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5 Best VPNs for New Zealand: Get NZ IP & Fast Streaming

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NordVPN is the best VPN for New Zealand, considering its 20+ NZ servers to get a local IP address, 5500+ global servers to unblock content from anywhere, and the ability to hide your online activities.

After testing 21+ VPN providers for speed, reliable unblocking, impressive server coverage, and privacy, I rounded up my top five with Surfshark, PureVPN, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN.

While they’re all excellent VPN software for New Zealand, they perform better than each other in some aspects of my tests.

So, keep reading to know which is best to stream local NZ TVs, unblock your banking applications, and access Netflix US or content in other parts of the world.

Top 3 VPNs for New Zealand

Surfshark Devices

Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections with unlimited bandwidth make it the best budget VPN for New Zealand. It also boasts NZ servers, numerous global servers, and support for multiple PC and Windows devices.

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN is the best value VPN for New Zealand, with multiple local servers, a 5500+ server network, and a reliable, in-house protocol for better speed and security. It unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, banking apps, and other content from anywhere.

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PureVPN Top 2 Best VPNs

Get the largest NZ servers with PureVPN’s collection of 90+ New Zealand servers. It also boasts a larger 6500+ global server network to unblock media, websites, and other online content in 78+ countries.

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New Zealand blocks access to 7000+ websites as of 2009 alone. Today, there are reports that the list has grown to millions of websites posting “objectionable” content.

While users predominantly suffer this content limitation when they opt for an internet service provider (ISP) that chooses that route, you should know that the major internet service providers (ISPs) agree with the content filtering. So, switching from juggernauts like Vodafone, 2degrees, Compass, Kordia, or Maxnet to Now won’t solve the issue.

On top of that, the New Zealand government isn’t tolerant of downloading torrent files either. While there’s no law against it, there are laws against downloading copyrighted materials. Now, who’s to define what is copyrighted and what isn’t, and how sure are we that they’ll make the best choices?

I also considered internet users who want to enjoy a free web.

For example, I discovered that I couldn’t access Hulu in NZ at all, and I also lost access to some of my Netflix US shows during my time in the region.

Thus, getting a VPN service provider with a solid server base is vital for reliable unblocking in New Zealand. Besides, I also checked for NZ servers in case I wanted to stream Lightbox, Sky Arena, or other New Zealand TV channels over a secure VPN connection.

That led me to the 100+ hours of VPN testing I did over my two-week stay in NZ. Fortunately, I found the best five VPNs that unblock content, encrypt your internet connection, and secure your online experience in New Zealand. Continue reading to see my summaries of these VPNs.

Ready to Bypass the Whitebox Censorship and Unblock Netflix US From New Zealand? These VPNs Are the Best!

expressvpn aukland new zealand tweet
Proof of what ExpressVPN is capable of from New Zealand and abroad

Whether you want to connect to New Zealand to access your local banking apps from abroad, unblock content from anywhere or simply encrypt your internet connection for extra privacy, here are the VPNs I’ll recommend:

  • NordVPN – Get 20+ New Zealand servers and enjoy 5500+ international servers that unblock content available in 59 countries.
  • Surfshark – Connect unlimited devices to a single account for better protection, unblocking, and encryption without paying for another VPN account.
  • PureVPN – Enjoy almost 100 NZ and 6500+ global servers that unblock content and secure your internet experience in 78+ countries.
  • CyberGhost – Use streaming-, torrenting- and gaming-dedicated servers to get the best experience on everyday web activities, unblocking available content from anywhere.
  • ExpressVPN – Offers the fastest obfuscation on 3000+ servers in 94 countries to hide your VPN traffic from NZ ISPs and bypass serious firewall blocks.

That’s an interesting summary, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg regarding what these VPNs are capable of.

If you’re ready to make the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) choice for New Zealand, I’ve compared these VPNs to help you determine how they fare against one another.

Let’s go!

