Black Hat Hackers: How Dangerous Are They?

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If you follow technology news, you will realize that most people who deliver information think all hackers are dangerous.

This isn’t true because there are different categories of hackers across the world. The main categories of hackers are black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and grey hat hackers.

Among these categories, the one that supports cybersecurity is the white hat hackers.

The gray hat hackers are generally in between because they exploit vulnerabilities for a good reason.

However, black hat hackers are known for their criminal mindsets. They usually spot system vulnerabilities and exploit them for their selfish gains.

Black hat hackers perform a series of malicious attacks on systems to steal or damage information. The malware they release destroys files, steals passwords, credit card numbers, personal information, and holds computers hostage.

Hacking is a Business

In 2017, WannaCry ransomware was released, and within its first two weeks, approximately 400,000 system computers in 150 countries had been infected. Fortunately, security experts contained the situation who released decryption tools within a few days of WannaCry release, which saw their first response time limited extortion money to about $120,000.

What Does a Black Hat Hacker Do?

Black hat hackers always start as script kiddies who use pre-written code to break into systems to steal, harm and destroy data. They start by purchasing hacker tools and codes to exploit vulnerabilities of security systems. Other black hat hackers are trained by hacking specialists who are keen on making fast money.

The high rank of black hat hackers works for large criminal organizations that sometimes offer collaboration tools for their clients and provide service agreements just like a legal business. A section of the internet is known as the dark web, which is deliberately hidden from search engines where black hat malware kits are sold.

It’s no surprise that black hat hackers often come up with specialties like managing remote access tools or phishing. The majority of them get jobs through forums and other illegal connections on the dark web.

Some have even gone to the extreme extent of creating, developing, and selling dangerous software themselves. Other black hat hackers prefer to work through leasing or franchise agreements just like legal businesses.

Some black hat hackers distribute malicious software because it’s not complicated. It’s not difficult because the majority of hacking activities operate like legitimate businesses.

Organizations boost vendors, associates, partners, and resellers, and they are willing to purchase and sell licenses for malware to criminal companies or organizations in markets or some regions.

The most intriguing thing about some black hat hackers is that they have call centers. Their scam call centers are used to call organizations claiming to be legitimate workers from a particular company to take advantage of the situation. The black hat hackers try to convince a victim to access his computer or system or download software.

When the victim falls into the black hat hackers trap by granting access or downloading the software, they lose control over their system, banking information, and passwords. Sometimes they again ask the victim for a certain amount of money to restore some of the illegal things they have created or set up.

These days some hackers are swift and automated, which does not need someone to perform them. In this case, the attacks roam the internet, searching for systems with weak security systems or unprotected computers and attack them.

Black Hat Hackers are Global

The problem of black hat hacking is global, which makes it impossible to stop. The Microsoft phone scam, which involved black hat hackers call centers, resulted in four people from the UK being arrested, but the calls came from India. This shows that the process to stop this type of hacking is compromised.

The main challenge for security and law enforcement officials is that black hat hackers always leave close to no evidence. They use computers of victims and some multiple jurisdictions, which makes it hard to trace them.

Although security officials sometimes succeed in shutting their hacking sites in one country, it isn’t easy to know how many countries they are situated in or are carrying out their operations.

The best method to counter this challenge is being proactive and keeping your firewall and VPN to don’t get hacked.

You should also update your system regularly and run numerous antivirus software to identify the problems while still in their early stage.

Additionally, don’t download software from uncertified or unknown sources and turn off your computer when you’re not using it to avoid hackers’ exposure.

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