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40+ Pinterest Statistics, Facts & Trends

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Pinterest is a social network that’s popular for its innovative and positive approach to visual tools in e-commerce.

To help you realize your Pinterest goals, I combed through statistical reports, Pinterest’s shareholders’ and annual reports, marketing studies, and Pinterest whitepapers to create this list of Pinterest statistics and trends.

Top 7 Pinterest Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • In Q3 of 2022, Pinterest had 445 million monthly users.
  • People spend about 6 minutes on Pinterest per visit.
  • Men and Gen Z are the fastest-growing Pinterest demographic.
  • Pinterest generated $2.5 billion in ad revenue in 2022.
  • Bloggers Joy Cho and Poppytalk are the highest-earning Pinterest influencers in 2022.
  • Pinterest is 2.3 times more cost-efficient at converting than other platforms.
  • Pins with AR features like “Try-On” are 5 times more likely to convert.


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Pinterest Usage Statistics & Facts

1. Pinterest is the world’s 14th-largest social network.

Pinterest was the 14th-largest social network in 2022, with Telegram one spot ahead of it. Twitter closely followed Pinterest in the 15th spot.

2. In Q3 of 2022, Pinterest had 445 million monthly users.

There were 445 million monthly active users — a slightly higher number than the previous quarter (Q2) for 2022, which was 433 million. However, it’s lower than the elevated figure of 478 million active Pinterest users in Q1 2021.

3. To date, Pinterest users have saved over 240 billion pins.

That many pins were saved by 445 million monthly users. This amounts to 539 pins per user on average.

4. 32% of pins are posted at the start of the week.

Users are twice as likely to post on Mondays and Tuesdays than on weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are the least popular days to post, accounting for only 7% of all pins. However, user engagement is at its highest on Mondays and Saturdays.

5. 85% of Pinterest users access it via the mobile app.

This is due to the convenience of the Pinterest app, combined with the ability to “pin” directly on mobile. As a result, at least 80% of Pinterest users consistently access it via its mobile app.

6. People spend about 6 minutes on Pinterest per visit.

On average, a Pinterest user spends 5-6 minutes on the site. During that time, they visit 4.96 Pinterest pages.

7. 26% of Pinterest referrals come from YouTube.

As of May 2022, over a quarter of Pinterest’s social media traffic comes from YouTube. Facebook referrals are a close second at 18%. And Amazon is the leading source of web-based traffic at 7.22%.

8. 97% of Pinterest searches aren’t related to brands.

Unbranded searches make up the overwhelming majority of Pinterest searches. That includes 91% of searches related to beauty and makeup.

9. Home décor, food, and fashion are the most popular Pinterest searches.

Other popular searches are related to beauty, clothing, style, health and fitness, and events.

10. Pinterest users watch 1 billion videos on the platform daily.

Pinterest users are watching almost one billion videos every day. For comparison, YouTube gets 5 billion video views per day.

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11. Pinterest gets 600 million visual searches per month.

The most popular visual searches conducted through Pinterest’s visual search engine tool called Lens are for tattoos, manicures, and sunglasses. Cats, hair, and dresses (especially wedding dresses) are other popular requests.

12. Nine out of ten users describe Pinterest as positive.

The interest in “positivity” on Pinterest has gone up 65% since 2019. And nine out of ten people described the platform as an “online oasis,” resulting in Pinterest being rated first in overall reputation by 92% of its advertisers.

13. 85% of US Pinterest users use it to start a new project.

Searches about new projects related to “home” and “fashion” are particularly popular. 64% of users also said they used Pinterest to find new ideas or products they trust. And 85% of female users use the platform to plan life events, such as weddings.

Pinterest Demographics Stats & Facts

14. Globally, six out of ten Pinterest users are women.

Women make up over 60% of all Pinterest users across the world. This statistic includes 41% of all American women that have an Internet connection.

