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Does PrivateVPN Work With Instagram?

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PrivateVPN works with Instagram and has servers in 63 countries, including 12 in the US, 2 in India, and all nations offering Instagram Music.

So, you can easily get exposure for your photos, reels, and videos worldwide.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN offers StealthVPN for users in countries with social media bans, like China. StealthVPN encrypts and obfuscates your Instagram traffic without exposing your VPN use.

Keep reading to set up PrivateVPN for Instagram in minutes!

How to Access Instagram With PrivateVPN?

The setup is the same for PC and mobile devices. So, follow these steps to access Instagram with PrivateVPN:

  1. Subscribe to PrivateVPN. Here’s an exclusive deal to save BIG.
  2. Download the PrivateVPN app, launch it, and log in.
  3. Go to “Connection Guard” and toggle the kill switch to prevent IP/DNS leaks if the connection drops.
privatevpn connection guard options
  1. Optional: Turn on StealthVPN for enhanced protection against the Great Firewall of China and similar technologies prohibiting Instagram access.
privatevpn stealth vpn enabled
  1. Connect to a suitable server in an Instagram-friendly location, like the UK.
privatevpn ipleak test on uk server
  1. Test for leaks (ipleak.net).
  2. Log into Instagram and catch up on the latest posts.
access instagram with privatevpn

Do PrivateVPN's Dedicated IPs Work With Instagram?

PrivateVPN’s dedicated IPs work with Instagram.

In fact, all PrivateVPN dedicated IP locations work with Instagram and offer infinite unused IPs, guaranteeing top performance since you’re the only one using the server(s).

I enjoyed browsing international reels while visiting Shanghai, thanks to PrivateVPN’s dedicated IPs in London.

unblock instagram with privatevpn

Plus, there’s no worry about Instagram IP bans: PrivateVPN’s dynamic, dedicated IPs ensure you find a working server instantly, as it’s harder for entities to trace traffic to your device. A potential downside is that you’ll never connect to the same Dedicated IP twice.

What's the Best PrivateVPN Server for Instagram?

The best PrivateVPN server for Instagram is the fastest OpenVPN (TUN + UDP + 1194) server. Also, locations with a lower ping typically perform better.

privatevpn south africa server

For instance, I had the fastest connection while connected to a South African server with 91 ms (via the PrivateVPN app) and 86 ms upon testing it with speedtest.net. 

This was also the closest server to my location.

Here’s my speed with a Johannesburg IP address:

privatevpn speed test on johannesburg server

And here’s my speed without a VPN:

internet base speed

Thanks to the minimal speed loss, I enjoyed streaming Meghan Trainor and Chris Olsen’s hilarious skits and dances on my feed without stops.

However, connect to a supported server for region-specific exposure, unrestricted access, and features like specialized events, localized stickers, or filters.

For instance, I tagged Littlemisscafe (a friend’s joint) with a Los Angeles server to help boost their reach.

Furthermore, some PrivateVPN servers can access Instagram but offer limited features. So, consider the following when selecting a server:

  • Connect to a Canadian, USA, Auckland, UK, New Zealand, Berlin, Paris, Australian, or Frankfurt server to access Instagram Music.
  • There’s an Instagram news ban in Canada, so connect to an alternate location if you can’t give up such updates.
  • Refrain from France servers if you want to use Instagram recreationally.
  • Norway IP addresses don’t support personalized ads (a temporary three-month ban, starting August 2023).
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Get Your Reels Rolling With PrivateVPN

Besides PrivateVPN’s 200+ servers in 60+ countries, you can connect to its infinite dedicated IP addresses in 16 locations to access Instagram.

Plus, it’s one of the fastest VPNs for Instagram, letting you browse through tons of Reels with maximum video quality. 

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