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60+ Video Marketing Statistics, Facts & Trends

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The growth of video as a storytelling medium is not missed by businesses, many of which use video as a marketing tool.

These video marketing statistics reflect the prevalence of video in consumers’ preferences and its widespread adoption by brands in their marketing strategy.

I will cover the statistics of businesses using videos across various platforms and how they measure their success. I will also provide insights on video marketing spending and show how the audience responds to video marketing.

Top 8 Video Marketing Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • 70% of companies produced video content at least once a month in 2022.
  • Video marketing content was the most successful content for 45% of companies in 2022.
  • In 2022, video marketing increased brand awareness for 95% of companies.
  • 89% of people who watched a marketing video in 2023 were convinced to buy a product/service.
  • Video advertising spending in the US amounted to $67.16 billion in 2022.
  • 91% of people want more video content from brands in 2023.
  • In 2023, YouTube will be the most popular and effective video marketing platform.
  • Most marketing videos produced in 2022 were short-form videos.


top 8 video marketing statistics
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Usage of Video Marketing by Businesses - Statistics, Facts, and Trends

1. 93% of companies will use video marketing in 2023.

The figure constituted a 5% increase from the years 2022 and 2021, when 86% of businesses were using videos in their marketing strategy.

2. 17% of video marketers used video for the first time in their marketing in 2022.

34% of these companies used videos in their marketing because they saw how much quicker and faster it had become to create them.

3. 56.7% of companies reported having a video strategy in 2022.

That is 2% lower than in 2021. 43.3% of marketers did not feel they had a video strategy in 2022.

4. 30% of companies that avoid video marketing in 2023 do so due to the lack of time.

18% of companies that don’t use video in their marketing do not know what to start with. Meanwhile, 10% cannot demonstrate the added value of video marketing to their stakeholders.

5. In 2021, the main challenge for 48% of American video marketers was not making the most of existing video content.

43% of US-based marketers cited the lack of in-house video skills as their most acute pain point. Lack of budget was another big challenge (for 40% of marketers).

6. 71% of companies’ marketing videos in 2022 were social media videos.

Here is a table outlining other types of marketing videos created by companies in 2022:

Types of Video Percentage of Companies That Created Them
Explainers 70%
Presentation videos 50%
Testimonials 46%
Video adverts 46%
Teasers 42%
Sales videos 40%
Product demos 36%
Customer onboarding videos 21%
Staff training videos 20%
App demos 15%

7. 63% of businesses used video on their websites in 2022.

The same amount of businesses used videos in their social media channels.

54% of marketers used YouTube and 59% used video content in sales conversations.

8. In 2021, 74% of video marketing content was explainer videos.

68% of brands’ videos were social media videos. Customer testimonials constituted 46% of all marketing videos created in 2021.

9. Pre-produced videos were the second-most popular content marketing tactic in Q1-2 of 2021.

Such videos were used by 66% of B2B marketers in that time. 19% of such marketers relied on live-streamed content.

10. 70% of companies produced video content at least once a month in 2022.

30% of them released videos monthly and 29.9% weekly. Only 9.4% of these companies produced videos daily.

11. The high-tech industry produced an average of 882 videos in 2021.

721 of these videos were user-generated.

Here is a table illustrating the average number of videos produced by players in other industries in 2021 and the average number of user-generated videos in that industry:

Industry Average Number of Videos Produced in 2021 Average Number of User-Generated Videos Produced in 2021
Media & Entertainment 797 675
Communications 642 539
FMCG 531 305
Education & public services 515 423
Financial services 510 364
Manufacturing & distribution 253 181
Healthcare 205 112
Real estate 155 99

12. 65% of American content marketers made use of how-to videos in 2021.

58% of US-based marketers used video content featuring influencer interviews. 

Case studies videos and videos about employees were each used by 51% of American marketers.

13. In 2022, 89% of video marketers relied on pre-produced videos for engagement.

Live stream videos were also relied upon by 89% of marketers. And 83% preferred videos with interactive content.

14. As of summer 2022, videos were the US's second most popular B2C marketing content.

Video marketing was used by 71% of American B2C marketers in their marketing campaigns in the first half of 2022. 17% of such marketers also relied on live-streamed content.

15. The revenue increase was the top video marketing goal for 33% of marketers for 2022.

Brand awareness and product advertising were the top video marketing goals for 32% of video marketers. Customer retention was the least popular goal, with only 23% of video marketers prioritizing it.

16. Live videos and brand videos were the most popular video marketing content in 2021.

Both types were used by 53% of video marketers in 2021. Other popular types of video content were product demos (51%) and social media videos (48%).

17. Instagram was the French community managers’ favorite video platform in Q1-Q3 2022.

83% used Instagram to post video marketing content. Facebook and YouTube were in the second (75%) and third (54%) place, respectively.

