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5 Best VPNs for Argentina: Safe and Fast Streaming

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Surfshark is the best VPN for Argentina overall, with 3200+ servers in 100 countries to unblock content anywhere. Also, Surfshark offers reliable privacy, fast streaming speeds, and robust security, all at affordable subscription plans.

I tested other VPNs and found four equally-impressive VPNs to watch Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Line of Duty on Netflix Argentina while enjoying maximum security.

There’s ExpressVPN (unmatched speeds), CyberGhost (extensive server library), NordVPN (best-in-market security techniques), and Private Internet Access (PIA) (cost-effective).

Top 3 VPNs for Argentina

ExpressVPN different devices

Get protected on Argentine public Wi-Fi with best-in-class AES 256-bit encryption to ward off packet sniffers and snoopers. Likewise, enjoy fast speeds with reliable obfuscation to unblock content from Argentina without VPN traffic blocks.

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Surfshark Devices

Surfshark balances a healthy server count (3200+ servers), speed, privacy, security, and affordability of VPN services to top the charts in Argentina. Thus, you can unblock content in 100 countries, get an Argentine IP address from anywhere, and bypass government censorship without hassles.

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cyberghost supported devices

CyberGhost has an extensive library of 9000+ servers in over 91 countries. Therefore, enjoy web-specialized activities such as streaming, torrenting, and gaming in Argentina and beyond without server overcrowding.

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Watching América, TV Publica, or TV Trece outside Argentina isn’t possible without a VPN. Also, some international streaming libraries, like Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, etc., aren’t accessible while in the country.

Thankfully, you can use my top VPNs for Argentina to enjoy maximum online privacy, bypass the Argentina government censorships, and unblock restricted websites and apps.

Get These VPNs to Bypass Geo-Blocks and Enjoy Online Privacy in Argentina!

Don’t let Cablevisión Fibertel, Telecom, Claro, or your preferred Argentina ISP intrude on your privacy. Get these VPNs to protect your online traffic and bypass Argentina’s geo-blocks:

  • Surfshark – Best Overall With Pocket-Friendly VPN Services for Argentina
  • ExpressVPN – Unmatched Speeds for Streaming and Torrenting in Argentina
  • CyberGhost – 9000+ Servers in 91 Countries to Access Restricted Content in Argentina
  • NordVPN – Robust Security and Privacy to Evade Online Surveillance in Argentina
  • PIA – Most Affordable, Offering Huge Discounts and a 30-Day Free Trial

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Read my tests and findings below for more details on how these VPN providers compare!

Best VPNs for Argentina: Full Analysis and Comparison

It took me 120+ hours testing 20+ VPN service providers to find 5 VPNs that made the cut-off. I weighed the VPNs regarding their security, privacy, server network, device compatibility, affordability, and content-unblocking abilities.

Here’s how each VPN fared.


Surfshark - Best Overall With Pocket-Friendly VPN Services for Argentina

surfshark connected to argentina server location
Location Global Servers Argentina Servers Average Speed Connections Best Offers
 Netherlands 3200+ Virtual servers 28Mbps Unlimited Show Discounts

Surfshark boasts 3200+ servers in 100 locations, making it easier for me to bypass Netflix, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu restrictions in Argentina.

Surfshark also has Argentina servers (although virtual) to keep up to date with TV Trece, América, and TV Publica shows and news while outside the country.

So, why is Surfshark on top of my list even though it doesn’t have the most servers (except compared to ExpressVPN)?

First, the VPN provider offers unlimited simultaneous connections

This is a handy feature for large Argentine families or groups of friends to unblock content and secure internet experiences using a single subscription plan. 

Best of all, Surfshark’s connection speeds are breakneck for HD streaming with zero buffers. In fact, it emerged as the second fastest VPN in my tests, scoring 28Mbps over a 30Mbps connection.

Surfshark also has robust protection measures to protect users’ connection activities. There’s the Camouflage Mode that hides traces of VPN usage, even though it can significantly slow down connection speed when enabled over the OpenVPN protocols.

But if you look past that, you will also enjoy AES 256-bit encryption to hide your online traffic and activities from Argentina’s government surveillance or prying ISPs like Claro. In addition, you get an automatic internet kill switch to prevent IP/DNS leaks if the VPN connection drops.

What’s more, Surfshark subscription plans are very affordable, and you can use one account on its iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android native apps.

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ExpressVPN - Unmatched Speeds for Streaming and Torrenting in Argentina

expressvpn connected to east london server location
Location Global Servers Argentina Servers Average Speed Connections Best Offers
British Virgin Islands 3000+ Physical servers 29Mbps 5 Show Discounts

ExpressVPN outshines its rivals with an average speed of 29Mbps on my 30Mbps connection. Thus, watching The Official Story, Wild Tales, and Nine Queens on Amazon Prime Video was a buffer-free experience.

