Best VPNs for Hotstar

Picture the scene: it’s been a tough day at work, and you just want to kick back and relax with a beer and the latest Kabaddi match to take your mind off your woes.

You settle in, switch on your laptop…and realize that Hotstar is inaccessible from your current location.

Chances are we all understand the frustration here, and have found ourselves in a similar situation in the past.

Rather than let blocks ruin your day, we have brought you the best solution: the top VPN for Hotstar, which allows you to bypass restrictions and enjoy access to your favorite show, no matter where in the world you are!

What Is the Best VPN for Hotstar?

So now that you have a better understanding of the pros and cons of VPN’s, which is the best match for your needs?

Read on for the top 5 picks…

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the better-known options and names when it comes to the world of VPN’s, and they have a particularly strong reputation for being amongst the best at unblocking Netflix and other streaming services for customers across the globe.

The P2P optimized servers ensure that you can enjoy a smooth and speedy service, and the company is registered in Panama – this allows for increased privacy and security, so if you are super keen to keep your online excursions under wraps, this is the perfect choice for you.

Users can also benefit from a host of extras, including a useful kill switch to cut your connection at a moment’s notice, and DNS leak protection to ensure that your identity is safe and concealed online.

Security is also enhanced by the Onion support and double data protection, while the inclusion of protection from NordVPN’s CyberSec technology helps to reduce the risk of malware, phishing and ads is also a bonus.

The main issues here are around usability and interface; compared to the other VPN’s in our list, the interface is a little hard to access and could be awkward for those used to a more sleek and streamlined system.



2. ExpressVPN

Speed is one of the keywords often associated with ExpressVPN and is one of the major areas which helps it to stand out from its rivals.

Based on the British Virgin Islands, they offer over 3000 servers, and these are distributed between 94 countries, across 160 separate cities in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

This gives it a far more extensive reach than other VPN options and makes it a perfect choice for those who may not have been able to access the service previously.

As well as super accessibility, ExpressVPN also widens its appeal through offering support for many platforms, including Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, Chromebooks, Fire TV, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, and PlayStation. This means that they are one of the most flexible options on the VPN market and significantly increases their appeal.

With 24/7 customer support, a clear privacy policy, and access to ExpressVPN DNS servers, this is a top-quality product that ensures top-quality, high-end encryption.

Customers will also have the option to make the most of a split-tunneling system; this allows you to decide and control which apps can use the VPN, and this means you are always enjoying the best possible speed.



3. Surfshark

As the new kids on the block, Surfshark is still relatively unknown compared to some of the big names on the market.

They have more than made up for a lost time, however, and have built up an impressive network of over 800 servers across 50 countries. Even better, they are based in the British Virgin Islands, and this helps to ensure total anonymity for customers and users – exactly what you want from a trusted VPN!

This geographical location, combined with a dedication to protecting the privacy of users at every level, means that SurfShark has already established a strong reputation for excellence within the world of the top VPN’s.

Accessibility is also essential, and Surfshark help to ensure this by making their product suitable for a wide range of devices, including Linux, Mac, Windows, smart TV’s and routers, as well as browsers including Firefox and Chrome.

Customers can also benefit from the ability to connect to several simultaneously, helping you get the maximum for your money.

The price of SurfShark is another major benefit; compared to other providers, it is affordable and accessible to a wide range of budgets, especially if customers skip the monthly plan and head for an annual or three-year deal.



4. CyberGhost

As one of the older companies on the market, CyberGhost has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer their clients and customers, and this includes access to a whole host of benefits and extras.

With over 3700 servers spread across over 55 countries, this is a widespread network that can cater to users on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, offering high-quality protection no matter which platform you prefer.

As well as accessing sites, VPN users are often concerned about threats from tractors, ads, and malicious software. To help counteract this, CyberGhost offers extras that can block these, and this helps you to stay safe online, while an automated HTTPS redirection helps keep your connection tight and secure.

Even better, users can opt in to have their data compressed – this reduces the amount of bandwidth you are using and can be important if you are accessing the network via a mobile, where more data use may incur additional charges.

The main downsides surrounding CyberGhost are all linked to speed; compared to other options, this can be slow and clumsy, and this could be super frustrating for users. Customer service and support are also patchy, and this could be an issue if you are fairly new to using a VPN.



5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN website

PrivateVPN is a prime example of a company that is both small and mighty.

With just 100 servers, they lack the gravitas of some larger names but offer a secure, speedy service that focuses on helping you surf the net to your heart’s content while protecting your privacy at every step.

One of the major bonuses of the site is their commitment to a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results, and this helps to inspire confidence; if you are not totally at ease, there are zero risks involved.

They are also part of our top five thanks to their ability to carry out that most revered of tasks: the unlocking of Netflix. This is proof that despite their smaller set-up, there are no restrictions on the power and possibility.

PrivateVPN also promises a no-logging approach, allowing you to browse in peace and security, with no fear of your movements being tracked by the VPN.

Users can access 6 connections simultaneously, and the option for unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds helps to put PrivateVPN firmly amongst the top spots.



What Is a VPN?

Before we get into a discussion about the best options for accessing Hotstar, it is important to understand exactly what a VPN is, how it works, and how it can help you.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a way for users to create a secure network to another network online, separate from your typical internet network.

Your device is connected to a server located on the internet, and you then access the internet using that computer’s connection.

This means that as long as the server is located in a country that is accepted by Hotstar, you can bypass any geographical restrictions and access the service.

What Are The Advantages of VPN?

Accessing the internet via a VPN opens up several doors and possibilities for users.