Comparisons & Mini-Reviews of My Best VPNs for New Zealand

I tested and compared the top VPNs for New Zealand on speed, security, privacy, reliable unblocking, server spread, and quality extras they provide.

Here’s how they compare, ranked in order of preference.

NordVPN – 20+ New Zealand Servers, Fast Torrenting & Reliable Encryption

nordvpn threenow new zealand server
NordVPN unblocks access to ThreeNow over its NZ servers

NordVPN starts its impressive run with a collection of 20+ New Zealand servers. This is more NZ servers than CyberGhost and ExpressVPN offer but lesser than the massive server count on PureVPN.

Still, NordVPN’s NZ server count is well suited to

  • Unblock local New Zealand content from anywhere.
  • Get access to NZ-restricted content streams like ThreeNow, Channel 9, and TV 3.
  • Obtain lower ping values to locally play games in NZ or connect to NZ servers to play with peers there.
  • Encrypt your local internet connection on public Wi-Fi networks without losing access to NZ content.

To ensure the NZ servers aren’t just there for show, I tested it on ThreeNow and unblocked the “Cocaine Trade Exposed: The Invisibles” live on the platform.

I also watched a few episodes of Man vs. Wild, 90 Day Fiancé, Sister Wives, and Dr. Pimple Popper without lag.

number of new zealand and worldwide servers on nordvpn

Furthermore, I tested NordVPN’s speeds on a 25Mbps connection.

I got 22Mbps, representing a mere 12% speed drop.

Since you only need 15Mbps to stream 4K content, NordVPN can unblock content streams in 4K from New Zealand or anywhere else.

nordvpn speed test new zealand server

Speaking of unblocking content streams, NordVPN’s 5500+ servers in 59 countries makes it optimal for unblocking content in other regions.

This might not be as many countries as the other VPNs I listed cover, but a massive 1970+ US server library means you can unblock almost anything on the web.

For example, I connected to different NordVPN servers to unblock some content shown in the table below.

Connected Servers Content Unblocked
US – New York Netflix US
Japan – Tokyo Netflix Japan (for some anime)
Norway NRK TV
France – Paris France TV
Germany Torrent websites

There’s more, but that gives you an overview of how NordVPN reliably unblocks content.

These speeds and server network are also incredible for gaming on NordVPN. You can connect to the NZ servers to play local games or against NZ peers online. Otherwise, you can connect to the global servers to unblock games unavailable in New Zealand, such as the original versions of Manhunt, Gal Gun, and Reservoir Dogs.

nordvpn ddos protection banner

NordVPN even throws in free DDoS protection that secures your gaming activities against such attacks by hackers and disgruntled gamers.

While I didn’t have access to my gaming consoles on my New Zealand trip, NordVPN’s Smart DNS service is best suited to unblocking games on your Xbox and PlayStation consoles. For mobile devices, I successfully played some titles on NordVPN, such as

Since the New Zealand government is big on cracking down on copyright infringement, I knew they would also be blocking torrent websites.

So, I tested NordVPN for torrenting, and it didn’t disappoint.

nordvpn p2p protocol

The VPN even had specialty P2P servers optimized for torrent downloads. Thus, I kept getting the same stellar download speeds without sacrificing my security while downloading torrents.

However, NordVPN falls short during my torrent seeding tests.

Instead, I was able to seed torrents with PureVPN and ExpressVPN.

But since I don’t do much seeding anyway, I didn’t mind.

torrenting with nordvpn

Likewise, it was impossible for NOW to detect what I was doing over its network: both the torrent sites I was visiting and the files I was downloading. This is primarily thanks to NordVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption which hid my live traffic.

Furthermore, this encryption came into play when I was using the public Wi-Fi networks at Tui Glen Reserve and Crystal Laundromat, some of the places I visited in Auckland.

On top of that, I configured the public Wi-Fi network protection on NordVPN’s iOS app to kick in whenever my device picks up a strange network automatically.

