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3 Best VPNs For Chromebook You Should Use

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VPNs are everywhere these days, but do you really need one as a Chromebook user? In short – yes.

So, you bought a Chromebook or are planning to buy one because it’s inexpensive – and know that they have some great security features.

But did you know that those security features mainly focus on protecting the internal system and make your internet connection a sitting duck for network-based attacks?

A VPN for Chromebook is the best way to stay on top of your online security. Testing many VPNs, I have come up with the three best options that will ensure your Chromebook is protected while still running at maximum speed.

The Best VPNs for Chromebook – Summary

If you’re in a rush, here are the three best VPNs for Chromebook:

  1. ExpressVPN – the best all-round VPN for Chromebook due to fast speeds and reliable connections.
  2. NordVPN – Excellent security features and a Chrome OS optimized app.
  3. Surfshark – Affordable plans are available with unlimited simultaneous connections.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has always managed to serve customers with premium features.

But the reason we list it among the best VPNs for Chromebook is its exclusive support for this device.

Unlike most others, ExpressVPN offers a VPN app for Chromebook as well.

It means you can quickly set up this VPN on your device without worrying about any compatibility issues.

ExpressVPN's Chromebook app

Plus, they also offer a secure browser extension for the Google Chrome browser. In this way, the VPN succeeds in encrypting your entire browsing session.

As for the performance, ExpressVPN works great for video streaming and bypassing content censorship.

With over 3000 servers in 160 locations across 94 countries, it can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and more regardless of your existing location.

Likewise, if you mainly use your Chromebook for sharing large files over the internet, then again, ExpressVPN ensures fast and secure file sharing.

Top Features:

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Split tunneling
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • 24/7 customer support via email, tickets, and live chat

Why I Recommend:

ExpressVPN is a comprehensive privacy solution for Chromebook users.

Besides compatibility, its no-logs policy, censorship bypass, support for gaming and video streaming, and terrific encryption are the things that make this VPN highly recommended.



2. NordVPN

The next in our review is NordVPN – the largest VPN network in the world with around 5400 servers in 59 countries.

This huge range of servers is especially useful for video streaming. Users can also access the content uniquely available to the United States and Europe from any part of the world.

Precisely, it has 1922 servers in the US only, out of the 2449 servers in the Americas.

Hence, for bypassing content censorship outside the US, NordVPN is the right choice.

NordVPN is a very reliable provider

Similarly, NordVPN also facilitates Chromebook users for other activities that require anonymity, such as torrenting.

The service offers blazing fast speed even for such data-consuming jobs.

Though, NordVPN does not offer any ChromeOS app.

Yet, it offers an Android app that works equally well on Chromebooks.

Besides, the dedicated browser extension for Google Chrome further keeps your browsing session safe from intruders.

Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN also offers AES-256 military-grade encryption to protect your data.Yet, you can jazz-up this security by using its ‘double VPN’ feature that masks your IP address twice while managing the web traffic.

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Top Features:

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Double VPN
  • P2P file sharing
  • Kill Switch
  • No log policy
  • Malware and adware control
  • 6 simultaneous connection
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email

How to Install NordVPN on Chromebook?

Why I Recommend:

NordVPN offers great security for most online activities without compromising speed.

Hence, for Chromebook users looking for superior privacy features like Double VPN or TOR support, NordVPN is the right choice.



3. Surfshark

Surshark is a relatively newer player in the VPN industry.

Yet, within a short time, it has managed to get listed among the best VPNs, thanks to its premium features.

The VPN provider offers a neat Android OS app that you can install on your Chromebook. When coupled with its Chrome browser extension, rest assured that Surfshark has maintained your anonymity online.

This Android app has all features that you expect from other high-end VPNs. For instance, it offers Kill Switch, Whitelister – to let you use some apps outside of the VPN tunnel, such as your banking app, NoBorders mode – supporting VPN use even in restricted regions, and MultiHop – a feature similar to NordVPN’s ‘Double VPN’.

Is Surfshark reliable provider for torrenting?

Another exciting feature of Surfshark is its exclusive Camouflage Mode that prevents VPN detection. Briefly, this feature masks the VPN data packets making them look similar to the regular traffic.

Thus, the ISPs, governments, and other surveillance authorities can never detect a VPN. This feature protects your Chromebook even in repressive regions like China.

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The only downside of Surfshark, as of now, is its limited server range. It presently offers roughly 1700 servers in 63 countries – a smaller network as compared to ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Yet, considering its cheapest pricing plans and unlimited device connections, its server range doesn’t seem an issue.

Top Features:

  • No data logging
  • Robust AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Blocks ads and malware
  • MultiHo
  • Camouflage Mode
  • NoBorders Mode
  • Private DNS
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email



Why I Recommend:

Surfshark’s cheapest pricing plans, Camouflage Mode, and MultiHop are the features that every Chromebook user needs for secure online sessions.

Is Your Chromebook Vulnerable?

Although internal Chromebook security is pretty tight, when you connect to the internet, it’s a whole different story. The problem is that most of your Chromebook apps need an internet connection to function. Using the internet without a VPN is a risk you don’t want to take today.

Recently, phishing attacks have risen by as much as 667%, and if you use public WiFi, you’re opening yourself up to those types of threats.

Data and privacy leaks like man-in-the-middle attacks can even occur in your home. This means sensitive information like credit card details and passwords are up for grabs unless they’re encrypted.

Premium VPNs use top-notch encryption and reroute your online data through to another server. Even if a hacker intercepts your data – which isn’t likely with a VPN – your information would be scrambled thanks to encryption.

You can also access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

How to Install and Use a VPN on Chromebook?

  1. Subscribe to your chosen VPN – I recommend ExpressVPN as it is the fastest and most reliable available.
  2. Download and install ExpressVPNs Chrome extension from the Play Store.
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. Connect to the desired location.
  5. Start browsing.

Should I Use a Free VPN for Chromebook?

Avoid free VPNs at all costs. Free VPNs for Chromebook might seem appealing, but many come with malware, and as many as 72% use third-party trackers – something a VPN is supposed to protect you from. 

Free VPNs are also slower, bombard you with ads, and are not advanced enough to unblock streaming websites like Netflix. It is safe to say you would be better off not using a VPN at all than using a free VPN – that’s how dangerous they can be.


The best VPN for Chromebook needs to be fast and reliable, offering you foolproof protection for any online activity.

Other than that, it needs to be simple to use and provide you assistance when you need it. An excellent VPN for Chromebook will also get your favorite shows unblocked, regardless of where you live.

In my experience, ExpressVPN offers top-notch speeds, excellent security protocols, and the ability to get around geo-blocks like no other. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out before you commit.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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