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How to Set Up IPVanish for Warzone?

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The best way to use IPVanish for Warzone is by setting it up for your PC or gaming console, connecting to an appropriate server, unblocking the game, or enjoying other VPN benefits.

IPVanish’s extensive server spread (2200+ servers in over 75 locations), military-grade 256-bit encryption, and speedy protocols help improve your Warzone K/D ratio, beat ISP speed throttling, and unblock the game anywhere.

How to Set Up IPVanish for Warzone on PC?

Battle Al-Qatala terrorists, rescue Dr. Linda Morales and confiscate the weapons of mass destruction in Operation Pallading without suffering speed drops or disconnection by setting up IPVanish for Warzone on PC.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an IPVanish subscription. Enjoy BIG sayings with these multi-year plans.
  1. Download the IPVanish Windows app.
ipvanish app compatible with windows
  1. Install and launch the IPVanish app.
  2. Log in with your Email/username and Password.
ipvanish log in
  1. Select the WireGuard protocol for fast-paced, no-lag Operation Harbinger and Strongbox missions. Go through Settings > Protocol and choose WireGuard.
selecting wireguard protocol on ipvanish
  1. Activate the IPVanish kill switch so that Activision Blizzard, DDoS actors, or ISPs don’t get your real IP address and deny you easy bot lobbies or throttle your internet speeds. Go through Settings > Connection and toggle the Kill Switch ON.
locating kill switch in ipvanish settings
  1. Choose an IPVanish server for Warzone. You can connect to the fastest/closest VPN-determined IPVanish servers by clicking Pin Icon > Optimal Location.
selecting optimal location server on ipvanish
  1. Alternatively, search for your preferred server and click to connect.
search locations on ipvanish
  1. Ensure your IPVanish connection is secure by checking for leaks on www.ipleak.net. Your assigned IPVanish IP address should match that on the leak test site.
ipvanish ip leak test on australia server
  1. That’s it! Gain weapon XP tokens by killing Hadir with your FAL assault rifle in the Going Dark Mission, unlock new MP Operator skins, increase game CPs, and grow your K/D ratio without constant disconnection issues or unstable gaming speeds.
playing warzone with ipvanish on belgium server

How to Set Up IPVanish for Warzone on Gaming Consoles?

Tour Al Mazrah, slay enemy operators, unlock new weapons, and achieve mission objectives free of ISP throttling by setting up IPVanish on gaming consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox).

In this case, two unique methods exist to share the encrypted IPVanish connection to your gaming console: router or virtual router methods.

Method #1: Virtual Router Method

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an IPVanish plan (enjoy savings).
  2. Download the IPVanish Windows or macOS app since both work with the virtual router method. I’ll download the Windows IPVanish app for this guide.
  3. Log in to the Windows IPVanish app with your credentials (Email/username, Password).
  4. Turn your Windows PC into a VPN hotspot by following this guide.
  1. Connect to an appropriate IPVanish server location on your PC.
  2. Connect your gaming console to the mobile hotspot you created in step 4 above.
  3. That’s a wrap! Grab easy bot lobbies on Warzone, evade speed drops from ISP throttling on ground assaults or close-quarters cage matches, and unblock the game over restricted home and school networks.
playing warzone with ipvanish on uk server

Method #2: Setup IPVanish on Router for Warzone

You can share an IPVanish encrypted connection to all Warzone-compatible devices to beat DDoS attacks and unlock the game from anywhere by setting up the VPN on compatible routers.

It’s crucial to confirm if your router is compatible with IPVanish before proceeding with this setup. You can do so by checking on this page.

Once confirmed:

  1. Purchase an IPVanish subscription (grab exclusive IPVanish offers).
  2. Follow the procedures outlined in this detailed IPVanish-router setup page to set up the VPN on your router.
  3. Connect your gaming consoles (PS4,5, Xbox) to the IPVanish-enabled router for buffer-free Warzone missions.
warzone gameplay on gaming console

IPVanish Not Working on Warzone? (Troubleshooting Guide)

Even though IPVanish is one of the best Warzone VPNs to unblock the game anywhere and evade skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) for easy bot lobbies, it sometimes doesn’t work on the title.

Common issues you may encounter while using IPVanish for Warzone include automatic disconnections, slow connection speeds, inconsistent server connections, denied access, proxy error messages, and temporary bans.

Here are some simple fixes you can try if you experience IPVanish-Warzone issues:

  • Use the most up-to-date IPVanish VPN app.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Switch IPVanish servers.
  • Turn off IPV6 addresses.

Can You Forward COD: Warzone Ports Using IPVanish?

IPVanish doesn’t allow you to forward COD: Warzone ports.

Hence, you don’t get access to the improved game stability, download speeds, and better in-game communications that this feature may provide!

That said, you should explore some of the best VPNs offering port forwarding services that you can use for Warzone. Besides port forwarding, the guide shows you how some of these VPNs may better IPVanish’s offering for the game.

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Enjoy a Lag-Free Warzone Experience

IPVanish lets you unblock Warzone, play safe from DDoS attacks, and get easy lobbies with its extensive server spread, robust security features, and speedy protocols.

The VPN also offers unlimited simultaneous connections to secure all your Warzone gaming devices and an intuitive kill switch feature to hide your IP address on random server drops.

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