So, I could leave my Wi-Fi toggle on to take advantage of free Wi-Fi without worrying about falling victim to any of the free Wi-Fi network dangers.

nordvpn connection settings auto-connect and trusted wifi network

Only CyberGhost and Surfshark allowed me the same settings, making them the best three picks for automatic public Wi-Fi protection.

Finally, I was concerned about NordVPN’s possible affiliations with New Zealand. After all, New Zealand is part of the 14 Eyes alliance, and it imposes data collection laws on companies in its jurisdiction.

Fortunately, NordVPN is based in Panama, one of the most privacy-friendly countries. It also has an audited no-logs policy.

In other words, all your torrenting, buffer-free streaming, unblocking, and private web surfing activity is never collected by the VPN provider.

post about reasons to get vpn according to cybersecurity seminar in israel
Some of the reasons to get NordVPN today

So, even if New Zealand asks nicely, NordVPN won’t have any data to share regarding your connections.

Luckily, you can enjoy everything NordVPN offers on six simultaneous connections. This helps protect all your mobile devices, unblock content on your PC devices and share with a small group without paying extra.

Furthermore, it’s one of the cheapest providers I reviewed, only behind PureVPN and Surfshark.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

I threw in some NordVPN discounts to sweeten the deal and give you a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the VPN risk-free.



Surfshark – Reliable Unblocking With 3200+ Servers Over Unlimited Connections

streaming tv nz with surfshark using new zealand server
Surfshark unblocks "Line of Duty" on TVNZ 1 via NZ servers

Surfshark posts only one server location in New Zealand, offering multiple New Zealand IP addresses. However, that’s less than the 20+ servers NordVPN maintains in Auckland or CyberGhost’s haul.

But, during my tests, that didn’t mean much since I could unblock Line of Duty, South Seas Spearo, Slumdog Millionaire, and FBI: International on TVNZ

I also watched some sports recaps on Sky Arena and binged some series on ThreeNow.

During these unblocking tests, I got crisp and clear image quality.

So, I tested Surfshark’s speeds on the New Zealand IP address like I did NordVPN and got a 31Mbps speed!

surfshark speed test results using new zealand server

This is faster than my base speeds, showing that Surfshark is great at bypassing ISP throttling to unlock faster browsing speeds.

It’s also faster than the speeds NordVPN posted!

If you also want to stream content, play games, or get the best speeds with security on Surfshark, I recommend its WireGuard protocol.

It’s also mobile-friendly and didn’t consume too much of my mobile plan.

locating wireguard protocol on surfshark

Moving on, I sometimes disconnected from the NZ server to test the 3200+ global Surfshark servers in 99 countries.

The country count on Surfshark is noticeably more than what NordVPN offers and is the largest on this list. Thus, you stand a higher chance of unblocking content from more countries (mainly African, Middle Eastern, and less-populated European countries) than with the other VPN providers.

Here, I got access to the content in the table below over the relevant servers.

Servers Content Unblocked
US – New York Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix US
UK – London BBC iPlayer
France – Marseille France TV and French TV channels
India – Mumbai Voot
Hong Kong Bilibili

I also tested Surfshark for downloading torrents, and it worked exceptionally.

Given that it posted better base speeds than NordVPN, I got even lesser speed drops when downloading some files. And I didn’t get copyright notices or issues unblocking my favorite torrent sites over the Now network, either.

But, like NordVPN, you can’t seed torrents with Surfshark.

So, I hope you’re comfortable remaining a leecher (like most of us anyway).

torrenting with surfshark using argentina server

Even though I already guessed it, I checked and confirmed that Surfshark also uses the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption.

This keeps your data away from ISPs like Now, Maxnet, Kordia, Compass, and the government.

Surfshark also provides a configurable automatic public Wi-Fi protection that kicks into action once your device picks up a strange Wi-Fi network.