15. Men and Gen Z are the fastest-growing Pinterest demographic.

Despite being largely popular among female audiences, the number of Pinterest users that identify as men grew by 40% in 2020 and have been growing steadily ever since.

16. Pinterest has 88.6 million active users in the USA in 2022.

This figure amounts to 25.9% of the US population or one in four consumers. It is the result of a 2% growth in users since 2021. However, 75% of Pinterest’s global user base is located outside the US.

17. 80% of older US-based Internet users use Pinterest.

In addition to millennials and Gen Z, Pinterest is popular among US adults over 46. 40% of American Internet users aged 46-55, and 40% of users over 56 use Pinterest.

18. 45% of US residents with household incomes over $100k are using Pinterest.

A third (33.6%) of US households make $100k per annum or more, and 45% of those US residents are using Pinterest.

19. Brazil has 32.1 million active Pinterest users.

The South American country ranks second behind the USA regarding the number of active Pinterest users. Given that Brazil has approximately 167.7 million Internet users, about 20% of the country’s population uses Pinterest.

20. Germany has the highest number of active Pinterest users in Europe.

Germany has 15.1 million Pinterest users – more than any other European country. France is a close second, with 10.4 million users.

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21. The UK has 9.1 million active Pinterest users.

At least 9.1 million UK residents actively use Pinterest. That means about 14% of the UK population with Internet access (62.86 million) are Pinterest users.

22. 75% of UK Pinterest users are women.

Women make up three-quarters of the UK’s Pinterest user base. This amounts to over 6.8 million UK-based active Pinterest users.

23. 55% of UK Pinterest users are younger than 25.

Over half of UK Pinterest users are in the 18-24 age range. The global figure for Pinterest usage by this age group is 19.8%.

24. 31% of UK millennials with household incomes over £100k are using Pinterest.

In the UK, about a million people earn over £100k per annum. And less than a third of the UK’s population (millennials aged 27-42) who use Pinterest live in households that earn that amount.

25. 4.3 million Australians use Pinterest.

Australia is ranked 14th in the world given its number of active Pinterest users, amounting to 4.3 million. The country closely follows The Netherlands, which has 4.5 million Pinterest users.

26. 37% of Australian moms are on Pinterest.

Over a third of Australian mothers actively use Pinterest. Given that there are about 300,000 mothers in Australia, that is a user base of over 110,000 people. 

Pinterest Financial Stats, Facts & Trends

27. Pinterest generated $2.5 billion in ad revenue in 2022.

This figure constitutes a 19.5% increase over the $2.1 billion earnings of the previous year. The prior year, that figure climbed to $1.69 billion – an increase from $1.14 billion in 2019 and $760 million in 2018.

28. In Q4 of 2021, Pinterest’s revenue grew 20%.

Pinterest’s 2021 Q4 period was, and remains, Pinterest’s best quarter in terms of revenue. It earned $847 million worldwide, with the US-based revenue amounting to $648 million – three times the size of revenue earned in the rest of the world, which was $199 million.

29. In Q3 of 2022, Pinterest generated $685 million in revenue worldwide.

This figure represents an 8% growth from the previous year. The biggest portion of revenue, amounting to $575 million, came from the US. In Europe, the Q3 2022 revenue equalled $86 million. And around the rest of the world, Pinterest’s revenue for that period amounts to $24 million. For all three regions, it is a slight increase in revenue compared to Q2 of 2022.

30. Pinterest reported a profit for the first time in 2021.

Pinterest’s net income in 2021 was $316 million. This was the first year Pinterest reported a profit. In contrast, its net loss in 2020 was $128 million.

Pinterest reported profit

31. Pinterest spent $254 million on R&D in Q3 2022.

This figure continues the trend of Pinterest increasingly investing in Research and Development over the years. The spending has increased from Q3 of 2021 when it spent almost $186 million on R&D. Overall, the company spent over $708 million on R&D in 2021 – an increase from the previous year’s spending of $606 million.

