore, over 1.8 million Binance cards were issued in the EEA region alone in 2022.

Binance Revenue Statistics

22. The annual Binance annual revenue hit $12 billion in 2022.

Binance hit a new milestone in 2022, bringing in $12 billion in revenue at the close of the financial year.

23. Binance USD had a market cap of $20 billion in 2022.

This represented a steady growth over the years from a market cap of $100m in 2020 to $10 billion in 2021, eventually hitting $20b.

24. Binance’s trading volume hit $5.54 trillion in the first quarter of 2022.

This represented an 8% spike compared to the same period in 2021.

The addition of new cryptocurrencies like ApeCoin, Fantom, and GMT Token was cited as part of the reason for the increase.

25. $48b worth of Binance Pay transactions were made in 2022.

These transactions were conducted by over 22 million people who used Binance Pay that year. Additionally, Binance Card payments in the same year amounted to $2 billion.

Binance Chain Statistics

26. The Binance Chain was introduced in 2020.

It was created to allow for the quick creation of smart contracts for tokens on the already existing Binance-branded blockchain.

27. Between March and April 2023, the daily number of Binance Mart Chain transactions ranged from 3.2 to 4.7 million.

The busiest day was March 23rd, when the daily transactions hit 4.713 million.

April 2nd was the slowest day, with 3.247 million transactions.

28. The Binance Smart Chain cumulative unique addresses as of April 2023 have increased by 93.44% compared to 2022.

As of April 24th, 2023, the current value stands at 299.54 million compared to 154.85 million precisely a year ago.

Binance Trends

29. Binance has been accused of money laundering since 2021.

The latest accusation came on March 1st with a request by several US senators to place the company under investigations and potential sanctions for illegal money transmission and money laundering.

30. Binance's CEO is worth $10.5 billion.

This ranks the Canadian CEO, Changpeng Zhao, as the 167th wealthiest person in the world as of April 2023.

binance ceo net worth
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31. As of the end of 2022, Binance holds licenses, registrations, and authorizations in 15 jurisdictions worldwide.

These jurisdictions include Colombia, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Japan, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, and New Zealand.

32. Binance partnered with sports icons in 2022 to expand its influence.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform tapped the services of both Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova. Binance also partnered with The Weeknd in the same year.

Wrapping Up

Binance is still on an upward trajectory despite stiff competition from other startups. Overall, the cryptocurrency world keeps evolving as days pass.

You can read more on related cryptocurrency statistics to understand where the market is headed.

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