ExpressVPN also owns a library of 3000+ servers in 94 countries. Unfortunately, this was the least server count I recorded, but it was enough to bypass Argentina’s Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime restrictions.

The fact that ExpressVPN uses fast and automatic obfuscation on all these servers, hiding your VPN traffic from firewalls and ISPs, makes its servers worth more than twice the others.

Even better, ExpressVPN includes physical servers in Argentina, unlike Surshark (offering virtual servers). So you can access Argentina’s local channels like TV Publica and El Trece abroad while enjoying the superior performance of physical servers.

And, if you’re worried about online insecurity, I discovered two ExpressVPN features that laid my mind to rest.

First is its AES 256-bit encryption to stop Argentine hackers and ISPs like TeleCentro from snooping on your internet traffic and activities. 

I tested this using tcpdump and got gibberish texts, meaning anyone prying on you can’t see your online traffic activity!

There’s also a “Network Lock kill switch to prevent IP/DNS leaks on random server disconnections.

Lastly, ExpressVPN offers native iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows apps. I tested its Windows and iOS apps, and the smooth experience was one to beat!

However, you get only five simultaneous connections, the fewest on my list. Also, the VPN’s subscription plans are quite costly compared to its rivals!

So, grab these ExpressVPN deals to enjoy discounted prices now!




CyberGhost - 9000+ Servers in 91 Countries to Access Restricted Content in Argentina

cyberghost connected to new york server location
Location Global Servers Argentina Servers Average Speed Connections Best Offers
Bucharest, Romania 9000+ 48 Physical servers 27Mbps 7 Show Discounts

With 9000+ global servers, CyberGhost works exceptionally in unblocking geo-restricted content worldwide. Luckily, 48 of those servers are physically located in Argentina (the most on my list). So, I had no issue accessing Argentina-only content whenever I wanted it.

Moreover, I tested CyberGhost’s speeds and got 27Mbps over 30Mbps connection, the third  fastest after ExpressVPN and Surfshark. 

Thus, I had a buffer-free and smooth connection in streaming Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile on Netflix USA.

Moving on, CyberGhost employs various strict security measures like its rivals on this list.

It also starts with AES 256-bit encryption to keep snoopers at bay, especially when using unsecured public networks in Argentina. Likewise, the VPN service provider offers a public Wi-Fi protection feature which I used to securely access my bank account using Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires’ free Wi-Fi!

What you’ll love the most about that feature is how it automatically protects your internet activities whenever you connect to an untrusted Wi-Fi network. To be fair, the other VPNs (except ExpressVPN) offer a similar feature, but CyberGhost’s is extremely easy to use.

Thankfully, the VPN’s no-logs privacy policy is strict, such that no one can compel the provider to issue users’ sensitive information. 

Hence, no need to worry about Argentina’s government surveillance and major ISPs’ DMCA notices.

Lastly, CyberGhost offers user-friendly native apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. But it allows only seven connections at once, which is less than PIA offers and incomparable with the unlimited connections by Surfshark.

Want to try CyberGhost? Grab our CyberGhost offers and get a 45-day money-back guarantee!



NordVPN - Robust Security and Privacy to Evade Online Surveillance in Argentina

nordvpn connected to uk server location
Location Global Servers Argentina Servers Average Speed Connections Best Offers
Panama 5500+ 20+ Physical servers 25Mbps 6 Show Discounts

Looking to secure your internet access in Argentina? NordVPN is a privacy-oriented VPN choice for you!

In addition to its AES 256-bit encryption, a reliable internet kill switch, and IP/DNS leak protection, the VPN service provider offer specialty servers such as Double VPN and Obfuscated servers.

The Double VPN servers route your traffic via two servers instead of one; thus, you get double encryption, increased privacy, and IP protection.

I tested the feature using showmyip when connected to the United states-Canada server, and I was routed to New York!

I also tried NordVPN’s Germany Obfuscated server while connected to Gran Libertad Hotel’s free Wi-Fi network. Thankfully, I could securely access my online banking services that usually blocklist IP addresses from regular VPN servers.

The only disadvantage with Double VPN and Obfuscated servers is that they cause significant speed drops. For instance, my 25Mbps average speed on a NordVPN regular server dropped to 10Mbps on a double VPN server!

Speaking of unblocking, NordVPN has 5500+ servers in 60 locations to access international streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. Thankfully, 20 of those servers are physically in Argentina, meaning you can watch TV Pública live soccer while abroad, as I did!

NordVPN also provides specialty P2P servers optimized for large data transfers, making them suitable for torrenting, streaming, and gaming in Argentina. On top of that, the VPN provider uses a Threat Protection feature to ensure extra protection, especially against malware attacks when torrenting.

