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45+ Stripe Statistics, Facts & Trends

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The fintech SaaS unicorn Stripe is popular among online merchants and other businesses.

In this article, I will explore Stripe’s market reach and user base around the world and look at its financial situation, investments, and ventures.

Top 6 Stripe Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Stripe’s market share in payment processing is 20.09%.
  • Stripe invested over $1 billion in 2021.
  • As of March 2023, over 1.1 million live websites are using Stripe.
  • Cisco.com is a Stripe-powered website with the highest revenue.
  • The Stripe-powered website with the most followers is the New York Times.
  • Over 10 thousand organizations were using Stripe Connect as of Q2 2022.


top 6 stripe statistics
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Stripe Market & Revenue Statistics & Trends

1. Stripe’s net revenue reached $2.5 billion in 2021.

The total gross revenue of the fintech provider reached nearly $12 billion that year. 

It resulted from Stripe processing payments of $640 billion across 50 countries in 2021. 

In 2022, Stripe’s gross revenue increased to $14.4 billion.

2. In Q3 2022, Stripe was valued at $74 billion.

That valuation constituted a decrease of 28% from 2021’s valuation of the fintech company at $95 billion. In January 2023, Stripe cut the valuation again – this time by 11%, valuing the company at $63 billion.

3. As of 2021, Stripe was USA’s biggest fintech company.

At the time, the company was valued at $95 billion. The Buy Now Pay Later fintech solution Klarna was the second biggest fintech company in the American market, valued at $31 billion.

4. Stripe’s market share in payment processing is 20.09%.

It is the second most popular payment processing company after PayPal, which has a share of 40.80% as of 2023. Shopify Pay Installments is in third place, with a 13.85% market share. Stripe’s secondary product Stripe Checkout is in sixth place, with a share of 1.55%.

5. As of March 2023, Stripe is available in 47 countries.

The regions include the EU, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, India, and the UAE, among others. For the Philippines and Indonesia, Stripe is available by invitation only. However, Stripe can accept payments worldwide.

6. Stripe’s clients include Atlassian, Le Monde, and Spotify.

Here is an overview of several Stripe clients with a large outreach:

Client Name Acquisition Year Service Provided
Atlassian 2021 Single payment and billing platform
GoFundMe 2021 Seamless and optimized donation experience
Ford 2022 Scale online payment structure
Spotify 2022 Support for monetization of creators’ work on Spotify
Le Monde 2022 Support with international subscriptions

7. Stripe let go of 14% of their workforce in O4 of 2022.

The layoffs affected over 1,000 employees of the fintech company.

As a result, Stripe’s workforce amounted to almost 7,000.

Stripe Investment Statistics, Facts & Trends

8. In March 2021, Stripe raised $600 million in a Series H funding round.

The investment led to a $95 billion dollar valuation for the fintech company.

Since then, Stripe had completed two more funding rounds with undisclosed amounts – a venture round in June 2021 and a Secondary Market round in June 2022.

9. In 2023, Stripe is planning to raise $4 billion.

This round is based on a valuation of $55 billion. The funding is expected to be completed by the end of March 2023.

10. Stripe invested over $1 billion in 2021.

The investment of $1.1 billion was spread across 14 companies.

Seven of them, including Safepay and Step Mobile, are in the payments fintech space. Others offer bookkeeping-as-a-service, payroll-as-a-service, and customer support and collaboration features.

11. Stripe acquired four companies in 2021.

These companies were app ecosystems manager OpenChannel, payment reconciliation software provider Recko, tax software provider Tax Jar, and card verification platform Bouncer.

12. In Q2-Q3 2022, Stripe invested in 4 startups.

Here is a breakdown of these investments:

Startup Name Startup Offering Investment Amount Round
Pulley Cap table management platform $40 million (Stripe + 6 others) Series B
Dream Management System Digital marketing and e-learning training $578k (Stripe + 8 others) Seed
Manara Identifying and vetting talent $7 million (Stripe + 6 others) Pre-seed
Complete Creation and collaboration of compensation practices $4 million (Stripe + 3 others) Seed

Stripe Usage Statistics, Facts & Trends

13. As of March 2023, over 1.1 million live websites are using Stripe.

The precise figure is 1,156,323 websites worldwide. That constitutes a third of all websites that have ever used Stripe, including those no longer using it (3,684,763).

14. One thousand four hundred companies joined Stripe every day in 2021.

That does not include the average of 100 non-profits who joined Stripe every day that year. In addition, over 100 companies passed the $1 million mark in sales with Stripe every day in 2021.

15. 75.8% of Stripe Payment customers have a revenue of less than $10 million.

As of March 2023, only 15.9% of Stripe Payment customers report revenue between $10-100 million. 6.2% of Stripe Payment customers earn revenue between $100 million – $1 billion.

Stripe Usage Statistics by Region

16. 50.1% of Stripe Payment customers are from the USA.

The UK makes up 12.8% of the Stripe Payment customer segment.

Australia and Canada make up 9.9% and 7.6% of the market, respectively.