18. As of spring 2022, videos and podcasts were the fifth most popular marketing channel for UK B2C companies.

This channel was the primary marketing channel for 7.92% of British B2C marketers in the first half of 2022.

b2c companies popular marketing channels in uk
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19. As of Q1 2022, video marketing was considered the third-most effective method for generating top-of-the-funnel demand in B2B.

Videos were considered most effective for demand generation in that section of the funnel by 27% of B2B marketers. The most popular method was webinars, endorsed by 45% of marketers.

Video Marketing Success Metrics - Statistics, Facts, and Trends

20. Video marketing content was the most successful content for 45% of companies in 2022.

Short-form articles and success stories were in second and third place of best-performing content at 31% and 28%, respectively.

21. In 2022, video marketing increased brand awareness for 95% of companies.

For 94% of companies, video marketing increased user understanding of their offering. That figure increased up to 96% in 2023.

22. 83% of marketers used video analytics in 2021.

43% of these marketers used “Basic” analytics – views and shares. 30% used “Intermediate” analytics, which offers simple insights into viewing behavior.

23. 62% of businesses used the engagement metric to measure a video’s success in 2021.

Such engagement included likes, shares, and comments rather than views.

Views were considered an important metric by 61% of marketers in 2021.

24. In 2022, 63% of companies gauged a video’s success by the number of views.

Here is an overview of other video marketing success metrics used by businesses in 2022:

Metric Percentage of Companies
Engagement 61%
Leads and clicks 56%
Brand awareness 43%
Viewer retention 42%
Sales figures 26%

25. Increased assisted conversions in the sales cycle were the key success indicator of video marketing for 42% of businesses in 2022.

An increase in website traffic and social engagement were also important video success metrics. SEO ranking was ranked the least significant KPI.

26. In 2023, video marketing is helping 90% of businesses generate leads.

And for 87% of marketers, video marketing is helping increase sales and website dwell time in 2023.

27. Video marketing is helping reduce support queries for 53% of companies in 2023.

This figure represents an increase of 4% from 49% of businesses in 2022.

28. 89% of people who watched a marketing video in 2023 were convinced to buy a product/service.

For software products specifically, that figure constitutes 79% of people in 2023 – the same as in 2021. It also constitutes an increase of 1% from 2022.

29. Product-themed videos had the best ROI for 66% of businesses in 2022.

Here is a table specifying the types of video content that had the biggest ROI in 2022 and the percentage of companies that benefitted from it:

Type of Video Percentage of Businesses
Product demos and teasers 66%
Trendy videos (on news etc.) 55%
Funny videos 53%
Interactive videos 52%
“Behind-the-scenes” videos 52%
Educational videos 51%
Brand values-related videos 49%

30. 19% of companies ran A/B tests on video content in 2022.

Over 60% of companies did not run such marketing tests. 21% of businesses were unaware that this was possible.

31. 44% of marketers used video performance analytics as part of their video strategy in 2021.

Here is a breakdown of other data and concepts integrated into marketing strategies during that period:

Concept Percentage of Marketers Using It in Their Video Strategy
In-video CTAs 38%
Channel analytics 38%
Centralized video CMS 33%
Video personalization 31%
Viewer engagement tracking by individual 31%
Access control for private content 30%
Videos with embedded forms 24%
Synchronization of viewer engagement data to CRM 18%

Video Marketing Spending - Statistics & Trends

32. Video advertising spending in the US amounted to $67.16 billion in 2022.

This spending is projected to increase to $78.65 billion in 2023.

33. 42% of companies spend below $500 on an average marketing video.

In 2023, 43% of marketers spend between $500 and $5000 on an average marketing video. And for 4% of businesses, an average video costs $20k.

34. 48% of marketers are planning to invest in live-action videos in 2023.

30% of companies are looking to invest in animated videos in 2023.

21% will be investing in screen-capture video content.

35. 52% of video marketers saw their budget increase in 2022.

21-30% of the marketing teams’ budget was spent on making videos in 2022.

For 65% of the in-house marketing teams, video production comprised the lion’s share of that budget.

36. 38.3% of companies plan to increase their video marketing budget in 2023.

For 14.8% of these companies, the marketing video budget will increase by over 10%. Only 2.9% of organizations plan to reduce their video budget.

37. Video design and animation were the second-most outsourced marketing services in 2022.

43% of video marketers hired an external party to carry out video marketing services in 2022.

outsourced video marketing services
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38. 58% of small businesses used in-house resources to create video marketing content in 2021.

Only 19% of small companies and 21% of large enterprises fully outsourced the creation of video content.

39. In 2022, the average minimum price per sponsored YouTube video was $2,500 for over 1 million views.

If a business ordered a sponsored YouTube video with 500k-1 million views, the minimum price would have been $1,105. The maximum price for a video with that viewership could be as high as $16,234

User Preferences for Marketing Videos - Statistics, Trends, and Audience Insights

40. 91% of people want more video content from brands in 2023.

In 2022, that figure amounted to 88% of people.

41. 34% of consumers wanted to see more authentic videos from brands on social media in 2022.