32. Bloggers Joy Cho and Poppytalk are the highest-earning Pinterest influencers in 2022.

American lifestyle influencer Joy Deangdeelert Cho has over 15 million followers and was earning $7,000 per post in 2022. And Canadian designer Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk, with 10.5 million followers, made $4,819 per post in 2022.

33. Lifestyle bloggers earn the most on Pinterest.

The influencers in that niche made up 35.3% of top-earning Pinterest accounts. Art and design influencers are a close second, with 23.5%.

34. All top 10 Pinterest earners in 2022 are women.

The highest Pinterest earners are all women. Eight of them are based in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Sweden. They are predominantly in the lifestyle niche.

Pinterest Brands & Marketing Stats, Facts & Trends

35. Pinterest trends take off 20% faster than trends on other websites.

Pinterest trends take off faster in their first six months and sustain 21% longer monthly growth than trends across other platforms. Moreover, 80% of predictions in the Pinterest trend reports have come true in the last three years.

36. ⅔ of Pinterest pins are from business websites.

Over 60% of Pinterest pins are created by brands. Among those pins, the ones showcasing a product in action are 67% more likely to drive sales.

37. 80% of active Pinterest users in the US have discovered a new brand via the platform.

The majority of US Pinterest users have found a new brand or product thanks to the social network. The same is true for 46% of UK-based Pinterest users.

38. Pinterest is 2.3 times more cost-efficient at converting than other platforms.

Pinterest is 2.3 times more cost-efficient per conversion than social media ads. Also, marketing on Pinterest gives returns that are two times higher than those from other social media platforms.

Pinterest is cost-efficient

39. Pinterest shoppers are 40% more likely to say that they love shopping.

People who shop on Pinterest come to it for inspiration and feel positive about it. They are 40% more likely to say they love shopping and 75% more likely to say that they are “always shopping.” Additionally, their shopping baskets are 30% fuller than those of shoppers on other platforms, and their monthly spending is twice as high.

40. Pinterest Gen Z users are 15% more likely to buy a brand-new product.

Pinterest users, especially Gen Z, are 15% more likely to purchase a product within a week of its launch. And they are 16% more likely to respond to video ads than other generations.

41. Pins with AR features like “Try-On” are 5 times more likely to convert.

Pinterest’s Lipstick Try-On, Eyeshadow Try-On, and Try-On for Home Decor are popular augmented reality platforms among businesses. According to the platform, users are 5 times more likely to buy a product if they can try it on via AR.

42. IKEA and Samsung Home are among the top Pinterest brands.

The two brands successfully utilize Pinterest for interactive marketing by creating quizzes and tailoring their boards to the favorite searches of their target audience. In the cases of both brands, those searches are mostly related to home inspiration. Other top brands on Pinterest include La Mer, Michaels, and Primally Pure.

Expected Pinterest Stats & Trends

43. Pinterest is expected to generate over $4 billion in ad revenue by 2026.

By 2026, Pinterest’s ad revenue is predicted to be $4.13 billion. That is almost double what it was in 2022 ($2.5 billion) and several times higher than the $470 million generated in 2017.

Pinterest Ad Revenue

44. Pinterest’s predicted 2023 trends include puppy pool parties, burnt orange weddings, and dual-toned hair.

In the past three years, 8 out of 10 “Pinterest Predicts” statements came true, such as 2022’s “nailscapes” and “rebel cuts.” The 2023 predictions include weddings in rusty color schemes, pool parties for dogs, “Gemini hair,” baked bouquets, and rave culture.

Conclusion: How Big is Pinterest?

Despite only being the world’s 14th most popular social network, Pinterest statistics tell us that users are more likely to enjoy shopping than those who don’t use Pinterest.

For that reason, don’t forget Pinterest when planning your marketing strategy, and keep in mind that a lot of your audience might be on there!

And make sure to check our other social network statistics round-ups for YouTube and Twitter!

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