That way, you can passively protect your smartphones and PCs while exploring every part of the beautiful NZ countryside.

trusted wifi networks feature on surfshark

However, I was concerned that Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, a member of the 14 Eyes countries with New Zealand.

Fortunately, it has undergone an independent third-party security audit for its no-logs policy. So, it doesn’t collect user data and can’t share anything with its government or the NZ government.

Still, Surfshark has more goodies under its sleeves.

reedit post about kiwi using surfshark
Even other Kiwis on Reddit swear by Surfshark!

For example, being the only VPN that made this list to offer unlimited simultaneous connections. Only PureVPN comes close, and even that’s limited to ten simultaneous connections.

Furthermore, it doesn’t throttle your bandwidth either and supplies those fast speeds you’ve seen in action.

On top of that, it’s the second cheapest VPN provider I reviewed, price-wise. Considering the price per user/connected device on the unlimited connection, it’s the most affordable.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Still, grab these Surfshark discounts to save more and get the 30-day money-back guarantee.



PureVPN – 90 NZ Servers & 6500+ Global Servers to Unblock Content Anywhere

purevpn seal team new zealand server
PureVPN unblocks "SEAL Team" on TVNZ via New Zealand servers

PureVPN boasts the most extensive collection of New Zealand servers on this list, with 90 servers in the region. Even though the other VPNs also have their Kiwi servers in Auckland, I’d have preferred if PureVPN spread things across multiple locations in the country.

It doesn’t, but that’s not a dealbreaker either. After all, the New Zealand servers comfortably unblocked Season 6 of SEAL Team on TVNZ.

I started streaming the series over TVNZ in New Zealand and continued with PureVPN when I left the country, so it’s excellent for unblocking content.

servers ping values on purevpn

Fortunately, PureVPN isn’t only impressive over its New Zealand servers.

It also offers 6500+ servers in 78+ countries to encrypt your local connection from more locations and unblock content from more regions than NordVPN.

In fact, it only falls behind CyberGhost on server count, and that’s saying a lot.

One of the things I liked the most about PureVPN is the quantum-resistance tech on some of its servers. Fortunately, it put this technology on the mostly-used servers in Canada, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia.

locating quantum resistant servers on purevpn

Given that these countries are also part of the 14 Eyes, such extra protection is vital to ensure they can’t hack your live internet traffic, even with quantum-level processing computers.

Thus, I was sure that all the content I streamed over these servers, torrent files I downloaded, and unblocked websites remained my secret.

Likewise, the encryption also prevented NOW (and other NZ ISPs) from seeing what I was doing on the internet.

I tested these servers for content unblocking, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The table below shows some of the content I streamed and unblocked over PureVPN from New Zealand.

Servers Content Unblocked
Canada – Vancouver CBS, CTV, and CBC
US – New York CNN Go, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix
Japan – Tokyo Nippon TV
Nigeria – Lagos Iroko TV, IbakaTV
UK – London BBC iPlayer

On every unblocking test, PureVPN didn’t lag – not even when I connected multiple devices to test different streaming services.

This shows that the provider supports unlimited bandwidth, but how fast is it?

So, I connected to another New Zealand server, tested its speeds, and got an impressive 23.9Mbps. This is lower than Surfshark’s results but higher than what NordVPN posted. Thus, the connection drop doesn’t prevent me from streaming 4K quality content over PureVPN!

purevpn speed test results using new zealand server

Once when I wanted to watch an old, copyright-free movie that wasn’t on my Netflix account, I unblocked the Pirate Bay and downloaded it seamlessly over PureVPN. Like NordVPN, PureVPN even offers specialty P2P servers to download torrent files faster without losing speed.

locating p2p vpn protocol on purevpn

After downloading, I saw that PureVPN allowed me to seed torrents.

So far, this makes it the first VPN I tested on this list to support that feature.

