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30+ Video Consumption Statistics, Facts, & Trends

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In 2022, the number of video viewers grew to over 3 billion, with each spending an average of 19 hours weekly consuming online video content.

YouTube also emerged as the go-to platform for watching short-form online videos, as 78% of Americans preferred to use it over others, such as TikTok. 

On the other hand, Instagram reel videos had the most success among marketers worldwide.

That said, video platforms also tremendously impacted viewing behavior, taking up time traditionally meant for television viewing. Continue reading to learn more about video consumption in today’s digital age.

Top 6 Video Consumption Stats (Editor’s Pick)

  • The “Big Screen” was the most preferred device for video consumption worldwide.
  • In 2022, American viewers spent an average of 60 minutes on Netflix.
  • In Q3 2022, 25.5% of Internet users globally watched a vlog every week.
  • 42% of global marketers in 2022 spent less than $500 on average for a marketing video.
  • Users aged 18 and 24 in 2021 accounted for 84% of YouTube video consumers.
  • Mobile was the most popular device for online video consumption in Latin American regions.


top video consumption statistics
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General Video Consumption Statistics

1. In 2022, viewers spent an average of 19 hours weekly on online video consumption.

This accounted for a 9.5-hour increase from 2018 when viewers watched 10.5 hours of online video weekly.

Year Weekly Watch Hours
2018 10.5
2019 14
2020 16
2021 18
2022 19

2. It is projected that in 2023, there will be 3.48 billion video viewers.

In 2019 and 2020, there were 2.78 billion and 3.1 billion global video viewers, respectively. These figures represent all who streamed or downloaded online videos and watched them on any device.    

Video Consumption Market Share Statistics

3. The “Big Screen” was the most preferred device for video consumption worldwide.

In Q4 2021, approximately 76% of video consumers globally preferred using the big screen. In comparison, only 8% preferred using a desktop, 11% mobile, and 5% a tablet.

4. In 2022, video consumption of vlogs was famous among female viewers.

In Q3, video consumption of vlogs among women was higher across all age groups, recording a high of 36.7% among females aged 16 to 24.

Age Group Male Vlog Viewership Female Vlog Viewership
16 to 24 28.5% 36.7%
25 to 34 26.9% 31.8%
35 to 44 23.2% 25.6%
45 to 54 17.8% 19.5%
55 to 64 12.9% 13%

5. Television was the most popular screen choice for video consumption among consumers in Canada and the US.

In Q4 2022, 66.7% of Pay TV users preferred using the television. 

In contrast, the tablet was the least preferred screen choice, with only 9.5% picking it.

6. In 2022, American viewers spent an average of 60 minutes on Netflix.

In comparison, they spent an average of 46 minutes each on TikTok and YouTube. Projections show that Netflix might continue dominating consumer watch hours with an average of 61 minutes in 2024.

Year Netflix Watch Minutes YouTube Watch Minutes TikTok Watch Minutes
2020 60 44 39
2021 60 45 44
2022 60 46 46
2023 61 46 47
2024 61 46 48

7. In Q3 2022, 25.5% of Internet users globally watched a vlog every week.

The Philippines recorded the highest vlog viewership, with 55.6% of users watching a vlog weekly.   

Video Consumption Revenue Statistics

8. In 2022, YouTube’s global advertising revenue rose to $29.2 billion.

It accounted for a rise of 0.398 billion from $28.8 billion in the previous fiscal period.

Year Ad Revenue in Billions
2017 8.15
2018 11.155
2019 15.149
2020 19.772
2021 28.845
2022 29.243

9. In 2022, short-form videos had the most significant ROI.

In June, 39% of marketers revealed that short-form videos had the most effective return on investments. In comparison, only 16% of marketers found success with long-form videos.

Video Formats ROI Success Rate
Short-form videos (1 minute or shorter) 39%
Long-form videos (3 minutes or longer) 16%
Videographics 11%
Webinars 10%
Live videos/Live streams 8%

10. The average cost of a sponsored YouTube video with over a million views in 2021 was $2,500.

The average minimum cost of a sponsored YouTube video with between 500,000 and 1,000,000 views was $1,105, while the maximum was $16,234.

