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Does NordPass Offer a Free Trial?

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NordPass offers a 30-day free trial that gives access to all premium features, allowing you to test the app while deciding its compatibility with your existing workflow. The 30-day free trial is also enough time to determine whether a premium subscription is worth your money.

So, how do you get the free trial, and what does it include?

How to Get NordPass 30-Day Free Trial?

The NordPass 30-day Premium trial is available on mobile and desktop to new users.

Here’s how to get your NordPass free trial. The process is similar across devices, but I’ll use Windows PC for this illustration.

  1. Download the NordPass desktop app for Windows PC.
  2. Launch the NordPass App and “Create Account” with your email and password.
  1. Create a “Master Password” for your NordPass vault.
  1. Click “Passwords” to add passwords or import passwords into your NordPass app.
nordpass passwords

How to Use the NordPass Browser Extension?

You should activate NordPass’ browser extension to enjoy the Autofill and Autosave features. Here’s how:

  1. Open your NordPass Windows PC Desktop App.
  2. Click the “Settings” icon and scroll down to “Autofill and Autosave.”
nordpass settings
  1. Click “Add NordPass browser extension” to your preferred browsers.
nordpass browser extension

What Does NordPass Free Trial Include?

The NordPass free trial offers all the premium features contained in the app.

These include:

Password Security Alert

The NordPass Premium free trial helps you identify weak, old, or reused passwords to keep your online experience secure.

Data Breach Scanner

NordPass scans and alerts you to data leaks or breaches where your sensitive information (password) has appeared. This feature significantly reduces your online vulnerability and protects you against hacking. 

For example, you can immediately change affected passwords upon a data breach alert.

Secure Password Sharing

NordPass Free Trial lets you securely share passwords with authorized and trusted persons across your network.

Multi-Device Login

NordPass free trial supports up to six devices simultaneously, ensuring a seamless integration of password security across all actively logged-in devices.

Emergency Access

The NordPass free trial includes an emergency access feature that lets you manage authorized people’s access to your passwords in an emergency. 

With this, you can revoke access to stolen devices and protect your online assets.

How to Cancel NordPass Free Trial?

You can cancel your NordPass free trial by not renewing the premium features at the end of your 30-day trial period.

However, if you wish to delete your NordPass account, you can do it on your iOS mobile app or contact customer support for help.

Here’s how to delete your NordPass Account on the iOS App:

  1. Download NordPass iOS App from the App Store.
  2. Log into your account and enter the Master Password.
  3. Tap the “Menu” option in the bottom right corner.
  1. Tap “Settings.”
  1. Scroll down and tap “Delete Account.”
  1. Tap on “Submit Delete Request.”
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NordPass is free with NordVPN if you already have the NordVPN Plus or Complete Plan.

Both cost-saving bundled plans offer NordPass as an add-on at a fraction of the cost of individual subscriptions. Read about NordVPN bundled pricing here.

You can access your saved passwords and items at the end of your NordPass premium free trial. However, your account will transition to the NordPass Free Plan at the end of the premium trial period. 

So, you’ll lose access to features like multi-device login, data breach alert, and emergency access.

Protect Your Passwords Across Multiple Devices

The NordPass 30-day premium trial is the least expensive way to test the app’s premium features across multiple devices.

But before purchasing a premium plan, don’t forget our Nord bundled discount offer with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Nordpass Risk-Free!

Don’t let weak passwords compromise your online security. Sign up for Nordpass now and safeguard your accounts with ease!

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