Does IPVanish Work in South Africa? (With Alternatives)

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IPVanish works on PCs, smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart TVs in South Africa. The VPN ensures online privacy, reliable internet security, robust content-unblocking support, and DDoS protection while gaming under the VPN’s influence.

You’ll need to connect to a preferred server to access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix libraries, etc., without WebAfrica, MTN, Afrihost, or other ISPs throttling your streaming speeds.

While IPVanish doesn’t have smart TV and gaming console apps, you can use the alternative setups below to get it working on these devices in SA.

How to Use IPVanish on Mobile & PC in South Africa?

You can use IPVanish to anonymously unblock international streaming platforms over your PC and smartphone in South Africa.

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a preferred IPVanish subscription plan. Use these special IPVanish deals for savings!
  1. Download the IPVanish mobile (go to your app store) or PC (check the provider’s website) app.
download ipvanish app
  1. Launch the IPVanish app, then enter your account “Email / Username” and “Password” to log in. I’m using the Windows PC app for this demo.
ipvanish log in
  1. Click the settings/gear icon on the side menu, then select “Connection” to enable the “Kill Switch.” This prevents MTN, Vodacom, Cool Ideas, and Wi-Fi network admins from seeing your IP or internet activities if the IPVanish VPN connection drops abruptly.
ipvanish kill switch enabled
  1. Select “Protocol” next to “Connection.” I prefer WireGuard for its stability and speed to seamlessly watch House of Zwide on E.tv, Skeem Saam on SABC 1, or your favorite SA movie/show.
ipvanish wireguard protocol
  1. Click the location icon on the side menu, then click “Connect.” This connects you to the fastest available IPVanish server.
ipvanish connect button
  1. Alternatively, type the country where you want a server in the IPVanish search bar. For instance, I chose the US-Las Vegas server to unblock Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, NCIS, and other thrilling Netflix US drama/movie series.
ipvanish us server servers
  1. Test for DNS/IP leak to confirm you’re surfing the web over an IPVanish-assigned IP address as connected in steps 8 or 9 above.
ipvanish ip leak test results on us server
  1. Start unblocking your favorite international and local streaming services in South Africa in HD and 4K quality without Afrihost, Telkom SA, or your ISP limiting your streaming bandwidth/speed.
streaming ncis with ipvanish on las vegas server

How to Use IPVanish on Smart TVs & Gaming Consoles in South Africa?

IPVanish doesn’t have apps for smart TVs and gaming consoles. Even so, you can set up the VPN in South Africa on these units using your home router, PC hotspot, or Amazon FireStick.

Here’s how to navigate each method.

#Method 1: Home Router

A home router can supply the IPVanish VPN connection to your smart TVs and gaming consoles in SA.

However, this works only on VPN-compatible routers. So, check if your home router supports VPNs, as seen below.

Or, you can install VPN-compatible firmware on your router, but do this with caution since it can damage the router. I’ve got the video below to guide you, though!

Thereafter, with a VPN-compatible router, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Purchase an IPVanish plan. Grab my IPVanish offers to cut costs!
  2. Log in to your router to install and set up IPVanish. This can be done differently based on whether your router runs DD-WRT, ASUS-WRT, or ASUS-WRT Merlin firmware.
  3. Once done setting up, connect your gaming console or smart TV to the router’s Wi-Fi network.
  4. Stream your favorite shows/movies/news on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc., and play games on your console without rubberbanding.

#Method 2: Virtual Wi-Fi Router on PC

Not all routers support VPNs. So, you can create a virtual Wi-Fi VPN router with a PC to enjoy IPVanish on your smart TV or gaming consoles in South Africa.

Here’s how to set that up:

  1. Grab your preferred IPVanish subscription with these hot deals.
  2. Download and install IPVanish on your PC from the VPN’s official website.
ipvanish compatible with windows and mac
  1. Launch the IPVanish VPN app and log in with your account “Email / Username” and “Password.”
ipvanish log in on pc
  1. Choose “OpenVPN” as it’s most stable and reliable for routing VPN connections. Go through Settings > Protocol > OpenVPN.
selecting openvpn protocol on ipvanish
  1. Connect to a preferred IPVanish VPN server based on your target content. For instance, get the US server to unblock Netflix US/HBO or the UK server to unblock BBC iPlayer/Sky Sports.
searching us server on ipvanish
  1. Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot network on your PC. The video below should help you get the hang of it!
  1. Launch your smart TV or gaming console, then connect to the created PC Wi-Fi hotspot.
  2. Start streaming CTV, eNCA, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or your favorite channels on your smart TV without restrictions. You can also unblock and play popular game titles like FFXIV, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc., lag-free on your PlayStation/Xbox.

