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5 Best VPNs for Flickr: Unblock and Bypass SafeSearch Restrictions

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NordVPN is the best VPN for Flickr, unblocking access to the photo/video sharing platform from Iran, the UAE, and other countries where it’s inaccessible.

NordVPN can also unblock full access in some countries (like Germany and Singapore), which may not allow users to view photos without SafeSearch.

In countries with stricter Flickr restrictions like China, ExpressVPN is the better VPN for its fast obfuscation. Surfshark, PureVPN, and PrivateVPN are other great picks I tested to unblock Flickr from anywhere.

So, continue with the rest of this piece to learn how to access Flickr with a VPN from anywhere.

Top 3 VPNs for Flickr (May, 2024)

ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN’s fast obfuscation enables Flickr unblocking behind strict firewalls in regions like China without losing speed. Plus, you get US servers in 15 cities that unblock all unique Flickr features.

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nordvpn devices 300x158 1

NordVPN boasts 1970+ US servers to unblock Flickr and its features from anywhere. It also features a ton of European servers to unblock local Flickr versions.

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Surfshark Devices

Get Surfshark to unblock Flickr on unlimited devices without bandwidth throttling. Plus, you get the highest quality images and videos over 600+ VPN servers in the USA or elsewhere.

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Some countries block access to Flickr content for its nudity-facing and obscene images. But that’s not the only reason. In recent times, Flickr has grown big enough to help activists host images and videos of what’s happening in their regions, which the country might want to prevent from getting out.

Likewise, some schools and employers ban access to Flickr over their internet networks.

I understand that this may be done to improve productivity.

But what about “all work and no play?”

Fortunately, you can now balance work with play and get access to Flickr from banned regions with these VPNs.

I tested them for their reliable unblocking ability, speed, and supported servers to unblock Flickr. So, if you’re in a hurry to get to those high-quality Flickr videos and images, check the summary of my top VPNs below.

Try These VPNs to Unblock and Access Flickr Without Restrictions From Anywhere

world map of flickr availability
Some regions where Flickr is blocked or partially available. Courtesy, PureVPN

Say goodbye to Flickr blocks and restrictions with these VPNs.

Also, these VPNs keep you private if you’re uploading files to Flickr anonymously.

Here’s what they offer:

  • NordVPN – Large library of 1970+ USA servers in 25 cities to unblock Flickr from anywhere. If you prefer European versions of Flickr, the VPN provider offers servers to get that, too.
  • ExpressVPN – The best VPN to unblock Flickr in regions like China, thanks to its fast obfuscation. Top-notch encryption also ensures your security when uploading, downloading, or managing your account.
  • Surfshark – Best budget VPN for a larger group of users looking to unblock Flickr with unlimited simultaneous connections. Great for students, employees, travelers, and other groups.
  • PureVPN – Get quantum-resistant US servers that unblock Flickr videos without lag. Like ExpressVPN, it uses fast obfuscation that will come in handy in regions like China.
  • PrivateVPN – Offers dedicated IP addresses in the US to unblock Flickr without triggering captchas or encountering blocked servers. It’s also fast enough to preview Flickr images/watch Flickr videos in HD.

These VPNs for Flickr are reliable at unblocking the service and bypassing restrictions. 

However, they’re unique in how they do this and what extra Flickr unblocking features they offer.

So, let’s discuss how they compare for accessing the video and image hosting website below.

Reviews and Comparisons of the Best VPNs for Flickr

I tested 20+ VPNs for speed, reliable unblocking, supported servers, and privacy towards accessing Flickr safely from anywhere. Of these, five VPN providers came out on top.

Below, I compare these VPN providers to help you make the best selection.

NordVPN – 1970+ US Servers to Access Flickr Without Restrictions

nordvpn safesearch us server
NordVPN provides access to SafeSearch settings over US servers

NordVPN boasts the most extensive US server count1970+ in 25 cities – to unblock Flickr.

I like this massive spread since it allows you to:

  • Connect to a fast US server without worrying about overcrowding
  • Prevent VPN traffic detection since Flickr doesn’t see too many NordVPN users on the same IP address
  • Unblock other services (besides Flickr) that’ll most likely be blocked in your region

However, Flickr is available outside the US too. So, I’m glad that NordVPN’s 5400+ server fleet in 59 countries covers a lot of European, Oceania, and Asian countries where Flickr is also available.

list of country servers on nordvpn
NordVPN provides servers in 59 countries

Even so, the US servers are best for unblocking full access to Flickr images and videos rather than keeping you behind forced SafeSearch in some regions.

