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How to Access the Dark Web With IPVanish?

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The safest and most secure way to access the dark web using IPVanish is to download the TOR browser, open TOR through IPVanish, and access the internet anonymously. Using Tor with IPVanish this way adds a layer of security and anonymity between you and any bad actors on the dark web.

If you’re ready to safely jump into the dark web, read on.

How to Set Up and Use IPVanish to Access the Dark Web?

There are two ways to set up and use IPVanish to access the dark web:

  • Tor over IPVanish
  • IPVanish over Tor

To safely access the dark net, you must use the TOR browser. However, using the Tor browser alone isn’t safe. But with a VPN, you get the safest way to access the dark web.

Which method is better? I discuss all those juicy details below. But before anything else, getting IPVanish setup properly is where to start:

  1. Purchase an IPVanish pricing plan. Check out my fantastic time-limited IPVanish discount offer.
  1. Download and install the IPVanish VPN app on your PC.
download ipvanish app
  1. Launch the app and log in to your account using your account credentials.
ipvanish log in
  1. Connect to a server location. I’ll use the Tel Aviv – Israel server for this example.
ipvanish connected to israel server
  1. Download and install the Tor browser. I recommend getting it from the official Tor website in Incognito/private browsing mode.
download tor browser

Method 1: Tor Over IPVanish

The most secure way to pair Tor and IPVanish is by connecting to an IPVanish server before using the Tor browser. This method helps protect your actual IP address at the Tor entry node.

The added benefit is that your ISP is utterly blind to your Tor usage.

However, the downside to this method is a significant speed reduction.

After all, the Tor browser is slow, so adding IPVanish’s encryption can induce further speed gaps. However, remember that you’re doing this for the security. 

Method 2: IPVanish Over Tor

This method requires launching Tor before connecting to an IPVanish server.

However, it’s more challenging to achieve as it requires configuring IPVanish to connect through Tor manually.

The benefit of VPN over Tor is that it offers security from hacked exit nodes since the exit node data gets encrypted through IPVanish. Likewise, this setup method is best for sites that don’t allow Tor connections.

Nevertheless, this method is less secure since your internet service provider can see that you’re using Tor and your entry node can identify your IP address.

So, I recommend sticking to the Tor over IPVanish method.

What Makes IPVanish Ideal to Browse the Dark Web Securely?

ipvanish connected to the optimal location

IPVanish is a top-tier VPN that can help you achieve privacy, security, and online freedom while surfing the dark web. But don’t just take my word for it.

Here are some features that make it ideal for accessing the dark web:

  • Bypass Internet Censorship/Restrictions: IPVanish can help you combat Internet censorship and use the dark web securely. It’s also an excellent tool for activists or government whistleblowers to freely access and use the information on dark web sites without fear of persecution.
  • Avoid ISP Throttling: Your ISP monitors your internet traffic and can intentionally slow your connection to disrupt your activities If they notice you’re connecting to certain websites, like via Tor. Using IPVanish ensures you shield your online activities from ISPs and government surveillance, bypassing throttling.
  • Halt Bad Actors: The dark web is dangerous, and your personal information/online data may fall into the wrong hands there. IPVanish shields your traffic from man-in-the-middle attacks, malware, corrupted ads, and links to help you avoid hackers and other bad actors.
  • Bypass Geo-Targeting: IPVanish helps mask your location and prevents marketers, search engines, web admins, dark web users, and other third parties from tracking your IP address, which can be traced back to your actual location.
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Surf the Dark Web Anonymously Using IPVanish

Accessing and browsing the dark web is easy, but you risk encountering disturbing, illicit, or obscene activities. Not to mention, you risk falling prey to hackers or other malicious actors.

Thus, combining IPVanish with the Tor browser is best to shield your traffic from ISP or government monitoring and access Onion sites without fearing persecution.

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