17. As of 2022, the market share of US websites that use Stripe for payment processing was 5.59%.

Here is a table illustrating the market share of online merchants that are powered by Stripe around the world:

Country Market Share
France 9.26%
Estonia 7.92%
Norway 6.95%
Morocco 5.76%
UK 5.65%
UAE 5.21%
Canada 4.31%
Australia 3.5%
Brazil 0.77%

18. In the US, Stripe has 661,318 customer websites as of March 2023.

Here is an overview of some US states with the most websites that use Stripe.

US State Number of Websites From the Region That Use Stripe
California 32,183
New York 21,318
Florida 14,059
Texas 13,380
Georgia 6,105
Illinois 5,817
Pennsylvania 4,955
Arizona 4,872
North Carolina 4,628
Massachusetts 4,553

19. New York City is home to the largest amount of American websites using Stripe.

21,318 Stripe customer websites are based in New York City, as of March 2023.

San Francisco is in second place, with 3,076 Stripe customer websites.

Here is an overview of the US cities with the largest number of Stripe-powered websites in different states:

State City Number of Stripe-Integrated Websites
California San Francisco 3,076
New York New York City 21,318
Florida Miami 2,135
Georgia Atlanta 1,676
Illinois Chicago 1,754
Pennsylvania Philadelphia 697
Arizona Scottsdale 1,581
North Carolina Charlotte 692
Washington Seattle 1,231
Ohio Columbus 409

20. Most Texan Stripe-powered websites are in Austin.

Austin, TX, is home to 1,945 websites that use Stripe as of March 2023.

Houston is a close second, with 1,881 Stripe-powered websites.

21. Almost 23,000 websites in Canada are using Stripe as of March 2023.

Over a quarter of the 22,996 websites are based in the Ontario region (home to the city of Toronto) – 6,456 in total.

22. 67,902 websites in the UK are using Stripe as of March 2023.

Here is a table illustrating some UK regions where those websites, which are Stripe’s customers, originate from.

UK Region Number of Websites in the Region That Use Stripe
London 843
Berkshire 267
Greater Manchester 228
West Midlands 196
West Yorkshire 125
Surrey 124
Merseyside 104

23. France has 39,012 Stripe customer websites.

As of March 2023, the Paris region (Île de France) is home to 509 Stripe customers – the highest amount in France. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is in second place, with 101 Stripe customers.

24. One-fifth of German websites that use Stripe is located in Berlin.

Out of 26,238 Stripe-powered websites in Germany, 5,209 are based in Berlin as of March 2023. Transparency International generates the largest amount of revenue out of these companies (over $2.3 million).

25. Italy is home to 18,412 Stripe-integrated websites.

The Lombardy region has the most websites that use Stripe – 1,874 as of March 2023. The Lazio region is a close second, with 1,040 Stripe-integrating websites.

26. As of March 2023, the Swedish website influence.bloglovin.com has the most revenue of all EU Stripe-powered websites.

The revenue of the blogging platform Activate, formerly known as Bloglovin, which uses Stripe, is over $8 million. It has over 2000 followers.

27. Ireland-originating Stripe-powered online merchants had the highest market share in the EU in 2022.

The websites powered by Stripe had an 11.52% market share of Irish online retailers. Slovenia and France were in second and third place, with a 10.38% and 9.26% share, respectively.

28. 32,542 Australian websites use Stripe as of March 2023.

One-fifth (6,572) are located in the New South Wales region.

The website that generates the highest revenue via Stripe in that region (over $786k) belongs to the Bunnings Warehouse garden center chain.

29. The LATAM region has 16,923 websites powered by Stripe.

As of March 2023, the Latin America (LATAM)-based Stripe-powered website which generates the most revenue ($2.3 million) is the ticket booking operator for Buenos Aires-based events.

websites by stripe in latam region
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30. 5,297 live Japanese websites are powered by Stripe in March 2023.

The website of the Japanese company Nikkei is the country’s Stripe-powered website with the highest amount of followers – over 3 million.

31. As of March 2023, India has 11,657 Stripe-integrated live websites.

The company Nalli, which sells sarees, is behind the Indian Stripe-powered website with the highest sales revenue of over $326 thousand. India’s Stripe-powered website with the highest number of followers (over 300 thousand) is the website of “The Caravan” magazine.

Stripe Usage Statistics by Industry

32. The professional services industry makes up 27.3% of Stripe Payment’s customer segment.

Here is a breakdown of other industries by their share of the Stripe Payment customer base as of March 2023:

Industry Percentage
Hospitality and leisure 12.5%
Retail 10.5%
Healthcare 8.1%
Manufacturing 7.5%
Non-profit 7.4%
Distribution 4.8%
Education 4.7%
Real estate 4.6%
Media 2.3%
Consumer goods 2.1%
Automotive 1.6%
Communications 0.9%

33. Cisco.com is a Stripe-powered website with the highest revenue.

As of March 2023, the revenue of the American tech company’s website powered by Stripe was over $25 million.

