Top VPNs for Japan in 2019: For Online Privacy, Streaming & High Speed in 2019

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Imagine you are a British citizen and you are working in Japan because your company assigned you to lead a project there, for six months.

You would be getting the opportunity to get to know an entirely different culture, with unique traditions, gastronomy, and customs, among many other things.

At first, you enjoy the experience and the Japanese way of life.

You start understanding the language and watching some of the most famous TV shows there.

But at some point, you will be bored and miss your favorite British TV shows and programs. You may even want to be home just to watch that series you like.

However, there is no need to do that: with a Virtual Private Network, you could acquire a temporary UK IP address and navigate through sites and channels with no geo-blocking messages in Japan.

That is the great thing about VPN: it can let you connect and enjoy the online streaming content of any type from anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are, you can watch movies, TV shows, series, talk shows, live sports events, play games online, download and listen to music, and play games while acquiring a VPN server of the place of your choosing.

The Leaders

PlaceProviderFeaturesBest PriceDiscount
NordVPN small logoThe Best All-Around VPN$3.49Visit website
The Affordable Alternative$1.99 Visit website
ExpressVPN small logoGreat for High Speeds$6.67 Visit website
CyberGhost VPN small logoPerfect for Streaming$2.75Visit website
IPVanish VPN small logoGreat for Security$6.49Visit website

Enjoy the Japanese TV

You can also acquire a Japanese VPN and be able to relish on the exciting TV shows from Japan.

FUJI TV, TV Tokyo , NHK World (English), TV Asahi – ANN, JR Aizu – Wakamatsu Station Webcam, QVC Japan, NNN News Real-time, Tomioka Station Webcam, WOWOW – WOWOW Prime, FNN (Fuji News Network), NTV – News24, RCC TV, Shonan Beach FM Webcam, Daiwa TV, Oh! Sama TV, Seebit TV, TBS – News I, JAL TV, NC Kyo, SOLiVE24, NHK World Radio Japan, Sankakuyama Hosokyoku, Channel J, Nishiguchi Fukushima Station Webcam, and Nikkei – Videos are just a few of the online channels available if you get a static VPN with a server in Japan.

Also, if you get a Japanese VPN, even a cheap one, you would be gaining access to the world’s biggest database of online games. If you are in the United States, Germany, Brazil, the UK or any other nation, all you have to do is get a reliable VPN service, connect to a Japanese server and enjoy the thousands of titles available in the country. Many of these games are blocked and restricted only to Japanese people, or Japanese IP addresses.

VPNs are online resources that increase your online privacy because they “tunnel” your data to remote servers of your choosing, according to the catalog of available options that your paid VPN has, Japan being a popular one.

There are static IP address and shared IP address to be obtained from your VPN provider. The former helps you with more accessibility, in the sense that you can easily stream online because your VPN will give you a unique IP address that nobody else has. You won’t have to share bandwidth with anybody, thus enabling a speedier download and stream.

An Overview of the VPNs for Japan

You can quickly learn how to get a Japanese VPN, or, a Japanese IP address, which is even more convenient. Many VPN providers like IPVanish, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN, have servers in Japan, and you can connect to them and unblock restricted content no matter where you are.

A VPN from Japan will work on your Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and any other operating system or device.

1. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish website

IPVanish, is arguably the fastest VPN in Japan, giving you the chance to watch Netflix with no lag.

Also, you can access every Netflix region in the catalog by just acquiring an online VPN from Japan, with IPSec, L2TP, SSL, OpenVPN or any other security protocol.

IPVanish has tons of servers around the planet, is perfect for BitTorrent, and has a kill switch so, in the event of a connection loss, you can protect your data.

2. ExpressVPN homepage

On the other hand, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services for Japan, albeit little expensive considering other alternatives. For $12.95 per month (you get discounts if you choose a six-month plan or a yearly plan), you can access sites like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, play online games, and connect to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in a private, secure and anonymous way.

ExpressVPN has speeds of more than 60Mbps; it is straightforward to install and use and offer high performance. These traits, and the fact that you can connect to more than 500 servers in 100 countries, make this choice an excellent one in spite of the high price.f

3. PureVPN website

Another dependable VPN service is PureVPN, which is competing with IPVanish for the title of the fastest VPN in Japan. It has more than 500 servers across 141 nations, with the bonus of being the cheapest of the trio, with monthly payments as low as $3.25.f

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