Besides the servers, NordVPN’s speed also plays a considerable role in unblocking Flickr. Knowing VPNs usually cause a connection drop, it’s impressive that this internet connection difference is negligible with NordVPN.

nordvpn flickr unblock promo banner
NordVPN is specially optimized to unblock Flickr

In fact, you can bypass your ISP’s throttling with NordVPN to unblock Flickr faster. Thus, you:

  • Get high-quality Flickr images in their proper form
  • Download and upload media from/to Flickr without bandwidth throttling
  • Watch Flickr videos in high quality without buffering or lag

Despite that, NordVPN’s speeds are only better desirable over its NordLynx protocol. Switching to its OpenVPN (TCP) obfuscation protocol, which is vital to unblock Flickr in regions like China, you’ll notice the connection drop.

locating nordlynx vpn protocol on nordvpn settings

In this case, you’re better off with faster obfuscation from ExpressVPN or PureVPN.

Moving past that, NordVPN uses top-shelf AES 256-bit encryption on its servers. This means the VPN protects your actual IP address and uses the server-assigned IP address to unblock Flickr.

Still, that’s not all you get here.

Suppose you’re a journalist, activist, or other concerned citizen using your account to show videos/images of what’s happening in your country.

In that case, this encryption is great for your privacy.

So, your ISP and government can’t find out who you are from your IP address alone.

NordVPN has a native app for all devices you can use Flickr on.

So, you can download the app to unblock Flickr over your work/school/personal computers or smartphones.

tweet about flickr and other apps unblock by nordvpn
NordVPN will also unblock Flickr and these other services on your phones/PCs

You can also use a single subscription over six devices simultaneously, allowing multiple users to access the media-sharing platform at once.

That said, NordVPN won’t put a dent in your pocket.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Don’t forget to grab these NordVPN discounts for better value and a 30-day money-back guarantee.



ExpressVPN – Fast Obfuscation to Unblock Flickr From China, UAE, and Elsewhere

list of us servers on expressvpn while connected to malta server
Some US server locations on ExpressVPN that unblocks Flickr reliably

What I like the most about ExpressVPN is its fast obfuscation on all servers. Thus, you can unblock Flickr in highly-censored regions like China, Iran, and the UAE without losing connection speeds.

Since obfuscation uses a higher level of encryption to bypass stricter restrictions, it’s usually slower than the regular VPN protocols.

Still, ExpressVPN manages ultra-fast speeds with this feature on all protocols.

list of available vpn protocols on expressvpn while connected to kazakhstan server
You'll get ExpressVPN's obfuscation on all protocols

So, you can:

  • Stream Flickr videos fast in China, the UAE, Iran, and other areas where it’s blocked behind a firewall.
  • Get access to premium HD pictures without suffering obfuscation-related slow speeds.

Given these fast obfuscation speeds, you already know that ExpressVPN is an ultra-fast provider. Whether you want to simply browse media, back up your library, or download photos, you’ll get stellar speeds.

flickr favorites bulk download
ExpressVPN's fast speeds and torrent download support helps you download bulk Flickr photos faster

Speaking of unblocking Flickr, ExpressVPN’s server presence in 10+ US cities gives you options. The VPN service provider also offers international servers in Asia, Africa, Europe, and other American regions where Flickr is available.

list of region servers on expressvpn while connected to canada server

Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption on all servers and protocols. That combines with secure tunneling to access Flickr from anywhere and also anonymize your activity.

Thus, your government, school, employer, or ISP can’tP:

  • See that you’re unblocking and accessing Flickr
  • Track your IP address activity to you
  • See the media you share or interact with

Another advantage of ExpressVPN is you can use it on five devices simultaneously. So, you can unblock Flickr to download images on your PC and watch videos on your smartphone.

However, this is less than what NordVPN provides. It’s also the most expensive VPN provider I reviewed.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

So, grab these ExpressVPN deals to save on your chosen plan and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Surfshark – Best Budget VPN to Access Flickr on Unlimited Devices

unblocking flickr with surfshark while deactivating safesearch and connected to ireland server
Surfshark unblocks Flickr from Ireland with SafeSearch off

Surfshark beat the other VPNs I reviewed for unblocking Flickr for offering unlimited simultaneous connections. This makes it suitable for group buyers like travelers, students, and political activists looking to unblock Flickr without incurring additional personal costs.

Thankfully, that’s not the only good thing Surfshark offers.

It’s behind NordVPN with 600+ US servers in 25 cities but covers more ground than ExpressVPN in the States.

list of available us servers on surfshark

These servers give you access to all image types, video formats, and non-SafeSearch results.

Surfshark also provides 3200+ servers in 95 countries if you’ll rather unblock Flickr from elsewhere.

This is the largest country count on the VPNs I reviewed, so you’ll have the most luck finding a desired location here.

available server locations on surfshark

Fortunately, Surfshark’s reliable unblocking is also layered over AES 256-bit encryption. That remains the best way to access the media-sharing platform without letting anyone else see what you’re up to.