34. The Stripe-powered website with the most followers is the New York Times.

The NY times website has over 10 million followers – the highest amount of followers a website using Stripe has as of 2023. Target, Buzzfeed, and Tesla websites are in second place, with over 5 million followers each.

35. Canva is the Stripe-powered website with the largest amount of followers outside the US.

The Australian web design powerhouse has over 150 thousand followers – more than any other non-US website powered by Stripe.

36. Amazon, Apple, and AliExpress are the top 3 companies that use Stripe.

As of 2023, other top retailers include Etsy, Target, Asos, and Farfetch.

37. In January 2023, Stripe entered a strategic partnership with Amazon.

Under the partnership, Stripe will become Amazon’s main payments provider in North America and Europe across most of Amazon’s offerings, including Prime, Kindle, etc.

In return, Stripe will capitalize on AWS’ scalability and suite of tools for data security and processing efficiency.

Stripe Products Statistics & Trends

38. The Stripe payments plugin for WordPress has over 40 thousand users.

The open-source Stripe plugin is used by WordPress users that want to accept payments on their WordPress website. However, the WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin is more popular among them, with over 500 thousand users having installed it as of March 2023.

stripe payments plugin used by wordpress users
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Stripe Connect Statistics & Trends

39. Over 10 thousand organizations were using Stripe Connect as of Q2 2022.

Over 60% of Stripe Connect users, including Salesforce and Xero, were software platforms. They used Stripe Connect to combine the subscription revenue streams with payment monetization.

40. As of March 2023, 158,269 companies are using Stripe Connect.

Almost 20,000 of these organizations are in the Business Services industry.

The retail segment and the manufacturing segment follow closely with 14,851 and 13,639 users, respectively.

41. Over 1,500 software development companies in EMEA are using Stripe Connect.

For the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, the figure is 729 for such organizations.

Here is a breakdown of the number of organizations across different industries and regions that are using Stripe Connect as of March 2023:

Type of Organization EMEA Stripe Connect Users APAC Stripe Connect Users North America Stripe Connect Users LATAM Stripe Connect Users
Software developers & tech consultants 1,597 729 2,487 123
Software manufacturers 1,503 543 3,092 75
Marketing & PR 1,426 514 2,618 99
HR 817 282 N/A 58
Food & Beverages (excluding restaurants) 811 302 N/A 54
Restaurants 806 322 1,645 36
Healthcare organizations 770 468 2,791 30
Newspapers & News services 576 N/A 1,385 N/A

Stripe Climate Statistics & Trends

42. In 2022, Stripe & other tech companies launched a venture committing to buy $925 million of carbon removals by 2030.

The venture known as Frontier is an advance market commitment made by Stripe, Google, Meta, and Shopify to purchase captured carbon in that amount.

The goal is to scale the deployment of technologies that fight climate change and make it easier for other companies to approach carbon removal.

43. Stripe Climate supported 25 carbon removal projects in 2021 and 2022.

These projects include, among others, Captura, which harnesses the ocean for scalable carbon removal via an electrochemical process; Lithos, which accelerates the capture of CO2 in croplands; and CarbonBuilt, which converts CO2 into low-carbon concrete alternative.

44. As of December 2021, over 15,000 companies joined Stripe Climate.

The Stripe Climate program allows companies to direct a portion of their Stripe revenue toward supporting Stripe’s carbon removal initiatives. As of December 2021, companies from 40 countries joined the program.

Stripe Issuing Statistics & Trends

45. As of 2021, Stripe Issuing was available in 21 countries.

Stripe Issuing, which allows businesses to create and distribute branded payment cards, became available in the UK, the USA, and 19 EU countries in 2021.

available countries for stripe issuing
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46. CarbonPay was able to deploy their carbon-offsetting cards with Stripe Issuing in 20 weeks.

In 2022, the fintech provider CarbonPay partnered with Stripe Issuing and Stripe Climate to launch sustainable pre-paid payment cards. The company offsets 1 kg of carbon for each $1.50 spent using the cards.

47. In 2022, Karat Financial launched a fintech product for creators in 3 months with Stripe Issuing.

Stripe issuing allowed Karat, which offers financial services for creators, launch a line of virtual and physical cards to support content creators with access to credit.

Stripe integration took three weeks to deploy. This project has quadrupled the creators’ spending power.

Stripe Atlas Statistics & Trends

48. As of 2021, over 20,000 businesses were using Stripe Atlas.

These businesses generated over 3 billion in revenue as of 2021

43% of these businesses were built by first-time founders.

Is Stripe a Good Fintech Solution for Your Business?

If you are in the e-commerce space and want to attract customers from different countries, Stripe could be an excellent solution, as it is easy to implement via its API, and the offerings such as Stripe Links make it easy for customers to buy your product.

However, not every industry is as ready for fintech as e-commerce. 

So, when deciding to choose a payment provider, consider your audience and whether Stripe would add value for them – and, in turn, for you.

To get more insights on fintech adoption amongst consumers, check out our article on mobile banking statistics!

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