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60+ Generation Z Statistics, Facts & Trends

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Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, introduces new possibilities and challenges to all industries via diverse ideas and lifestyles.

It’s time to put yourself in Gen Z’s sneakers and learn what drives them – because your business depends on it.

I’ve curated these compelling and latest Generation Z statistics to help you develop a marketing strategy for this distinct cohort whose significance is rising.

Top 7 Generation Z Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Social media was the primary source of shopping inspiration for 97% of Gen Z consumers in 2021.
  • As of October 2022, 71% of Generation Z in the UK reported using the Instagram app daily.
  • In 2022, two-fifths of female Gen Z shoppers bought apparel once or twice a month.
  • In 2022, female Generation Z US consumers favored online clothing shopping compared to men.
  • 46% of Gen Zers globally were living paycheck to paycheck in 2022.
  • 43% of US Gen Zers worked freelance work in 2022.
  • Mental health and personal well-being were essential for 62.4% of US Gen Zers in 2022.


top 7 generation z statistics
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General Generation Z Statistics

1. Generation Z made up 20.67% of the US population in 2021.

Gen Z was behind the Baby Boomers, who constituted 21.16% of the population, and the Millennials, who accounted for almost 21.75%.

2. The cost of living is the top concern for Gen Z.

A 2022 survey revealed that 29% of Gen Z are distressed about finances, 24% are concerned about climate change, and 20% are struggling with unemployment. 

3. Generation Z regarded Newspapers as the most reliable News source in 2022.

According to 59% of Gen Z, newspapers are credible sources. Podcasts and social media were two of the least authentic sources for Gen Z.

4. In 2022, 52% of Generation Z claimed they felt like “themselves” more in the metaverse than in real life.

65% of respondents said their online and offline relationships were equally significant. However, introverts were six times more likely than extroverts to engage in the metaverse.

5. In 2022, 62% of US Gen Z consumers contacted online brands for guidance.

One-quarter of Gen Z respondents had approached businesses online for fun.

6. Generation Z’s preferred travel accommodation globally is not considered “luxurious.”

In a 2022 survey, 35% of Gen Z chose to stay in a typical hotel, motel, or condominium with three or fewer star ratings. 25% favored staying with friends or family.

7. Generation Z spent the most on their pets for social media posts.

A 2021 survey revealed that Gen Zers with pets spend $1,885 on pets each year

In contrast, millennials spend $1,195, while baby boomers spend $926. 

This is because Gen Zers were 47% more likely to buy unique pet items for posts on social media.

8. YouTube ranked as the most favorite brand by 86.23% of Gen Z consumers in the United States in 2022.

Moreover, favorability scores for Google, Netflix, and Amazon were over 80% among Gen Z.

9. Generation Z comprised 34% of all iPhone users in 2022.

In contrast, only 10% of Samsung phones were owned by Gen Z

Apple’s market share of phone usage increased from 35% to 50% that year, thanks to this brand loyalty.

10. 94% of Generation Z engaged in weekly text messaging conversations with their peers in 2022.

The next most common ways to socialize were phone calls (89%) and social media (88%).

how gen zers socialize and engage
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Generation Z Demographics Statistics

11. Female Generation Z consumers were more likely to participate in Great Britain's loyalty programs in 2022.

The survey revealed that only 41% of male Gen Z customers participated in loyalty programs.

12. Reddit was used by about twice as many (40%) male Gen Z respondents as females (21%) in the US in 2022.

At the same time, platforms like Snapchat had higher female users (70%) than males (64%). The table below showcases how other platforms compare based on user gender.

Platform Gen Z US Female Audience (%) Gen US Z Male Audience (%)
YouTube 84% 93%
Instagram 80% 73%
TikTok 75% 62%
Facebook 54% 45%
Twitter 40% 54%
Discord 24% 45%
Twitch 17% 30%
BeReal 21% 10%

13. In 2022, India had roughly 374 million Gen Z population, nearly 3X the Gen Zers in all of Europe or more than the entire population of the USA.

China comes second with a total of 246 million Gen Z population. 

Indonesia (69M), Nigeria (68M), and Pakistan (67M) complete the top five.

Generation Z Social Media Use Statistics

14. Social media was the primary source of shopping inspiration for 97% of Gen Z consumers in 2021.

40% of Gen Z consumers followed their preferred brands on social media platforms, and 68% read or watched three reviews before making the initial purchase.

15. 36% of Generation Z felt that their use of social media was detrimental to their overall social well-being in 2021.

In contrast, just 7% of respondents who identified as mature, 30% of millennials, and 21% of Gen X felt the same way.

16. In 2022, YouTube was the most-used Social media platform in the US by 88% of Generation Z.

The social media platforms that followed can be found in the table below.

Social Media Platform US Gen Z users (%)
Instagram 76%
TikTok 68%
Snapchat 67%
Facebook 49%
Twitter 47%
Discord 35%
Reddit 30%
Twitch 24%
BeReal 15%

17. In 2022, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook were used "nearly constantly" by 35% of younger Gen Z (ages 13–17).