However, Surfshark isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Once you enable obfuscation to unblock Flickr under stricter censorship, the speed drop is even more noticeable.

obfuscation protocols on surfshark
Surfshark's obfuscation protocols

So, defer to ExpressVPN and PureVPN for faster unblocking under those conditions.

Despite that, Surfshark isn’t slow. In fact, the slowest Surfshark servers are capable of 1Gbps speeds on the WireGuard protocol.

That’s still plenty fast to load high-resolution images and watch HD videos on Flickr.

Despite the unlimited connections, Surfshark doesn’t limit your internet bandwidth. You’ll appreciate this more when multiple Surfshark users are unblocking Flickr to

  • Download large media libraries
  • Upload high-resolution photos to Flickr
  • Unblock Flickr videos and images without compression
tweet about safesearch problem on flickr with restriction prompt
Avoid Flickr's automatic and forced SafeSearch restrictions with Surfshark

Like the other VPNs, you can also use Surfshark across your iOS, Android, and PC devices. Thus, you’ll always have access to Flickr on preferred devices.

On top of offering unlimited simultaneous connections, Surfshark is still one of the most affordable VPNs here.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Remember to get these Surfshark deals while they last for better value and 30-day money-back guarantee.



PureVPN – Reliable Unblocking Over 1800+ Quantum-Resistant US Servers

unblocking flickr with purvpn while connected to uk server
I used PureVPN's UK servers to unblock Flickr

PureVPN combines AES 256-bit encryption with quantum-resistant technology on 1800+ US servers to

  • Hide your IP address and unblock access to Flickr
  • Prevent your government, ISP, employer, or school from seeing you’re accessing Flickr
  • Keep your government and the police from seeing what you do on Flickr
  • Encrypt your Flickr live internet traffic against hacks, even if quantum computers are used
  • Protect your identity and anonymity if you don’t want anyone knowing you’re behind a Flickr account
list of available us servers on purevpn

Fortunately, PureVPN also has numerous servers in Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, and African locations where the service is available.

But that’s not the best part.

PureVPN is one of the fastest VPNs I tested for Flickr.

Its WireGuard protocol gives the best balance of speed and online security to access Flickr images and videos. This protocol is also mobile-friendly, ensuring lesser data consumption while delivering the best mobile speeds.

locating wireguard vpn protocol on purevpn settings

I also found PureVPN comparable to ExpressVPN for obfuscation speeds. Unlike ExpressVPN, though, you can only get obfuscation over its OpenVPN (UDP or TCP) protocols.

Even so, it comes in handy when a country (like China) or network admin (like your school) is using advanced measures to block your Flickr access.

post about vpn connection issue while using flickr
You won't get such VPN connection issues with a reliable VPN like PureVPN

Furthermore, PureVPN unblocks Flickr via the mobile app or website on PC.

It also supports ten simultaneous connections across these devices, besting NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Despite that, it’s still behind Surfshark with unlimited simultaneous connections. Thankfully, PureVPN doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

purevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Get these HUGE PureVPN discounts for better savings.



PrivateVPN – Free Dedicated IP Addresses to Unblock Flickr

unblock flickr with privatevpn while deactivating safesearch and connected to canada server
PrivateVPN unblocks Flickr with all SafeSearch options via its Canada server

PrivateVPN’s strength has never been in the numbers.

With 10+ US server locations and 200+ overall server locations, you won’t be lacking options to unblock Flickr.

It’s also surprising that PrivateVPN remains very fast even though it doesn’t use WireGuard. The VPN provider doesn’t even have an in-house alternative like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

locating pptp protocol on privatevpn settings

Still, it’ll get you Flickr videos without lag and unblock images without compressing the quality.

On top of that, you get the PrivateVPN Stealth VPN feature for obfuscation. Once enabled, it manages better speeds than NordVPN and Surfshark. So, it’s in the same league as PureVPN and ExpressVPN.

locating stealth vpn settings on privatevpn

A standout area for PrivateVPN is its provision of FREE dedicated IP addresses. In contrast, PureVPN and NordVPN offer paid dedicated IP addresses. Meanwhile, ExpressVPN and Surfshark don’t even offer dedicated IPs.

But what does a free dedicated IP address mean for you in this case?

list of server locations and speeds data on privatevpn

For starters, it allows you to unblock Flickr like you’re in one location.

It also prevents server congestion that’s common with shared, regular servers. So, you can get better media viewing, upload, and download speeds by not sharing the server load with other users.

Besides offering these dedicated IPs for free, PrivateVPN still provides them in most locations where Flickr is available.

tweet about gmail and flickr block by company
Even if your employer restricts Flickr access, you can unblock it anonymously with PrivateVPN

Like PureVPN, PrivateVPN can also be used on ten devices simultaneously. This makes it the joint second-highest for device connections across your mobile or PC devices.

