The Best VPNs for Thailand

Innumerable providers are offering VPN services for Thailand.

And, being rendered the “best” is a serious matter for VPN service providers.

Choosing the best VPN for Thailand can be a difficult and tedious task.

What you’ll get from a particular VPN is different from what you’d get from another VPN service.

That’s actually the reason why we decided to compile this guide.

We’ll define what a VPN is and determine whether you need one.

We’ll also cut through all of the jargon and delve deeper into the factors you ought to consider when comparing different VPN providers.

The Best VPN Service For Thailand

There are dozens of VPN services that you can use in Thailand.

A mix of impressive features and reasonable pricing make an excellent VPN.

However, many bad VPNs tend to masquerade as good options.

We spent quite some time researching the different options available, testing a bunch of them, comparing their features/capabilities, and scouring the Internet for other users’ reviews.

As a result, we came up with a list of five VPN service providers that outdo almost all other options available.

Below, we review these VPNs and highlight what they actually offer, particularly in terms of reliability, simplicity of use, pricing, and overall value.

1. ExpressVPN

Official Site:
VPN Protocols: IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN
Compatible Platform(s): Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Available Browser Extension(s): Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Customer Support: Live Chat, Email

ExpressVPN tops our list for all the right reasons.

In fact, it has been among our personal favorites VPNs for quite some time, now. The service is conveniently fast, sleek, and simple to use.

It boasts an abundance of nifty inbuilt tools.

Such include a speed test that shows you all of the available servers and their respective speeds.

There’s a diagnostics tool, too, that enables you to detect whether there are issues with your connection right from the program itself.

Other valuable tools include a DNS leak test and an IP addresses’ checker.

ExpressVPN comes packed with impressive security features, incorporating 256-bit AES encryption that would take billions of years to decrypt.

Moreover, the service permits you to make use of other security protocols.

The provider doesn’t keep any logs, too.

As such, the program doesn’t leave any traces anywhere.

Setting up and using ExpressVPN is quite simple.

You’ll only need to visit their site, select your desired payment plan, and provide your email address. You’ll then be required to choose your preferred payment method and authorize the transaction.

That will redirect you to your account dashboard, where you can see your details, contact support staff, and consult the knowledge-base.

However, we’re not saying that it’s perfect.

The server switch times are, sometimes, slow and it’s relatively pricey.

ExpressVPN is actually among the costliest of all our recommendations and we can’t blame you for seeking elsewhere if you’re really cash-strapped. This service offers a significant deal of value for the money, though.

Besides, their 30-day money-back guarantee only reassures you of the VPN’s reliability. ExpressVPN is ideal for both individual and business use, thanks to its huge server network and jaw-breaking speeds.



2. NordVPN

Official Site:
VPN Protocols: IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Compatible Platform(s): iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS
Available Browser Extension(s): Firefox, Chrome
Customer Support: Live Chat, Email

The first features you’ll come across include CyberSec, an effective security add-on. And, you won’t be prompted to pay any extra costs for installing it.

This tool has been built to block malware and adware, in addition to detecting phishing attacks and preventing all other forms of cybercrime.

It makes for an additional layer of protection whenever you’re surfing.

NordVPN also has “specialty” servers.

These are aimed at specific kinds of Internet activities, including gaming (dedicated servers) and torrenting (P2P servers). Others you’ll likely find interesting include servers developed to combat specific threats like governmental snooping and DDoS attacks.

The program features Double-VPN servers, as well, which provide for ’double-hop’ encryption.

These are aimed at routing the user’s traffic over a certain VPN program after connection to another one.

As such, there will be two VPN tunnels that cybercriminals or intelligence agencies would need to crack.

Overall, NordVPN packs several exciting and useful features.

These offer users a great deal of customization and flexibility capabilities. It’ll perfectly cater to those seeking to secure their online activities above all.

It’s also regarded as among the most secure VPNs available for Thailand.

You don’t stand to lose anything by giving NordVPN a try, credit to its 30-day refund guarantee.



3. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish website

Official Site:
VPN Protocols: OpenVPN
Compatible Platform(s): iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS
Available Browser Extension(s): Firefox, Chrome
Customer Support: Email

IPVanish, a U.S.-based VPN provider, operates over 350 servers across more than 60 countries. It emphasizes mostly on privacy, speed, and security. When it comes down to standard features that are necessary for modern-day VPNs, this software checks nearly all of the boxes.

IPVanish has over 1000 bare metal servers in 60 countries across the globe.

The VPN works perfectly with most premium streaming sites including Netflix and Hulu. Unfortunately, IPVanish does not currently work with iPlayer. However, we expect that to change as they continue to expand their network.

For security, IPVanish offers powerful AES 256-bit encryption and advanced features such as a kill switch, stealth VPN, and IPv4 leak protection.