36% of US teens claimed to spend excessive time on social media.

18. As of October 2022, 71% of Generation Z in the UK reported using the Instagram app daily.

TikTok and YouTube were used daily by 68% of survey participants. 

Only 46% and 33% claimed to use Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

19. In 2022, 66% of Generation Z consumers claimed that deals or promotions on social media sites led to a favorable brand impression.

Memes and jokes shared by brands on social media also served that motive, as per 39% of Gen Z respondents.

20. 30.8% of Gen Z adults reported using social media for 3-5 hours every day as of May 2022.

16.5% of respondents used social media more than five hours per day, compared to 42.1% who claimed to be on social media for one to three hours daily.

Generation Z Technology Statistics

21. In 2021, 92% of Generation Z Americans multitasked while surfing websites online.

Gen Z was also more prone to eating food or listening to music (59%), conversing on the phone (45%), or dancing (28%) while browsing the web.

22. Consumers from Generation Z showed the most interest in augmented reality (AR) shopping in 2022.

More than 90% of Gen Z respondents were open to utilizing augmented reality to visualize how a piece of furniture or decor might look in their house. 

In comparison, 64% of the silent generation reported the same degree of interest.

23. In 2022, Generation Z's inclination to use smartwatches for transactions in the UK was around twice as elevated as Millenials.

The survey claimed that the usage of smartwatches is growing and may eventually pose a threat to using cash or credit cards.

24. Over 86% of Generation Z respondents in China possessed a smartphone as of August 2022.

Moreover, the survey found that roughly one-third of Gen Z respondents were gaming console owners.

25. In Italy, 36% of Gen Z respondents played video games daily for one to three hours as of November 2021.

Comparatively, less than 20% and 7% of respondents played video games for three to five hours per day and five or more hours per day, respectively.

Generation Z Fashion Trends & Statistics

26. In 2022, Two-fifths of female Gen Z shoppers bought apparel once or twice a month.

This was this demographic’s most prevalent clothes shopping frequency. 

In contrast, The results were evenly divided among male Gen Z customers.

27. Generation Z leaned more toward brands like Adidas Originals, Vans, Forever 21, and Fila than older generations in 2022.

Urban Outfitters and Supreme were the most Gen Z favored fashion brands by 79.2% and 77.9%, respectively.

28. In Summer 2022, sexy attire was planned to be worn at music festivals by 46% of US Gen Z attendees.

Following it in popularity were streetwear (44%), funny/original apparel (28%), and luxury clothing (28%).

29. In Summer 2022, 71% of US Generation Z fashion consumers wanted to express their personality through their attire.

This was more than twice as many fashion consumers who wanted to convey their emotions via their dressing.

us gen z fashion consumers
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30. In 2022, female Generation Z US consumers favored online clothing shopping compared to men.

The two apparel categories that survey participants mainly purchased online were leisure wear and night-out attire.

31. In 2023, 54% of Gen Z like vintage-inspired apparel, with several styles from the 1990s and Y2K returning in popular demand.

37% of Gen Z respondents expressed nostalgia for the 1990s.

32. In 2023, 41% of Gen Z consumers want retailers to offer a wider spectrum of sizes in apparel.

To resurrect body positivity, 38% of respondents wanted to see various body kinds in advertising.

Generation Z Online Shopping Statistics

33. 87% of Generation Z internet users desired personalization from brands they valued in 2021.

The same wish was voiced by 82% of Gen X and 88% of Millennials.

34. 64% of Generation Z consumers were ready to pay extra for an environmentally sustainable product in 2022.

36% of respondents said they would pick a less sustainable, less expensive product.

35. In 2022, buy now, pay later (BNPL) services were utilized by 55.1% of Gen Z online shoppers in the US.

This percentage fell to 48.6% among millennial internet buyers and subsequently declined among older generations.

36. 23.8% of US Generation Z consumers will shop more frequently on Amazon in 2023.

Despite this, 15% of respondents said they would also increase local shopping.

37. In the UK, Generation Z consumers made the most (67%) online clothing and footwear purchases in 2022.

Following closely behind, 63% of millennials made apparel purchases online.

38. In 2022, about 60% of Gen Z shoppers in the UK stated price as the primary factor they considered when purchasing online.

A sizeable portion of Gen Zers also considered other factors, like the brand’s environmental initiatives and social media posts.

Generation Z Marketing Statistics

39. In 2021, 92% of Gen Z adults cited recommendations from social media influencers as the most important element influencing online purchase decisions.

Social media influencers were favored above brands, merchants, celebrities, and store clerks.

40. In 2021, 57% of US Gen Zers appreciated ads from brands prepared to engage in social issues.

Furthermore, 27% of respondents trusted products that influencers endorsed.

41. In 2022, almost 65% of American Gen Z adults agreed or strongly agreed that companies presumed they could market to their generation collectively rather than as individuals.

Yet, barely 8% of respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed.

42. In 2022, 37% of US Generation Z customers were likely or highly likely to be persuaded to purchase by a brand's regular newsletter.

