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Atlas VPN Servers List: Location, States & Types

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Atlas VPN offers standard servers for securing your everyday browsing experience and specialty servers for improved privacy and streaming.

However, these servers are spread out and offer different connection pathways.

Likewise, you need to know how to choose the right Atlas VPN servers for different purposes and where it has servers to begin with.

So, in this guide, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Atlas VPN’s servers.

What Types of Servers Does AtlasVPN Have?

Atlas VPN offers standard servers and a few specialty servers. 

I’ll discuss them all below. But before that, you can have a sneak peek of these servers, how to enable them, and what locations they’re available in the table below.

Server Type Available VPN Locations Best For? Enabling Protocol Drawbacks
Standard Servers All locations
  • Secure browsing
  • Encrypting file transfers
  • Public Wi-Fi protection
  • WireGuard
  • IKEv2/IPSec
Streaming Servers
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Unblocking content streams in select countries
  • Fast and ultra-HD content streams
  • Unblocking content streams quicker
  • WireGuard
  • IKEv2/IPSec
Not available in all locations
SafeSwap Servers
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Best security
  • Improved privacy on rotating IP addresses
  • Great for avoiding DDoS attacks
  • WireGuard
  • IKEv2/IPSec
Not advised for sensitive apps due to changing IP address
MultiHop+ Servers
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Improved security and privacy
  • Avoid IP address tracking
  • WireGuard
  • IKEv2/IPSec
May slow down the internet

Standard Servers

atlas vpn standard servers

AtlasVPN has 750+ standard servers in 38 locations, which you can connect to for:

  • Local IP addresses to secure your internet experience over public Wi-Fi networks or mobile data without losing access to local content.
  • International IP addresses to unblock content abroad.
  • General servers to secure your internet connection and encrypt your online activities from your ISP/network admin.
  • P2P functions to unblock torrent websites and download files securely.

You’ll see these servers first when you open the AtlasVPN app. 

They’re also the servers you’ll be automatically connected to when you use the Quick Connect tool if you haven’t configured it otherwise.

Now, while Atlas VPN still has dedicated streaming servers, the standard servers will also handle and unblock content streams. However, they may not be as fast.

Streaming Servers

atlas vpn streaming servers

Atlas VPN features streaming servers optimized for faster speeds and engineered to bypass geo-restrictions. Thus, they’ll defeat content blocks better, get ultra-fast content streams, and eliminate buffering during streaming.

While these features are great, not all Atlas VPN server locations are optimized for streaming.

You’ll only find streaming dedicated servers on Atlas VPN in the following locations:

Australia Canada Belgium
France Germany Italy
Japan Poland Spain
Sweden United Kingdom – London United Kingdom – Manchester
United States – Dallas United States – Las Vegas United States – Los Angeles
United States – Miami United States – New Jersey United States – New York
United States – Phoenix    

I tested these servers with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and more, and they didn’t disappoint me.

atlas vpn streaming youtube

The only downside is that Atlas VPN doesn’t have streaming-optimized servers in all locations. So, you can’t get one to stream NRK TV (from Norway), ViX (from Mexico), or Bilibili (Hong Kong).

That said, it’s impressive that it has these servers in countries with some of the largest content libraries. So, you’ll likely not miss a thing anyway.

Privacy Pro Servers

The Privacy Pro servers on Atlas VPN are split into two categories: SafeSwap and MultiHop+ servers.

SafeSwap Servers

atlas vpn safeswap servers
Connected to Atlas VPN's SafeSwap servers in the US

The SafeSwap servers constantly change your IP address while connected to the same Atlas VPN server. This ensures a better protection profile against any party monitoring your web activity.

In other words, trackers and snoopers may see the first IP address you connected to the web with. Still, they stop seeing your connection activity once that IP address changes.

While this sounds good, there are a few drawbacks.

It may cause your banking apps (and other sensitive apps) to mistrust you and lock you out. After all, random IP address changes whip up red flags to make it look like a scammer is trying to access your account or that bots from multiple locations (IPs) are tampering with your account.

The same thing can happen on online gaming platforms like Lost Ark, Fortnite, PUBG, COD: Warzone, etc., which may block your access for thinking you’re trying to game the system by hopping onto different IP addresses.

MultiHop+ Servers

atlas vpn multihop+ servers
Connected to an Atlas VPN MultiHop+ server in North America

The MultiHop+ servers connect you to two servers simultaneously (instead of the standard one-server connection) for extra security and protection.

You already get standard AES 256-bit encryption on one server, reducing the chances of your private conversations and internet activities falling into the wrong hands. 

With MultiHop+ servers, you get twice that encryption!

It bears some similarities to the SafeSwap servers, but it also solves one of the issues on SafeSwap servers.

MultiHop+ servers chain your connection, sending your traffic through a server in one location before connecting you to the final server in another location.

For example, you can multi-hop from France to Sweden servers. 

That way, anyone tracking your online activity sees your connection to the first (France) server but not to the Sweden server.

This is the same thing SafeSwap wants to achieve, but since it constantly changes your IP address, it won’t be as reliable for sensitive tasks. MultiHop+, on the other hand, maintains the second IP address (which should be unknown to anyone tracking you) and is reliable for sensitive (gaming, banking, etc.) tasks.

multi hop vpn tweet
Saved by a Multihop server!

Even so, it’s not all good news with MultiHop+ servers.