Views Minimum Average Price (USD) Maximum Average Price (USD)
1,000 to 10,000 $60 $850
10,000 to 50,000 $180 $2,240
50,000 to 500,000 $389 $5,859
500,000 to 1,000,000 $1,105 $16,234
Over 1,000,000 $2,500 -

11. 76.9% of viewers in H1 2022 watched video ads on desktop devices with an average view time of 21.79 seconds.

In comparison, 80.1% of viewers watched mobile video ads with an average view time of 14.57 seconds. Those who watched via in-app video ads were 83.7%, with an average view time of 17.75 seconds.     

Video Marketing Statistics

12. In 2022, YouTube was the most effective video marketing channel.

90% of marketers prefer YouTube for their video marketing campaigns. 

Meanwhile, 86% and 79% find Facebook and LinkedIn effective marketing channels, respectively.

Video Platform Share of Marketers Who Prefer Using It
YouTube 90%
Facebook 86%
LinkedIn 79%
Instagram 79%
Webinar 60%
Twitter 54%
TikTok 35%
Interactive Video 31%
3D Video 17%
360 Video 15%
Snapchat 13%
Virtual Reality 13%

13. 47% of businesses in 2021 used videos on their landing pages.

This accounts for a 13% drop from a high of 60% in 2017.

Year Share of Businesses Using Video on Their Landing Pages
2016 49%
2017 60%
2018 57%
2020 54%
2021 47%

14. 42% of global marketers in 2022 spent less than $500 on average for a marketing video.

Meanwhile, 25% spent between $1,000 to $5,000 on average, while only 4% spent over $20,000.

Marketing Video Budget Share of Marketers
Up to $500 42%
$500 to $1,000 18%
$1,000 to $5,000 25%
$5,000 to $10,000 9%
$10,000 to $20,000 3%
$20,000+ 4%

15. In 2021, live and brand videos were the most popular videos used by marketers worldwide.

53% of marketers used livestream videos for their video marketing. 

Meanwhile, 45% used training videos and 39% used customer testimonial videos.

Videos Used in Marketing Percentage Share of Usage
Live Video 53%
Brand Video 53%
Product Demos 51%
Social Videos 48%
Training Videos 45%
Explainers 40%
Customer Testimonials 39%
User-Generated Video 35%
Culture Video 26%
On-Demand Webinars 25%
Thought Leadership 20%
Paid Video Ads 19%

Social Media Video Statistics

16. Users aged 18 and 24 in 2021 accounted for 84% of YouTube video consumers.

In comparison, 66% and 63% of consumers within this age group consumed videos on Instagram and TikTok, respectively.

17. In 2022, Instagram reel videos were the most successful in terms of performance.

As of June 2022, Instagram reels had a global reach and likes of 33.8% and 35.4%, respectively. They also had a view rate of 2.54% between June 2021 and June 2022, higher than that of Instagram videos at 1.74%. 

18. In Q3 2022, TikTok removed 110 million videos from its platform for violating its terms of service and community guidelines.

Of these, 18.37 million were from the United States, 14.12 million from Pakistan, and 8.24 million from Indonesia.

Region Number of Removed Videos in Millions
United States 18.37
Pakistan 14.12
Indonesia 8.24
Brazil 6.02
Bangladesh 5.96
Philippines 5.52
Mexico 3.14
United Kingdom 2.89
Iraq 2.51
Turkey 2.43
Vietnam 2.29
Saudi Arabia 2.16
Thailand 2.13

19. In 2021, social media video consumption was relatively higher among Gen Z users.

96% of Gen Z users watched short and medium videos, respectively. 

Only 93% watched videos longer than 20 minutes. In comparison, 75% of baby boomers watched short videos, 66% of them watched medium-length videos, and 56% watched long videos.

20. In 2022, video consumption on YouTube Shorts grew to 30 billion daily views.

As of June 2022, YouTube Shorts had gained 1.5 billion daily active users.

youtube shorts video consumption growth
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21. TikTok was the most popular video app globally by downloads.

