How to Set Up and Use Private Internet Access in Canada?

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Setting up Private Internet Access in Canada for your PC, mobile devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other units can be done in a few simple steps.

You must get a PIA account, install a suitable app on supported devices, and sign in to access port forwarding in Canada, unblock foreign streaming sites, and protect your internet traffic on public WiFi networks.

Keep reading for stepwise guides to using PIA in Canada without leaving your Canadian bacon and maple syrup combo to get cold!

How to Setup Private Internet Access to Use in Canada? (Stepwise Guides)

Private Internet Access has native apps for PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS) devices. The VPN service provider also offers browser extensions, router support, and SmartDNS for Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

How to Setup PIA for Canada on PC?

Here’s how to set up PIA for a Windows PC in Canada:

  1. Select the best Private Internet Access deal and create your account.
  2. Get PIA for your PC by downloading it on PIA’s download page.
pia app for windows pc
  1. Log into the app with your account details once installed.
  2. Click the big power button to connect to the nearest server automatically. It should assign you a Canadian server since you’re in the country.
  1. Click the arrow to see the complete list of PIA’s servers. PIA shows the ping for each one.
  1. Once connected, start browsing safely while maintaining anonymity online from Canadian ISPs like Telus, Bell, and Shaw.

How to Setup PIA for Canada on Mobile?

Follow these steps to set up PIA for an Android phone in Canada:

  1. Get a Private Internet Access plan. If you got one for PC, you can use the same details for your mobile device or other devices.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store (or your device’s mobile store) to download Private Internet Access. You’ll need to log in once it’s installed.
  3. Click “CURRENT REGION” to select a server location.
  1. Search for a preferred server to connect to. I’ll search for Canada in this example.
  1. Tap the server to connect.

What’s the Best PIA Server for Canada?

The best Canadian server will depend on your location and what you need the PIA VPN for at the point of connection. For example, you should connect to the lowest ping server for the best gaming experience from anywhere or to simply browse the encrypted web.

private internet access server pings

I conducted a speed test for Private Internet Access to further test this.

First, I checked my base speed, which was 475.47Mbps.

internet base speed test

Connected to the nearest Canadian server (Montreal), I averaged 124.19Mbps.

Although this showed a vast speed reduction, my current location was far from the server. Being closer will get you better speeds:

pia montreal server speed test

I also tested my speeds on the Toronto server and got 124.47Mbps, which was barely a difference since they were so close:

pia toronto server speed test

Alternatively, connect to a server location where geo-blocked content is available to access such content. For instance, PIA’s US servers will unblock the US-exclusive CNN, while its Hong Kong servers are preferred for Bilibili.

Does PIA Offer Port Forwarding on Its Canada Server?

PIA does have port forwarding on all four of its Canadian servers.

However, each connection is randomly assigned a port number, so you won’t have a dedicated port to use when connecting to these servers.

How to Set up Port Forwarding on a Canadian Server?

If you want to set up port forwarding on PIA’s Canadian server, here are some simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” dashboard on your PIA app.
  1. Click “Network,” then check “Request Port Forwarding.”
pia request port forwarding
  1. Return to the VPN page and connect to a server. Your port number will appear under your generated Canadian IP.
pia port number
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Setup Private Internet Access in Canada Now

PIA is simple to set up for Canadian users and has native apps for PC and mobile devices.

Likewise, the VPN ensures you can connect and get access to local sports networks like BeIN Sports, stay protected on WiFi networks while grabbing a coffee at Cafe Myriade in Montreal, or port forward your new Canadian IP for gaming.

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