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How to Play Roblox With Atlas VPN?

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You can play Roblox with Atlas VPN to avoid DDoS attacks and reduce lags.

Atlas VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and numerous servers, allowing you to enjoy fast gaming speeds with reduced lag and improved ping

This also prevents ISP throttling, giving you more freedom to create games and connect with more people on Roblox.

Keep reading to learn more about playing Roblox with Atlas VPN.

How to Play Roblox With Atlas VPN on a PC?

You can play Roblox with Atlas VPN on your PC by following the steps below. 

I’ll be demonstrating with my Macbook:

  1. Buy an Atlas VPN subscription and install the app on your PC.
  2. Go to Settings > Protocol and check “WireGuard.” This is the best protocol for fast speeds when gaming.
atlas vpn wireguard protocol
  1. Launch the Atlas VPN app and connect to a server. I recommend the closest server to you.
atlas vpn location search bar
  1. And voila! You can now explore the Roblox world and create a new experience.
access roblox using atlas vpn on new jersey server

How to Play Roblox With Atlas VPN on Console?

You can play Roblox with Atlas VPN on your console to keep DDoS attacks away, improve your chances of meeting new people in new regions, and enjoy smoother gameplay. Since Atlas VPN doesn’t offer Smart DNS or router support, you’ll have to set it up via a virtual router from your PC:

  1. Buy an Atlas VPN subscription and install the app on your PC.
  2. Set up Atlas VPN as a virtual PC router. Check out this guide for easy steps.
  3. After following the steps in the above article, confirm the connection is successful.
  4. And that’s it! Launch your console and enjoy riding on Obby But You’re on a Bike.
play roblox on console using atlas vpn

How to Unblock Roblox Anywhere With Atlas VPN?

If you live in a country/city where Roblox is blocked, like North Korea or the UAE, here’s a stepwise guide to help you bypass this with Atlas VPN:

  1. Buy an Atlas VPN subscription and install the app on your preferred Roblox device.
  2. Go to Settings > Security and toggle Kill Switch. This will block your direct internet access if the VPN connection drops, ensuring your game isn’t blocked again.
atlas vpn kill switch enabled
  1. Go to Settings > Protocol and choose WireGuard for fast speeds. OpenVPN would be the preferred protocol here, but Atlas VPN lacks it.
  2. Connect to a server location where Roblox isn’t blocked. I recommend a US or UK server.
atlas vpn connected to new jersey server
  1. Launch Roblox and show off your skills in Blade Ball.
playing roblox blade ball using atlas vpn

Roblox Not Working With Atlas VPN? Try These Easy Fixes

Here are some hacks if Roblox isn’t working with Atlas VPN after following the steps above.

Relaunch Atlas VPN

The first hack to try if you’re having trouble using Roblox with Atlas VPN is to log out and exit the Roblox app. After that, log out and quit the Atlas VPN app, too.

Then, relaunch Atlas VPN, login, connect to a server and relaunch Roblox.

Connect to Another Server

If relaunching both apps fails, try a different server. The issue could be with the chosen server being congested. If that’s the case, simply disconnect, choose another server location, connect, and relaunch Roblox.

Switch Networks

Alternatively, the problem could be with your network connection. 

The best solution in this case would be to switch from your WiFi or cellular network or vice versa and try connecting again.

Uninstall the Atlas VPN App

If none of the above tricks work, uninstall your Atlas VPN app, reinstall after some minutes, set up, and connect again.

Customer Support

If you’re not progressing after the fixes above, go to your Atlas VPN app and click Support to discuss the problem with a customer care officer.

atlas vpn support

Unfortunately, Atlas VPN doesn’t have a live chat support system. 

So, you’ll have to email and wait for the response.

Can Atlas VPN Free Version Unblock Roblox?

Atlas VPN’s free version can unblock Roblock, but you’ll get generally poorer performance, slow speed, and higher ping. Since Atlas VPN’s three free servers are in locations where Roblox isn’t banned, you can connect to any of them and bypass Roblox restrictions from anywhere. However, the premium version gives you access to over 40 locations and 1000+ servers.

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Avoid DDoS Attacks on Roblox With Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is an excellent choice for unblocking Roblox in a country where the online game is blocked.

The VPN is also great for avoiding DDoS attacks from other gamers, reducing lag and ping, and having a smooth time playing titles like Adopt Me!

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