In 2021, TikTok had 796.73 million downloads on the Google play store and Apple App Store combined. YouTube came second with 220.7 million downloads, and Mx TakaTak with 182 million global downloads.  

Mobile Video Consumption Statistics

22. Time spent on video consumption via mobile devices in March 2022 grew to 6.8 million monthly watch hours.

In comparison, mobile video consumption in 2020 and 2021 was steady at 6.6 billion monthly watch hours, rising by 0.2 billion in 2022.

23. In Q3 2021, fitness videos comprised 14% of mobile video consumption content.

In comparison, 50% of mobile video consumers watched movies on mobile devices.

Mobile Video Content Share of Consumers
YouTube Videos 81%
Social Media Videos (TikTok, Twitter, etc.) 58%
TV Shows 55%
Movies 50%
Live Streaming 37%
Fitness Videos 14%
Other 5%

24. In 2022, American children spent an average of 77 minutes daily on video consumption on the YouTube mobile app.

Meanwhile, they spent 52 minutes per day on Netflix and 42 minutes daily on Disney+.

25. 34% of Americans in Q3 2021 downloaded content from streaming apps for video consumption without buffering.

Meanwhile,15% did it as they did not want to use their mobile plan, 13% did it as they did not want to compete for network, and 8% did it to download video content for their kids.  

26. Mobile was the most popular device for online video consumption in Latin American regions.

In Q1 2021, 56% of consumers in this region preferred to watch online videos on their mobile devices, with 66% based in Columbia.

27. Netflix was the most downloaded mobile app for video consumption worldwide.

Between Q1 and Q3 2021, the Netflix app had 130 million downloads

Disney+ and Amazon Prime came in second and third with 100 million and 94 million downloads, respectively.

Mobile App Downloads in Millions
Netflix 130
Disney+ 100
Amazon Prime Video 94
HBO Max 57
Pluto TV 41
Holstar 38
ZEE5 33
WeTV 32
iQIYI 30.4
Tubi 30

Video Popularity Statistics & Usage Trends

28. In Q3 2022, music videos were the most popular online video consumption type globally.

They accounted for 50% of videos watched worldwide. Meanwhile, comedy, meme, or viral videos came in second with 35.8%.

Online Video Content Type Audience Reach
Music videos 50%
Comedy, meme, and viral videos 35.8%
Tutorial/How-to videos 28.7%
Video live stream 29.7%
Educational video 27.1%
Product review video 26.4%
Sports clips/Highlights videos 26.7%
Gaming videos 26.2%
Influencer videos & vlogs 25.5%

29. Live news was the most popular video consumption content type on free video streaming services.

In Q2 2021, 64% of consumers on free video streaming consumers preferred watching live news, while 42% of those who used paid streaming platforms preferred watching movies.

30. In 2021, YouTube was US consumers' most preferred platform for short-form video consumption.

77.9% of consumers in America preferred using YouTube to watch short-form videos. Meanwhile, 60.8% chose Facebook, while 53.9% chose TikTok.

Video Platform Preference Rate in Percentage
YouTube 77.9%
Facebook 60.8%
TikTok 53.9%
Instagram 52.4%
Snapchat 36.7%
Twitter 27.8%
Pinterest 18.9%
LinkedIn 10.7%
Other 0.6%

31. YouTube was the most preferred platform in 2021 for non-TV video content among Americans.

65% of Americans used YouTube to watch non-TV content, 60% used Facebook, and 46% used Instagram.

32. The YouTube Short “Diver Cracks Egg at 45 ft Deep” was the most popular video in the United States in 2022.

In 2022, travel vlogger “Shangerdanger” had the most popular Short on YouTube.   

most popular short video in the us
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The statistics presented here demonstrate the immense popularity of online video consumption over the last few years. Online video consumption has risen, with YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok at the center.

Viewership on mobile is also at an all-time high, with most viewers more likely to watch ads on mobile than on any other device. Not to mention, video has become one of the most popular ways of capturing attention as viewers are increasingly looking for video content from their favorite brands and businesses.

If you love these stats, check out our YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming Services roundup if you loved these statistics.  

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