Yet, 27% of respondents said such a scenario was unlikely or highly unlikely.

43. 39% of female Gen Z consumers were most inclined to purchase a product after discovering it on TikTok in 2021.

That said, A larger majority of 59% said that recommendations from friends and family most strongly drove their buying decisions.

female gen z consumers statistics
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44. In 2022, 45% of US Gen Z customers were inspired to interact with a new brand on social media when it seemed transparent and honest.)

34% of respondents indicated relevancy or uniqueness as a primary force, while 16% mentioned a brand’s principles and mission.

45. In May 2022, 22% of US Generation Z consumers said they most desired that brands support anti-racism efforts and speak out against it publicly.

19% of respondents also mentioned environmental awareness and sustainability as issues brands should address.

46. 63% of Gen Z shoppers in the US bought a product after seeing it on social media in 2022.

51% of millennial consumers did the same. 

Generation Z in the Workplace Statistics

47. 46% of Gen Zers globally were living paycheck to paycheck in 2022.

These respondents expressed concern about being unable to pay their bills. 

Also, 30% of them indicated financial insecurity.

48. 40% of Generation Z employees wished to quit their jobs within a couple of years in 2022.

35% of the respondents would quit even if they had no alternative employment planned.

49. 32% of Generation Z workers cited work-life balance as the most important consideration when choosing an employer in 2022.

The table below lists the main factors that Gen Zers considered while deciding to work for their present employer.

Top Reasons to Consider an Employer Gen Z Survey Results (%)
Learning and Development opportunities 29%
High salary or other financial benefits 24%
Positive workplace culture 23%
Opportunities to progress/leadership roles 23%
I derive a sense of meaning from my work 21%
Flexible working model 20%

50. 3 in 4 Gen Zers favored a hybrid or remote working arrangement in 2022.

According to 49% of Gen Z respondents, they could work remotely at least occasionally.

51. 43% of US Gen Zers worked freelance work in 2022.

In contrast, 46% and 35% of millennial and Gen X workers also did freelance work, respectively. For working boomers, the percentage was much lower, at 27%.

52. In 2023, 33% of Generation Z and young millennial employees indicated they were open to romantic relationships at work.

Compared to older millennials (15%), Generation X (27%), and Baby Boomers (23%), this percentage is significantly higher.

53. In 2022, 31% of Gen Z employees were prepared to reject a job offer from a company with questionable sustainability and ethics.

As for taking a wage reduction to work for a new business that fits their values, 54% stated they would do so if their employer did not address ESG concerns.

Generation Z Mental Health Statistics

54. 46% of Gen Z Workers felt burned out in 2022 due to the rigor and intensity of their workplaces.

According to 44% of Gen Zers, several employees departed because of workload pressure.

gen z workers statistics
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55. The likelihood of feeling hopeless and depressed among Generation Z was twice as high as that of elders (42% vs. 23%) in 2022.

52% of Gen Zers knew someone dealing with depression.

56. In 2022, 32% of Generation Z reported having a close friend or family member who has experienced sexual assault.

Moreover, 24% of Generation Z were personally impacted by someone dealing with substance abuse.

57. In 2022, 20% of Generation Z respondents knew someone who committed suicide.

Furthermore, 14% of Gen Zers knew someone who had experienced gun violence.

Generation Z & Social Issues Statistics

58. For 61% of global Generation Z content creators, racial equality was the most pressing societal issue in 2022.

The societal issues that followed in terms of highest consideration by Gen Z content creators can be found in the table below.

The Most Critical Social Issues Concerned Gen Z Content Creators (%)
Women’s rights 60%
Climate change 58%
Gender inequality 57%
Social justice 56%
Food/housing security 54%
Education/literacy issues 54%
Diversity and inclusion 52%
Conflict in Ukraine 49%
LGBTQIA+ issues 41%
Immigration 40%

59. According to 89% of US Generation Z survey respondents in 2022, ensuring the availability of pure water and fresh air is crucial for their country.

The necessity of reducing gun violence and mass shootings in the US was advocated by 88% of respondents.

60. Mental health and personal well-being were essential for 62.4% of US Gen Zers in 2022.

But 8.4% of those surveyed said mental health and well-being were either unimportant or insignificant.

61. According to 72% of Generation Z in 2022, the divide between their nation’s richest and poorest citizens is getting larger.

Just 45% of Gen Zers believe business positively affects society.

62. 43% of Gen Z respondents in 2021 believed that life would improve for Generation Alpha and beyond in the coming years.

25% of respondents said it would stay roughly the same, while 32% predicted it would worsen.

Preparing for Generation Z

Generation Z is the most diverse generation in history. They are young people with innovative, trendy, technology-inspired minds that are entering the workforce, getting closer to financial independence, and making an increasing contribution to the economy.

In addition, they are upbeat and part of a self-reliant cohort that values the environment.

In the upcoming years, they have the power to impact the current business landscape due to their extensive social media usage. If you are curious about the current social media trends, go through our social media statistics to acquire the latest numbers and facts.

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