Fortunately, PrivateVPN’s user-friendly service is affordable.

privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Here are some PrivateVPN discounts to sweeten the deal further.



How to Setup a VPN for Flickr?

The best way to set up a VPN to access Flickr is by enabling the kill switch, choosing the correct VPN protocol, and connecting to a supported server to unblock the platform.

I detail the steps to unblock Flickr access over a VPN below:

  1. Choose a preferred VPN. I use NordVPN for Flickr.
  2. Enable the kill switch to prevent accidental IP leaks. Go to Settings > Kill Switch > Toggle Internet Kill Switch.
app kill switch and internet kill switch settings on nordvpn
  1. Choose the proper protocol. NordLynx is preferred for speed and security.
nordvpn nordlynx protocol
  1. Search for the desired server location to unblock Flickr. I’ll use the US for this example.
nordvpn us servers 1
  1. Wait for the VPN connection confirmation.
connected us server with nordvpn
  1. Test for leaks (Use the leak checker at www.ipleak.net).
  2. Go to the Flickr website. Login or signup for an account.
  3. Enjoy your Flickr account access

From What Regions Can Access Flickr Over a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Flickr is best accessed over a VPN from regions where the service is banned, restricted by network admins, or when privacy is a concern.

I briefly discuss the various regions (and reasons) to use Flickr over a VPN below.

Regions Banning Flickr

China, Iran, some parts of the UAE, and other countries where Flickr is blocked should access the media-sharing platform over a VPN.

us server flickr post
The US remains the best server location for Flickr access

Some regions (like China) use sophisticated firewalls to block Flickr access.

Thus, VPNs with fast and reliable obfuscation, like ExpressVPN, are recommended.

Regions With Flickr Support

Likewise, regions in Africa, South America, and Europe that already have access to Flickr can still access it over a VPN.

post about flickr blocked in russia
Bypass Flickr blocks in your country with a VPN

Since Flickr is located in the US, accessing it over a US VPN server allows for better media rendering and download speeds due to server proximity.

However, ensure to use a fast VPN.

Also, using Flickr over a VPN from these regions can help protect the account user’s activity. Thus, activists, political dissidents, and concerned persons can share media updates on their region’s events without risking arrests.

post about safesearch activated countries
Bypass login ID restrictions from Germany, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, India or Romania with a  VPN

Furthermore, VPNs help residents of India, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Romania access content without the forced SafeSearch feature on Flickr.

Restricted Sites

Finally, users from greenlighted regions like the USA can still connect to a VPN to unblock Flickr if their network admin restricts access to the platform.

This is the case with some schools and employers who prevent Flickr access on their networks.

greyhound website block
Bypass ISP and network admin Flickr blocks like this with a VPN

Fortunately, my top VPNs will bypass that restriction and keep the network admin from seeing you’re on Flickr.

Can You Unblock Flickr With a Free VPN Service?

It’s not ideal to unblock Flickr with a free VPN. This is due to the usual slow speeds of free VPNs, preventing you from getting high-quality images or streaming Flickr videos without buffering.

tweet about uae blocking flickr
Free VPNs are unreliable against advanced Flickr blocks from countries like China and the UAE

Also, free VPNs lack proper data encryption, which helps reliable unblocking.

Thus, they may fail to unblock Flickr in regions like China and expose your online activity to the government, police or your ISP.

So, the best way to unblock Flickr from anywhere without compromising your privacy is by choosing a reliable VPN like NordVPN.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

NordVPN is the best VPN for Flickr on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The VPN service provider offers easy-to-use mobile apps containing all 5400+ servers across 59 countries, most of which unblock Flickr access.

Finally, the NordVPN mobile app is also compatible with Flickr’s mobile app.

Thus, you retain access to your Flickr account, photos, and videos from anywhere.

NordVPN is the best VPN to unblock Flickr on PCs. You can download and install the VPN to your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook PCs to access Flickr from banned regions, over restricted networks, or to gain better online privacy.

Moreover, NordVPN provides Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser extensions to access Flickr in these browsers. Even so, getting the NordVPN PC app for better encryption and more reliable Flickr unblocking is best.

Never Lose Access to Your Media

Retain access to Flickr media from regions like China or if your network admin is blocking the site. Likewise, Flickr users from some areas can now bypass the forced SafeSearch setting, which prevents them from getting the best of the platform.

Get one of my best VPNs, and you’ll be on your way. If you’re hard-pressed for an option, I’ve never missed using NordVPN for unblocking Flickr.

You can get these NordVPN discounts to start unblocking Flickr from anywhere today.

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