But, you can only seed torrents with the VPN’s port forwarding add-on, which increases the cost of the VPN subscription.

So, I’d recommend against it unless you need to securely seed torrents.

port forwarding add-on

Even so, what happens to all the data that passes through PureVPN’s servers?

I checked, and PureVPN is the first VPN I reviewed (besides ExpressVPN) to offer a twice-audited, zero logs policy. It even goes the extra mile by setting up a surprise audit with KPMG so it can get re-audited for this claim at any time.

Thus, it’s always ready to prove that it doesn’t collect your internet connection data.

Furthermore, it’s based in the privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands, which isn’t in any data-sharing alliance with the 14 Eyes nations or other countries. 

That way, NOW (or other NZ ISPs), the government, or copyright trolls can’t lean on PureVPN (or the BVI) to disclose data on what you’re doing over the VPN’s servers.

post about reasons to use purevpn in new zealand
More reasons to get PureVPN in New Zealand

I mentioned earlier that PureVPN maintained exceptional speeds even when I connected it to multiple devices. While I didn’t use up all the available connections, this VPN allows for ten simultaneous device connections.

That covers your smartphones (iOS and Android), PCs (Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook), and supported routers.

Only Surfshark does better with its simultaneous device connections.

Even so, PureVPN is the cheapest VPN provider on this list.

purevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy these PureVPN discounts and get the 31-day money-back guarantee while it lasts.



CyberGhost – 13 Auckland Servers & 9000+ Global Servers for Premium Unblocking

streaming spiderman no way home in neontv with cyberghost using new zealand server
I streamed "Spider-Man: No Way Home" via NeonTV using CyberGhost's NZ servers

CyberGhost may offer the largest server library, but it doesn’t have the largest country reach nor the largest server count in NZ.

In fact, I was hoping it would have any of its 13 New Zealand servers outside Auckland. But it follows the rest of the providers on this list by providing its servers in the capital city.

After unblocking content on Neon TV via CyberGhost’s NZ servers even when I left the country, I didn’t mind having them all in the same location anymore.

Thanks to my Kiwi host providing me with their Neon TV password, I watched Spider-Man: No Way Home, Dune, Belfast, and Still Water, all titles I couldn’t get on my Netflix. I also unblocked TVNZ, Channel 9, and some ThreeNow content via CyberGhost without issues.

streaming neontv with cyberghost using new zealand server
Crisp, clear and buffer-less streaming on CyberGhost's servers

Before performing a speed test, I decided to see how CyberGhost fares with unblocking global content.

With the most extensive server count of 9000+ servers in 90+ countries, I knew I had my pick of servers to access the whole web.

In the table below, I’ve summarized some of the content I tested CyberGhost with (successfully).

Connected Servers Content Unblocked
US – Miami Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN
UK – London BBC iPlayer
Qatar QTV
Norway NRK TV
Germany Torrent websites

Before torrenting via the German servers, I conducted a speed test over CyberGhost’s NZ servers. The result was a massive 29.55Mbps, nearing Surfshark’s results and blasting my base speeds out of the water.

cyberghost speed test results using new zealand server

In other words, CyberGhost is optimized for speed and will even bypass my ISP’s throttling to unlock better speeds.

That’s why I had confidence in its torrenting abilities, and it didn’t disappoint me. In fact, the VPN provider has specialized servers optimized for torrenting to supply the best torrent download speeds and security.

However, the New Zealand servers aren’t P2P-optimized.

That’s why I had to connect to a German server to download torrents safely in NZ. To be fair, though, neither PureVPN nor NordVPN also pack New Zealand servers under their P2P-optimized offerings.

Likewise, it doesn’t support torrent seeding like most other providers I tested. Apparently, it’s not worth sacrificing your privacy and security for a shot at seeding torrents.