Currently, IPVanish has three pricing plans.

These include the annual plan at $6.49 per month, the 3-month plan at $8.99, and a monthly plan at $10.00 per month.

With a single subscription, you can cover an incredible 10 devices at once.

IPVanish is among the biggest names when it comes to the VPN business.

It offers a fantastic pack of useful features that you can enjoy using their affordable pricing plans.

Besides, each pricing plan comes backed by a 7-day cash-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with what you get.

We’d recommend IPVanish particularly for those seeking great privacy and blazingly fast speeds.



4. VyprVPN

Official Site:
VPN Protocols: IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN
Compatible Platform(s): Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Available Browser Extension(s): Firefox, Chrome
Customer Support: Live Chat, Email

Golden Frog, the name behind Usenet, has been operating the VyprVPN service for over six years, now. It boasts over 60 servers, located across different parts of the globe. It also comes accompanied by an app that supports multiple, different platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

The software runs on its proprietary Chameleon technology which is well-known for its metadata scrambling capabilities.

It has actually been proven to prevent ISPs from throttling the user’s bandwidth. It also makes deep packet inspections by anyone else monitoring the traffic prohibitively difficult.

VyprVPN is availed in two, different subscription plans, namely the Basic and Premium packages. Both offer unlimited data usage.

The Basic package uses the PPTP protocol only while the premium one employs better security features. That includes the robust OpenVPN AES (256-bit) encryption. The provider also provides a free, fully-featured 3-day trial version for each plan, as well.

The service retains user data, like the source IP address, VPN address, data quantity, and connection times, for around 30 days and for various purposes such as billing.

And, a number of VyprVPN users have been leveling criticisms at the provider for this policy.

But, some users actually praise the provider for being transparent, considering that VPN providers have long been suspected to log user activities.

The VyprVPN site directs you to your account page, from where you can access even more services.

These include Dump Truck (providing 5GB online storage space) and Cypher (encrypted messaging on Android/iOS).

The bottom line, VyprVPN is a slick and well-rounded, yet mature program.

For its price, it’s undeniably fast and user-friendly.



What’s a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) refers to a group of discrete networks or computers that are networked together over the Internet. Companies or businesses make use of VPN services to connect various remote data-centers.

Individuals can use the same to access network resources if they’re physically on different Local Area Networks (LAN).

People can also use a VPN as a way of encrypting and securing their communications, especially when using a public (untrusted) network.

Once you’re connected to a VPN service, you’ll often be required to launch a specified VPN client or click a given link on a particular website using your personal computer (PC).

After logging in using your credentials, trusted keys will be exchanged with a remote, far-away server. Next, both computers will verify one another for authenticity.

All of your communication via the Internet will then be secured and encrypted.

In turn, that will protect against prying eyes and prevent any form of eavesdropping.

Do You Really Need a VPN in Thailand?

Thailand, widely recognized for its beaches, diverse food, culture, and nightlife, is among the most popular destinations for digital nomads and tourists.

While you’re there, you’ll likely need to access the Internet.

But, Thailand has severe Internet censorship and a VPN will come in handy.

For instance, search engine results, YouTube, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are always monitored and filtered.

Additionally, online gambling sites, blogs featuring political content, and sites having sexual material are blocked completely.

Comments which are critical of the region’s monarchy are also blocked by the authorities. In fact, such comments may result in prosecution under the strict lese-majeste law.

Apart from such things, there are privacy and security aspects, too.

Thailand is ranked among the top when it comes to cyber-attacks in public networks and just logging into your banking app is pretty dangerous.

The last thing you’d want is cybercriminals accessing your confidential information, right?

The key purpose of a VPN entails bolstering your security and granting you access to resources on networks you aren’t physically connected to.

But, what you decide to do with it is largely up to you.

Thailand’s VPN users usually fall into several, different categories as discussed below:


A worker/student may use a VPN that’s provided by his/her company/school to access resources available on their network, especially when they’re traveling or at home.

Often, this person will already have a free VPN provided to them and aren’t exactly shopping around.

But, if security is still a concern, the user can fire up his/her VPN and prevent others from snooping on his/her connection.

Privacy-Minded & Security Advocates

To some people, an unsecured connection implies someone’s reading or hearing what you say.

A primary-minded person utilizes a VPN to keep his/her communication secure and encrypted, irrespective of whether he/she is in an absolutely free and open environment or a strictly monitored one.


This user doesn’t want to be hunted by some company merely because they have installed a torrent app on their PC, whether they’re downloading content legally or illegally.

A VPN is virtually the only means of staying safe when using apps or sites like BitTorrent.


A globetrotter wants to watch the FIFA UEFA games or the Olympics live, without having to deal with their crummy and/or premium local networks.