On the other hand, 26% of consumers that followed brands on social media preferred more polished and produced video content.

42. 96% of consumers will turn to video content to learn more about a product in 2023.

This figure will constitute an increase of 2% from 2022.

43. Exclusive video content from a brand was a primary driver for recommendations for 14% of US consumers in 2022.

Here is an overview of how video marketing influenced consumers’ decisions to recommend a brand online in different countries in 2022:

Country Percentage of Consumers Recommending the Brand Due to Its Video Content
USA 14%
UK 11%
Germany 12%
Italy 12%
Brazil 20%
Australia 13%
Russia 17%

44. 68% of American Generation X consumers preferred to watch online video shopping events on social media in 2022.

24% preferred to watch such videos on the brand’s website. Meanwhile, 66% of millennials preferred social media for this video content, and 28% preferred the brand’s website.

45. 44% of American consumers who have purchased from an online video watched such videos daily in 2022.

26% watched online shopping video content every week. Only 10% rarely watched such videos.

46. In Q3 of 2022, 16.7% of Japanese consumers used video sites for brand discovery.

For Hong Kong, the corresponding figure is 12% for the relevant period.

47. As of Q1 2022, 50.7% of Chinese consumers preferred short video placements above other marketing tactics.

20% of Chinese consumers preferred e-commerce live-streaming as a marketing channel.

Video Marketing Technical Statistics

48. Over 50% of marketers used links to video ads in 2022 to generate leads.

Here is an overview of the technical means used by marketers in 2022 to generate leads via video marketing:

Lead Generation Method Percentage of Marketers Using the Method in 2022
Links to social media video ads 53%
Links to landing pages in video descriptions 49%
Embedding videos on the website 48%
Embedding videos in marketing emails 42%
In-app shopping 3%

49. In 2021, 78% of marketers recognized the importance of integrating video tools into sales technology.

Only 5% of marketers did not consider it important to integrate video-making and sharing tools into the sales tech stack.

50. 45% of marketers that used their own video equipment reported a high ROI of video marketing in 2022.

Only 29% of marketers who rent their video equipment described their video marketing ROI as high.”

51. 78% of video marketers used accessibility features in their marketing videos in 2022.

These features included subtitles and captions, transcripts, and accessible media players. 74% of marketers tried to minimize the impact of autoplay.

YouTube Video Marketing Statistics

52. As of July 2022, YouTube was considered the most effective B2C marketing tool by 45% of B2C companies worldwide.

YouTube was tied with Instagram as the world’s second most popular B2C marketing tool. LinkedIn took the lead, with 49%.

53. In 2022, YouTube was used by 77% of video marketers.

The second and third-most popular platforms were HubSpot and Vimeo.

Each was favored by 36% of video marketers.

54. In 2023, YouTube will be the most popular and effective video marketing platform.

Here is a breakdown of the popularity and effectiveness of various platforms for video marketing in 2023:

Platform Percentage of Companies That Use It Percentage of Companies That Find It Most Effective
YouTube 90% 78%
LinkedIn 79% 69%
Instagram 79% 67%
Facebook 86% 59%
Webinar 60% 49%
Interactive Videos 31% 27%
TikTok 35% 27%
Twitter 54% 24%

55. YouTube offered the highest ROI among social media platforms for 14% of B2B and B2C marketers in 2022.

TikTok offered the highest ROI to 15% of B2B and B2C marketers worldwide – on par with Instagram.

Short-Form Video Marketing Statistics

56. In 2022, 83% of marketers considered the best videos under 60 seconds.

And 36% of marketers believed that the most impactful videos were between one and three minutes long.

57. In Q1-Q2 2022, 39% of marketers considered short-form videos to have the highest ROI.

Such videos were under 60 seconds. Meanwhile, 16% of video marketers believed long-form videos (over 3 minutes) to have the highest ROI.

58. 73% of consumers preferred short-form videos to other forms of marketing content in 2021.

Only 3% of consumers preferred to watch a webinar or attend a sales call or demo to watching a short-form video.

59. In 2022, 66% of consumers considered short-form videos the most engaging content.

37% of consumers preferred live videos to other types of content. 

Long-form videos were popular among 24% of them.

video content consumers
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60. Most marketing videos produced in 2022 were short-form videos.

Over 4.7 million videos produced in 2022 were less than 60 seconds long.

The number of short-form videos released in 2021 is 0.4 million higher (5.1 million).

Is Video Marketing Here to Stay?

It is clear that video is a growing marketing channel, and more companies are adopting it in their marketing strategy every year.

Additionally, judging from the video marketing statistics in this article, video views and engagement are important metrics of how well video content is performing for many companies.

For example, many consumers find video content, especially short-form content, more engaging than other types. For that reason, companies are investing in video marketing and reporting high ROI from different video channels.

The above applies not only to B2C companies but also to B2B players.

Check out our article on B2B marketing statistics for more insights!

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