Even with this impressive run, I wasn’t going to sacrifice my privacy for speed and reliable content unblocking. So, I checked for CyberGhost’s privacy offerings.

tweet about using vpn while using a public wifi in new zealand
Take advantage of CyberGhost's public Wi-Fi protection to stay safe on all connections

Fortunately, CyberGhost recently got audited for its no-logs policy, and it’s based in the data-friendly Bucharest, Romania.

Romania is so privacy-focused that it refused to sign a data-sharing deal with the EU that it’s a part of!

Also, CyberGhost allows up to seven simultaneous connections, edging out NordVPN and ExpressVPN. And while it’s not as expensive as ExpressVPN, it isn’t the cheapest provider on this list either.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Luckily, I’ve got these CyberGhost discounts to sweeten the deal and get you a 45-day money-back guarantee.



ExpressVPN – Fast Obfuscation and Torrent Seeding Over 3000+ Servers

expressvpn rnz new zealand server
Streaming RNZ over ExpressVPN's New Zealand servers

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for New Zealand, but the fierce competition from the other providers pushed it to the bottom of the list.

For starters, it also provides an NZ server in Auckland that offers reliable encryption and unblocks NZ content with ease.

Everything I threw at this server, including streaming RNZ video content, was never too much for it to handle.

post about netflix and hulu bypass in new zealand using expressvpn
ExpressVPN is a trusted name in the New Zealand community to bypass Netflix and Hulu restrictions.

When the Kiwi servers alone weren’t enough to unblock the content I wanted to see, I switched to the international servers to get access.

The first instance was when I had to connect to Australian servers to watch a game preview on Sky Arena and stream some live shows on 9Now TV.

Besides these two, I also had luck unblocking much more content on ExpressVPN, as you’ll see in the table below.

Connected Server Content Unblocked
France – Marseille France TV
US – Los Angeles Netflix US, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video
UK – London BBC iPlayer
Canada – Montreal Crave TV
India – Mumbai (via the UK) Voot

Surprisingly, despite the automatic obfuscation on all ExpressVPN’s servers and protocols, it didn’t lag during these unblocking tests.

So, I tested the speeds and got about 22Mbps on the same 25Mbps connection. Even though Surfshark posted better speeds while CyberGhost and NordVPN have similar speeds, I still think ExpressVPN is the fastest.

expressvpn speed test results using new zealand server

Here’s why.

Obfuscation hides your VPN traffic to make it look like regular traffic.

This is relevant when the government and your ISPs set up deep DNS-level content blocks, or firewall blocks (like NZ’s WhiteBox), to specific websites and online platforms.

So, the obfuscation disguises your VPN traffic to allow you to unblock the content.

But this also puts a larger encryption load on your network.

Thus, you should get way slower speeds than when you aren’t using obfuscation.

The other VPNs on this list suffer a massive connection drop once obfuscation is enabled. In comparison, ExpressVPN’s speeds are on par with NordVPN and CyberGhost. Once obfuscation is turned on over those other providers, the difference becomes apparent.

Considering that the New Zealand government maintains a NetClean WhiteBox server to censor the web, you’ll find ExpressVPN’s fast obfuscation handy.

Fortunately, that’s not the only good thing about this provider.

ExpressVPN impresses with its torrent download speeds.

It also offers seeding support, but unlike PureVPN, it doesn’t charge for this extra. The only catch is that you need to install ExpressVPN on your router to enjoy the port forwarding feature for seeding.

torrenting with expressvpn using spain server

It’s also one of the biggest privacy-focused VPNs on this list.

Like PureVPN, ExpressVPN has been audited twice for its no-logs claims and is also based in the BVI. So, a combination of being outside the 14 Eyes, not answering to any country, and not collecting any data it can hand over regards your web activity.

But there are a couple of possible dealbreakers to consider here.

For starters, ExpressVPN is the most expensive provider I reviewed.

I can understand that this may be due to providing fast obfuscation on all 3000+ servers in 94 countries and protocols.