Finally, NordVPN offers six simultaneous connections, the second least after ExpressVPN. Fortunately, you get native iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac apps to unblock content in Argentina and beyond on whatever device(s) you have.

Interested? Take advantage of these NordVPN deals to try it for 30 days risk-free!



PIA - Most Affordable, Offering Huge Discounts and a 30-Day Free Trial

private internet access connected to manchester server location
Location Global Servers Servers in Argentina Average Speed Connections Best Offers
Denver, Colorado Servers in 84 locations Physical servers 27Mbps 10 Show Discounts

PIA is a reliable and cost-efficient Argentina VPN with physical servers in 84 locations to unblock content in more locations than NordVPN. 

Thankfully, you get a physical server in Argentina, unlike Surfshark, for better server performance when accessing Argentina content, news, and sports abroad.

The best part is PIA’s global servers have incredible unblocking abilities

So, Argentines interested in Hulu, Netflix libraries, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, or other international content channels can easily access them.

On top of that, PIA’s 27Mbps speed puts it ahead of NordVPN and on the same rank as CyberGhost. Thus, I had no issues streaming Diary of a Gigolo on Netflix in 4K quality.

Even better, PIA is a good VPN for torrenting in Argentina, with its support for P2P servers, SOCKS5 proxy, and port forwarding on some of its servers for faster torrenting and seeding.

I tested the torrenting features and summarized the results of downloading a 5GB copyright-free movie with and without the port forwarding feature below.

Port forwarding Server Average download speed Downtime
Disabled United States 462KB/s 18 minutes
Enabled Canada Vancouver 984.6KB/s 10 minutes

Thankfully, with PIA’s MACE tool, I could beat IP tracking attempts by notorious Argentina ISPs and eliminate annoying ads while torrenting.

Finally, you get PIA’s Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Android native apps on ten devices simultaneously, the second most on my list after Surfshark.

Need more convincing? Get these PIA discounts to try the VPN for 30 days risk-free!



How to Set up a VPN in Argentina?

Setting up a VPN in Argentina involves choosing a reliable VPN, downloading its app, and connecting to a suitable server.

But for better understanding, here’s a step-by-step of the process:

  1. Choose a good Argentina VPN and buy a preferred subscription plan. I recommend Surfshark.
  1. Download and install the VPN app on your computer/device.
download surfshark app
  1. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials.
surfshark app log in
  1. Enable the kill switch button. Go to Settings > VPN settings, then toggle “Kill Switch.”
surfshark kill switch enabled
  1. Connect to a suitable protocol. Surfshark’s WireGuard protocol is recommended for better performance.
surfshark wireguard protocol
  1. Search for a preferred VPN server and double-click to connect. I’ll use the USA for this example.
surfshark usa server locations
  1. Test for IP/DNS leaks to ensure you’re assigned an IP different from your actual location’s IP address.
surfshark ipleak test
  1. Enjoy a protected and non-restricted connection in Argentina and beyond!

How to Get an Argentina IP Address?

Getting an Argentina IP address is the same as setting up a VPN in Argentina, but with a slight deviation in ensuring you connect specifically to Argentina server.

Here’s a step-by-step version of the process:

  1. Complete steps 1-5 above, but ensure you choose a VPN with Argentina servers in step one. I’ll still use Surfshark in this demonstration.
  1. Type “Argentina” in the VPN search bar. Double-click on the result to connect.
surfshark argentina server
  1. After a successful connection, test for IP/DNS leaks to ensure you’re assigned an Argentina IP address.
surfshark ipleak test on argentina server location
  1. Enjoy Argentina-only content using your newly assigned Argentina IP address.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VPNs are legal in Argentina. However, selecting a good VPN service provider with a strict no-logs policy and located away from 14 Eyes surveillance territories is critical.

Otherwise, the Argentine government surveillance unit may be able to collect your connection logs, DNS requests, and IP address to trace you via your online footprints.

Torrenting is legal in Argentina even though the country was the first Latin American nation to ban The Pirate Bay in June 2014 for rampant copyright infringement claims.

So, even though torrenting might be legal, downloading or P2P sharing of copyrighted material is illegal.

Using free VPNs in Argentina is less effective than using premium VPNs. 

Most free VPNs have security loopholes; thus, big data companies, ISPs, and the Argentina government can pry into your online activities. Even scarier, a free VPN service can mine and trade your data with third parties for its gain.

Make Your Choice Now!

Use my top VPNs to access Argentina’s geo-locked local channels abroad or easily unblock Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other international streaming platforms. 

As a bonus, you’ll also get maximum protection for your online activities!

However, if you’re unsure which VPN service to choose, prioritize Surfshark. 

The VPN provider satisfies with its large fleet of servers, best-in-market security techniques, support for multiple platforms, and affordable subscription plans.

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