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Does CyberGhost VPN Work With YouTube TV?

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CyberGhost works with YouTube TV on all its 11 US locations.

Besides these fast US servers for seamless watching, the VPN has YouTube TV streaming-optimized servers for instant unblocking.

Plus, CyberGhost supports seven simultaneous connections, which is enough for YouTube TV’s basic plan of three connections.

Keep reading to learn how to set up CyberGhost for YouTube TV on your preferred device.

How to Watch YouTube TV With CyberGhost on PC and Mobile?

Though I’m using Windows for this setup, the steps for watching YouTube TV with CyberGhost are similar for other PCs and mobile devices.

Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost with these top offers.
  2. Install and log into the CyberGhost app.
  3. Click the ghost icon followed by “Privacy settings” and activate the “Automatic Kill-Switch.” This avoids relaunching YouTube TV to clear the geo-restriction error if your real IP gets exposed during connection drops.
cyberghost automatic kill switch
  1. Afterward, click “For Streaming,” search for “YouTubeTV,” and double-click the result to connect to the fastest YouTube TV server.
cyberghost youtube tv server
  1. Alternatively, search and double-click your preferred USA location to change your home area and access local YouTube TV content.
  2. Once connected, open YouTube TV and unblock Fox Sports, ESPN, CNBC, ABC, and CBS, among other channels.
streaming youtube tv with cyberghost miami server

CyberGhost helped me change my YouTubeTV home area from Los Angeles to Miami. Hence, I unlocked the Dolphins’ game to see them triple-crush the Commanders 45-15 without purchasing the NFL ticket.

How to Watch YouTube TV With CyberGhost on Smart TVs & Game Consoles?

The provider lacks smart TV and gaming console apps, except for Android TV, whose setup is similar to PC and mobile setups (above).

So, to watch YouTube TV with CyberGhost on other smart TVs or gaming consoles:

  • Use SmartDNS
  • Configure it with your router (guide)
  • Connect to a PC hotspot (guide)
  • Use Amazon FireStick for TVs (guide)

My preferred method is SmartDNS, as you can stream ABC News, YouTube Originals & movies, TNT, Adult Swim, and more on your smart TVs and consoles without as many compatibility issues.

So, become a Ghostie (cut expenses with these great deals) and follow these steps:

  1. Log into CyberGhost web.
  2. Click “Smart DNS.”
cyberghost smart dns tab
  1. Copy a USA DNS address for your streaming device.
  2. Change your console’s or TV’s DNS addresses to the copied one.
    1. Here’s a video to change your smart TV’s addresses.
    1. Use this video to configure CyberGhost’s addresses on PlayStation.
    1. Use this video to activate CyberGhost’s Smart DNS on Xbox.
  1. Once done, open YouTube TV and stream HBO’s Euphoria, Football Night in America, TBS’ America Dad, etc.
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If both apps are updated, and you’re connected to a US server, CyberGhost likely isn’t working with YouTube TV due to GPS data clashing with your VPN location

Also, browser cache, cookies, and IP leaks can expose your location or you’re using a blocked CyberGhost server.

So, turn off location services, clear browser cookies\cache, do an IP leak test, and/or switch CyberGhost servers to unblock YouTube TV.

Enjoy YouTube TV With CyberGhost Worldwide

With 1400+ USA servers, including YouTube TV-optimized options, CyberGhost simultaneously unlocks numerous channels like AMC, BBC, Bravo, and BET without issues.

And if three devices are inadequate, you can set up CyberGhost on your router for unlimited YouTube TV connections with the 4K Plus add-on.

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