Whereas, the other VPN providers only offer relatively slower obfuscation on some servers and via the OpenVPN protocol alone. In fact, CyberGhost doesn’t even have obfuscation.

post about kiwi using expressvpn for 3 years
Some NZ users have been using ExpressVPN for over 3 years now

On the other hand, ExpressVPN also supports the least simultaneous device connections, limited to five. That’s one less than NordVPN, two less than CyberGhost, five less than PureVPN, and a massive difference from Surfshark.

Even so, its free port forwarding, fast obfuscation, and impressive unblocking make the difference.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Likewise, I’ve got some ExpressVPN deals to lower the price and get you a 30-day risk-free period to test the VPN.



What’s the State of the Internet in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s internet isn’t as restricted as in countries like China, Russia, and Vietnam, but it’s not free either. From government and ISP-sponsored content blocks to content creators limiting Kiwis’ access to their content, the NZ internet is far from the most open.

Below, I discuss some of the significant internet situations in NZ that should inform getting a VPN.

Internet Censorship & Website Blocking

Through its Department of Internal Affairs, the NZ government maintained a list of 7000+ blocked URLs in 2009 alone. Like every other instance when a government blocks websites like this, it states the criteria for earning such blocks as “objectionable content.”

The issue, however, is that anything can be defined as objectionable content if the government isn’t comfortable with it.

post about new zealand government censorship
The big tech companies are in on the government's censorship in New Zealand too!

Likewise, the government launched the Digital Child Exploitation Filtering Systems (DCEFS) to protect against instances of online child abuse and exploitation.

This system was adopted by most ISPs and involved blocking the defined objectionable content if it’s hosted in New Zealand.

However, there are two major concerns, namely

  • The government hid this system’s testing and final launch, showing they might have something else to hide.
  • The government once banned a clean, Google-owned website under this protocol. Thus, calling into question how many false positives the system has caught.

The fact that they didn’t disclose the launch means the government might be planning to extend the system’s reach or may have already done so.

new zealand internet bill consumers post
What the new New Zealand internet bill means for citizens and residents

As if that’s not enough, a new censorship bill was making the rounds in New Zealand on the back of the Christchurch shootings. This bill was going to empower an interim censor to deem online content objectionable, issue forced takedown notices to websites, and scrub web content.

Perhaps the scarier part of that proposed bill was that it was signed by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. Considering the percentage of the web that these companies control, it’s scary to think what NZ can achieve by widely implementing such systems.

Besides this, many video games are also banned in New Zealand.

This includes Manhunt and its installation, Valkyrie Drive, Postal 2, and a few more titles.

In these instances, you need a reliable VPN like NordVPN to unblock access to the entire web from majorly unrestricted regions like the USA, UK, and Canada.

Thanks to its AES 256-bit encryption, your ISP or the government won’t know that you’re accessing those sites.

But how would they know you’re accessing such blocked websites in the first place? Continue reading to find out.

Government Data Collection

New Zealand is a part of the 14 Eyes countries, lounging in the company of user data-hungry nations like the US, UK, and Canada. Thus, the government has almost no choice but to collect data extensively on its citizens and store that data.

In the same vein, it’ll impose strong data retention laws on tech companies so it can have access to that data anytime.

tweet about government demand glassdoor
New Zealand and its 14 Eyes allies want to be able to get any data from any brand, whenever they want it.

Thus, ISPs, social media companies, tech startups, mobile app companies, and others in New Zealand must invade your privacy on behalf of the government.

The worst part is that you don’t know how securely the data they collect is stored, so it may leak to the wrong hands when hacked.

Likewise, NZ could be compelled to share that data with other countries it’s in alliance with since that’s what the 14 Eyes are all about.

The NZ government has also brilliantly set up its internet such that most traffic passes through it. It does this by using a Border Gateway Protocol which tells ISPs what servers have the best connections to different URLs. Thus, ISPs send the user’s connection to those servers.