He/she wants to listen to region-restricted web-streaming radio, watch his/her favorite TV shows and movies as they air, rather than waiting for re-broadcasts or translations, or use a new, online app/service that’s limited to specific regions for some reason.

Combinations of the Above

If you’re not any of the above people, the odds are that you’re some mix or variety of them based on specifically what you do.

Sure, it’s possible that none of the above categories sound right to you. But still, there are multiple benefits you can enjoy by using a VPN service.

You’ll likely need one when traveling or working on untrusted networks.

Using your laptop to scroll through Facebook posts at a coffee shop or checking your email with a smartphone at an airport can put you at a critical risk.

How to Choose the Right VPN for Thailand?

Some VPN services are ideal for occasional use while others are mainly created to help get around location restrictions put on apps or services by certain companies.

You’ll also come across options that are targeted at individuals who’re seeking some privacy and those that do heavy downloading.

A good VPN can be considered as one that offers a striking balance of features, connectivity protocols, server location, and price.

Such are among the key factors you’ll want to look for when searching around for a reliable VPN service.

We further discuss these aspects below:


An ideal VPN is one that employs strong encryption (256 bits or more) to prevent others from decrypting your data. VPNs make use of certain protocols to provide secure connections. Such include SSL/TLS (often known as OpenVPN), PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IPSec.

These protocols typically differ from one another.

And, each has its own upsides and downsides.

A reliable VPN will come packed with nearly all of the security protocols and accompanied by proper documentation regarding the same.

You should preferably opt for services that have reliable servers in various countries for full anonymity and don’t keep any logging activity.

Anti-Spyware/Anti-Malware Features

Making use of a VPN doesn’t imply you’re invulnerable. It’s particularly advisable that you use HTTPS whenever possible.

You should also observe caution with what you choose to download.

Some VPNs come bundled with anti-malware scanners that protect against Trojans or viruses. While some users may not consider it as a deal-breaker, having someone to watch your back is always great.


Virtually all VPNs will decrease your speeds. But, certain VPN services will decrease your network speeds by up to 80%. Although even the fastest options will decrease the speeds a little, making use of a VPN with better services will help ensure you enjoy the best speeds possible.

If possible, avoid VPNs which impose bandwidth restrictions.

A paid VPN that restricts you to several GBs of data is simply unreasonable to subscribe to unless you intend to use it for basic, occasional browsing.

Services restricting you to several TBs of data may be acceptable.

We recommend that you read each service’s fine print to learn whether they restrict any services or protocols you’d ideally need.

Kill-Switch System

It barely matters if you want a VPN that will keep your online activities completely or mildly anonymous. You’ll definitely need some assurance that the VPN you intend to use won’t just go down at some point in time.

Reliable VPN providers ensure a kill-switch system is put in place.

In case their VPN fails, the connection will be automatically locked down to prevent your device from defaulting to use the open, unsecured Internet connection.

Pricing Terms

Ensure your eyes are both open when it comes down to any VPN’s user agreement.

Read the provider’s privacy policy and note how free services differ from paid ones.
Most free VPN providers will log your online activities and display contextual ads whenever you’re connected.

Such are likelier to note your usage habits and tailor future ads to serve you.

Others tend to have weak privacy commitments and few exit locations.

However, that doesn’t imply you can’t get a free, yet reliable VPN service.

Such may be worth considering if you’re traveling around on a budget and just seeking quick, painless security. Most premium VPN services offer free trials and take the user’s privacy a little more seriously.

It’s uncommon for them to display ads, as well. But, just because you’ll be paying doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary to do your homework.

Use a VPN Service Which Works for You

One’s VPN needs will differ from those of another person.

And, the key to selecting the ideal option is taking note of specifically what your preferences are. It’d only be wise to read through the above reviews again, comparing each VPN’s features against your needs.

You should then be able to settle for the service that best suits your preferences.

You’re now armed with the necessary knowledge to pick a reliable VPN.

It’s time to ensure your Internet traffic in Thailand is secured, once and for all.


Your safety when online is quite important, irrespective of whether you’re residing in Thailand, traveling or relocating to the country.

With the high risk of cyber-attacks and authorities monitoring online activities, making use of a VPN is virtually the only reliable means to stay safe.

Recent changes to this country’s cybercrime laws have been noted to be vague, ambiguous, and lack accountability. That’s clearly an attempt to stifle people’s freedom of expression, particularly on digital platforms.

Besides, accessing services you’re used to in Thailand will likely make it necessary to have a VPN. We recommend you opt for a service that offers guaranteed security, has a kill-switch and keeps no logs.

ExpressVPN is clearly the best option as it provides almost everything you might need.

It boasts an impeccable service all-round, enabling you to browse worry-free.

Besides, you don’t stand to lose anything, credit to its money-back guarantee.

Good luck!

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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