As I mentioned, you can use them to access content that may be restricted to certain geographical locations, such as Hulu, Netflix or other streaming sites.

This is one of the most popular reasons for their use, and can help you get your hands on Hotstar!

Privacy and security are also major factors; if you are using a public Wifi hotspot, your safety and privacy may be compromised by hackers.

Because a VPN redirects your connection, your IP address is hidden from those with nefarious intentions, and this can help to ensure your anonymity – you can browse in the US, with onlookers believing you are in Japan!

Torrenting fans will also value being able to hide their IP to prevent being caught by their service provider.

How Do I Choose a VPN?

Once you have concluded that a VPN is the tool you need, it can be a little overwhelming to pick from the selection available.

Googling the term leads you to a huge variety, and some are far better quality than others – not to mention more trustworthy.

When choosing a VPN, your first consideration should be need – why do you need a private network? Not all VPNs are created equal, and the one which is the best fit for streaming may not be the perfect pick for the security conscious.

If you need to cover the whole household, you will want to pick a router-based VPN, which allows you to connect multiple devices and participants with ease.

Those who want to access movies and TV shows will need unlimited bandwidth, as well as a focus on speed, while travelers and public users will prioritize security.

Make a list of the most important features to you, and this can help you narrow down your choices as you match the offerings of each VPN to your own preferences. If location is a factor, make sure your intended destination is included.

You will also need to check your platform; while most VPNs can be used across a range of devices, some are restricted. This can be an issue if you use a Macbook but a Windows tablet, or an iPhone with a Linux laptop.

Rather than downloading multiple VPNs, see if there is a product that can match your needs across the board.

Unless you are tech-savvy, setting up and getting started with a VPN can be a challenge, so it can be useful to pick an option that takes care of most of the hard work.

A user-friendly platform is an underrated essential, but it can save you time, money, and frustration!

This also applies to the payment plan on offer; make sure the terms are agreeable to you, and that you can afford the outright payment, or monthly installments.

As an aside, we would recommend you purchase your VPN; while freebies may be tempting, they are often far less efficient or effective.

Good customer service is another must – if you hit a snag, you need someone experienced and professional to set you back on your feet.

The Dark Side of Free VPNs for Hotstar

As we mentioned, we would always recommend investing in a paid VPN rather than a free site. The latter may sound too good to be true: largely because they are.

There is a range of risks that come alongside the freebies, and these can seriously negate the financial benefit.

Free VPNs tend to be far less secure, and some may even contain malware themselves. This can often be linked to advertising, which brings in revenue for the VPN – you will find yourself paying out without even realizing it.

Privacy is a major concern; a study showed that on average, 72% of free VPNs had installed some form of third party tracking software, allowing them to follow everything you do online.

This may be used to sell you targeted ads, or the data may be sold to a third party, putting you at risk.

As well as security issues, many users will be frustrated with the technical aspects of free VPNs. Most will restrict the data you can use, in the hope that this will tempt an upgrade to a paid plan.

They also slow your internet to a crawl, disrupting your service, and proving even more frustrating if you have paid out for top-quality broadband!

Your experience is also likely to be blighted with endless ads, and this is super annoying while you are trying to access the service.

Does Hotstar Work With A VPN?

Like many streaming sites, Hotstar have become savvy when it comes to their viewers using VPN’s to access the service from outside the site.

They use top of the line geolocation technology to make sure that any viewers attempting to access the content from outside India are automatically blocked, and this is the reason so many fans are required to find the right VPN.

A VPN allows users to bypass the geo-block, by connecting the device you are using to a remote server, situated in a location of your choice.

This means your IP address is masked, and to Hotstar, it will look as though you are attempting to access the internet from another location.

No matter where you are on the globe, you can watch your favorite shows and sports in comfort.

All you need to do is connect to a high-speed server located somewhere in India, and Hotstar will assume you are watching from within the country, unlocking the full selection for you to enjoy.

Can I Only Use A Desktop?

The best VPN’s will be able to offer access for a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, and those at the top of the pile will allow you to access multiple connections simultaneously.

This allows the whole family to enjoy their favorite content at the same time, with no restrictions!

What Should I Look For?

We have discussed the best features for VPN’s, but there are a few must-haves to check to ensure a top-quality experience.

You need to make sure that your choice includes 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy to ensure your safety and security.

There are other extras which can be a bonus, but these features are your strict non-negotiables.

How To Watch Hotstar Abroad With a VPN?

So now that you have picked the best VPN for your access, just how do you go about enjoying your favorite shows on Hotstar?

Thankfully, the process is smooth, simple, and painless; follow our handy guide below to get started!

Choose your VPN: make sure the speeds are high enough not to interrupt your experience, or delay your streaming.

Connect to a server located in India to help you bypass the geo-blocking.

Head over to the Hotstar site, log in, and start enjoying your favorite shows!


So which of our five picks hits the top spot?

As with anything, it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.

NordVPN is an established name in the industry, and this does give them leverage, but newbies SurfShark also comes with an equally impressive list of skills.

PrivateVPN is a smaller server, but offers plenty of advantages, while ExpressVPN has servers located across the globe.

For this alone, the latter comes as the top of a very prestigious pile.

When it comes to reaching, accessibility, customer support, and overall security, the ExpressVPN ranks super high in every category.

ExpressVPN has the added bonus of offering customers total control; you can pick and choose the apps which are connected thanks to the split tunneling system, and this is the perfect way to tailor the site to your exact preferred requirements while ensuring excellent speed with every use- perfect for streaming, and making this the ideal VPN for accessing Hotstar from anywhere in the world!

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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