Interestingly, the NZ government tricks ISPs’ systems into thinking it has the best servers to access the blocked content. So, when a user tries to access such websites, they get routed to the government’s servers over which they won’t have access to the content.

post about ip address retaining in computer
You need a reliable, zero leak VPN to protect your real IP address from getting logged by the government

Likewise, some websites not blocked by the DIA are routed through its WhiteBox server. So, this government agency checks your internet connection data to see the sites you visit, where you connect from, and other sensitive data.

Thus, choosing a VPN without ties to the 14 Eyes countries is essential.

Even so, the VPN provider needs to supply AES 256-bit encryption to prevent live traffic hacking. On top of that, check for an audited no-logs policy.

After all, you don’t want to escape data collection from the government only to have your VPN provider harvesting and selling your internet data.

Fortunately, NordVPN and the other VPNs I listed here tick all those boxes.

ISP Throttling

To be fair, New Zealand ISPs aren’t alone in bandwidth throttling, but that doesn’t make it right.

In fact, during one of my speed tests with Surfshark, I got better speeds than my ISP allowed. This showed that my internet plan offered better speeds than my ISPs allowed me to access.

This throttling mostly happens when your ISP can see what you’re doing online.

So, it decides what percentage of your bandwidth to ration to you.

That’s the case for heavy gaming, torrent downloads, and streaming, among other data-intensive tasks.

Fortunately, you can get around that using a VPN with reliable AES 256-bit encryption like NordVPN.

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Once you connect to any server and activate this encryption, your ISP can’t see what you’re doing anymore. Thus, its systems can’t automatically trigger the throttling that limits your speeds or bandwidth.

So, if you’re ready to get out of the content block cage, beat invasive online data collection, and unlock better speeds, read on to learn how to set up a VPN in New Zealand.

How to Setup a VPN for New Zealand?

Setting up a New Zealand VPN is as easy as enabling the kill switch, choosing the correct VPN protocol, and connecting to a suitable server.

Here’s a stepwise guide to set up my preferred VPN for New Zealand:

  1. Choose your preferred VPN. I prefer NordVPN for New Zealand.
  2. Download the VPN app for your preferred device and log in. I’ll use Windows for this example.
  3. Enable the VPN kill switch. Go to Settings > Kill Switch > toggle Internet Kill Switch.”
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  1. Choose a suitable protocol. I recommend NordVPN’s NordLynx protocol for the best balance of speed and security in New Zealand.
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  1. Search for a preferred server.
  2. Click the server and wait for the connection confirmation.
  3. Test for leaks. I use www.ipleak.net to check for IP and DNS leaks.
  4. Start unblocking content, browse securely and encrypt your internet data.

Can You Use a Free VPN in New Zealand?

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Free VPNs are poor at unblocking content, and they'll give you a poor streaming experience too

You can use a free VPN service in New Zealand. Still, it’s not recommended if you want reliable unblocking, premium security, and top-notch privacy.

That’s because free VPNs often collect user data, offer slow connecting speeds, and have limited servers without content unblocking ability. Most free VPNs don’t even have a New Zealand server to unblock local content and secure your web experience without losing access to local online services.

Thus, it’s best to choose affordable VPN providers like NordVPN or Surfshark, which offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to test their features risk-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VPNs are legal in New Zealand, and you can use them without fear of being charged with a criminal or civil offense. However, cybercrime is illegal in New Zealand and against the ToS of most reputable VPN providers, so never use the VPNs for anything illegal.

Otherwise, the VPN provider may cooperate with the Kiwi government to unmask and bring you to book for your cybercrimes.

What Happens in the Nek Minnit?

Do you take back your online autonomy or continue letting the NZ government collect data about you while blocking your access to many web content?

I think you’ll choose the first. In that instance, NordVPN is the best pick for its reliable unblocking, local NZ servers, thousands of global servers, and six simultaneous device connections.

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