It’s in even fewer locations than SafeSwap servers, limiting your choices. 

Plus, AtlasVPN doesn’t state the exact countries or cities where you can get one, opting to name continents (Europe and North America) instead.

Also, sending traffic through one server encrypts and drops your internet speeds. 

It needs no saying that double-chaining servers like this mean lesser internet speeds. 

So, only go this route if you’re more interested in security than speed.

AtlasVPN Servers List: What Locations Does It Have Servers In?

Atlas VPN has standard and specialty servers in different countries and cities on some major continents.

Here’s an overview of where it has servers.

Asia Server List

Want to stream Japanese anime, watch the Bilibili original version, or take a virtual trip to Singapore? Here are Atlas VPN’s five (5) Asian server locations to make these happen.

Hong Kong Japan Israel
Singapore UAE  

Europe Server List

Whether you want to stream soccer games, get BBC iPlayer in the UK, watch France TV, or get other European culture, here are the 25 countries to connect to.

Albania Austria Belgium
Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France
Germany Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Romania Serbia Romania
Spain Sweden Switzerland
United Kingdom – London United Kingdom – Manchester  

North America Server List

I prefer the North American servers to stream the largest Netflix and Amazon Prime Video libraries or CNN Go and Hulu content anywhere. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate these three North American server countries and the locations they carry.

Canada Mexico United States – Dallas
United States – Las Vegas United States – Los Angeles United States – Miami
United States – New Jersey United States – New York United States – Phoenix

Oceania Servers List

Thought Atlas VPN would leave out the chance to access Kiwi and Oceania content from anywhere? Think again!

Australia New Zealand

South America Servers List

Feel like streaming Canal 7 from Brazil? Need to unblock your Banco Macro online account from abroad? Want to check in on what’s going on elsewhere in South America? These are the Atlas VPN servers to connect to.

Argentina Brazil Chile

What Is the AtlasVPN Quick Connect Feature?

disconnected to atlas vpn

The Atlas VPN Quick Connect feature is a handy button connecting you to preferred servers without manually rummaging through the list.

The best part is that you can configure it to automatically connect you to choice servers.

atlas vpn quick connect settings

For example, you can choose that this button connects you to the following:

  • Fastest Location. Best when you need a VPN to encrypt your internet activity over any server without sacrificing speed.
  • Nearest Location. Best when you need any server to protect your internet activity without losing access to local content.
  • All. Allows you to choose a location that the VPN always connects you to. Best if you have specific needs, e.g., set the US server if you always use the VPN to stream US content.
  • Streaming Servers. Preferred if you use the VPN to unblock content from specific locations. Note that you can only choose the streaming-optimized servers.
  • SafeSwap Servers. Helps you get that extra privacy right out of the box once you launch the VPN and hit the button.
  • MultiHop+. Instantly encrypts your internet connection twice for stable extra privacy and protection.

Configuring the Quick Connect feature doesn’t mean you can’t connect to any of the other servers anymore. Search for other servers, if need be, and click them to connect.

Are Atlas VPN Servers Down? 7 Fixes to Try

5gb left for free atlas vpn
The free AtlasVPN is limited and may give you issues. Switch to the paid option

Atlas VPN is a reliable VPN with significant uptime and didn’t fail me during the two-week testing period. However, all tech fails at some point.

If that happens here, try these fixes (in no order):

  • Check your internet connection. A poor, unstable or unavailable internet connection can’t sustain a VPN connection. So, ensure your internet service is active first.
  • Update the VPN app. Ensure your Atlas VPN app is up to date to rule out bugs interfering with the app’s connectivity.
  • Change your VPN protocols. Atlas VPN uses WireGuard and IKEv2, both stable protocols but sometimes erratic on some networks. Switch the protocols if your network/device isn’t playing well with one.
  • Disconnect and reconnect. Atlas VPN has multiple servers in each location. So, disconnect and reconnect to your preferred location to get another server there.
  • Change server location. Some locations (like the US and UK) have multiple locations (cities) you can connect to. Try alternate cities if you’re having issues with one.
  • Upgrade to the paid app. You’ll only get 3 AtlasVPN servers on the free app, which are prone to getting overcrowded. Upgrade to the paid app with these exclusive discounts to stop suffering such inconvenience.
  • Contact customer support. Contact AtlasVPN’s customer support to troubleshoot the issue if all else fails.
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Frequently Asked Questions

AtlasVPN doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses, only shared IP addresses.

Atlas VPN has P2P-optimized servers designed for torrenting and secure file-sharing, but they’re not listed or categorized on the app. Thus, you may have to test different servers to get the best options for P2P tasks. Or you can reach out to Atlas VPN customer support personnel to get the best P2P servers.

Atlas VPN lacks the OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) protocols which are usually used for obfuscation by most providers. It also has no specialty servers dedicated to obfuscating your internet traffic. Instead, it provides SafeSwap servers and MutliHop+ servers for extra protection, but they don’t do the work of obfuscated servers.

Go Round the Globe With Atlas

Atlas VPN has one of the smallest server networks of all VPNs I’ve used. 

Still, it makes up for that with its affordability, reliability, and unlimited device connections. If you’ve been wondering what locations you’ll be able to get an IP address in over this VPN service, I’m sure the guide above explains it.

If you’re still skeptical, you can grab these AtlasVPN discounts to test the VPN risk-free for 30 days. And if it’s not your cup of tea, you can always get a full refund before the trial ends.

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