#Method 3: Firestick

The IPVanish Amazon FireStick VPN app can also help access VPN services on smart TVs in South Africa.

Here’s how:

  1. Not yet an IPVanish subscriber? Grab your VPN account using my IPVanish discounts!
  2. Set up FireStick on your gaming console or smart TV. The video below is helpful.
  1. Download and install IPVanish on the Amazon FireStick. Watch the video below if you need help.
  1. Connect to a preferred IPVanish server that unblocks your target content. For example, the France server for France TV, the Netherlands server for NRK, the Australia server for ABC iView, or the US server for Netflix US/Disney+.
  2. Enjoy HD and 4K streams on your smart TV and secure gaming experience on consoles without buffers.

How to Get a South Africa IP Address With IPVanish?

IPVanish boasts 2000+ servers in 75+ locations, including two servers in South Africa (Johannesburg).

You can connect to either server to watch Skeem Saam, Scandal, and other South African soapies in HD abroad or encrypt your connection over unsafe Wi-Fi networks here in SA.

Here’s how to get the IP address:

  1. Get an IPVanish account with these sweet offers!
  2. Download and set up the IPvanish VPN app on your PC or smartphone. Check steps 2-7 in the PCs & mobiles setup guide for tips.
  3. Connect to the IPVanish South Africa server.
searching south africa server on ipvanish
  1. Conduct an IP/DNS leak test to ensure you’re connected to a VPN-assigned South African IP address.
ipvanish ip leak test results on south africa server
  1. That’s it! Use your newly assigned South African IP to unblock E.tv, Soweto TV, SABC 3, Netflix SA, and other favorite local content while enjoying lightning-fast speeds with zero lags.

IPVanish Limitations in South Africa + Alternatives

IPVanish is a reliable South Africa VPN, able to bypass censorships and geo-restrictions while evading ISP and network admin speed throttling.

However, the VPN provider lacks Smart DNS, port forwarding, and dedicated IPs.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS helps access the geo-restricted content on your VPN-incompatible devices, such as smart TVs and gaming consoles. Plus, the Smart DNS service has no encryption, meaning you get top-notch media streaming speeds.

Therefore, it’s unfortunate that IPVanish lacks Smart DNS. But don’t worry! 

NordVPN offers Smart DNS to supplement its router, PC hotspot, and Amazon FireStick setups. The NordVPN Smart DNS is a free add-on to your subscription, so there are no extra costs for it.

Grab my NordVPN discounts to test its Smart DNS in South Africa for 30 days risk-free!

Dedicated IPs

IPVanish doesn’t have dedicated IP addresses, which you could have used to ease online bank transactions without raising red flags, avoid IP blocklisting, and reduce CAPTCHA annoying checks.

Thankfully, NordVPN also offers dedicated IPs to use on iOS, Windows, Linux macOS, and Android devices.

Port Forwarding

You can use port forwarding to host online game mini-matches while maintaining maximum security or improving connection speeds for smooth and flawless torrenting, especially when seeding.

However, IPVanish lacks port forwarding, but PrivateVPN fills that gap.

The VPN offers static port forwarding (over regular servers) and dynamic port forwarding (over dedicated IPs), but the latter is preferred due to its solid security!

Follow the port forwarding guide below to enable it via PrivateVPN.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

IPVanish’s SOCKS5 proxy works in South Africa, and the VPN has a SOCKS5 server in the country. Therefore, you can enjoy lag-free torrenting with the South Africa SOCKS5 proxy.

Unveil IPVanish Potential in South Africa

IPVanish’s 2000+ VPN servers in 75+ locations spoil you with options to unblock Disney Plus, ABC iView, Netflix libraries, and other international streaming services.

Furthermore, the VPN offers two servers in Johannesburg-South Africa for unblocking E.tv, SABC, Soweto TV, and other South African local content channels at home or abroad.

So, grab my IPVanish discount to enjoy these VPN offerings in South Africa risk-free for 30 days!

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