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5.9 / 10

A few years ago, I saw some friends lose sensitive information and control of their online accounts to hackers and data snoopers. That jolted me and made me think of how unprotected I was with my data.

I knew I had to protect myself somehow, and avoiding public Wi-Fi hotspots was simply not the solution.

That’s when I came across virtual private networks.

In this AnonVPN review, I’ll analyze the provider and give you my honest opinion.

vpnAlert Rating: 5.9 of 10 ⭐
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Jurisdiction: United States
Encryption: 256-bit encryption
Servers & Locations: Undisclosed
Logging policy: Zero logs policy
Live chat: No
P2P & Torrenting: Allowed
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Simultaneous connections 1

Overview of AnonVPN

AnonVPN website

AnonVPN is a US-based VPN provider that’s relatively young and has been around for only a few years.

Still, the VPN packs in all of the features you’d expect, including best-in-class protocols and AES 256-bit encryption.

AnonVPN provides good connections and does not impose any bandwidth restrictions. The provider has multiple servers in the US as well as in Canada and the Czech Republic.

The exact number of servers is, however, a mystery.

The provider does not sell directly to consumers and works exclusively with retailers. While this might mean a lengthy signup process, on the bright side, it does ensure complete anonymity.

AnonVPN is an ideal choice if you are looking to safeguard your online privacy without having to spend way over the top.

Their monthly price is among the lowest, and their quarterly and yearly plans are even more affordable.

The provider also offers an incredible lifetime subscription, which is something you don’t often see in the VPN industry.



Features and Benefits

Security and Privacy

AnonVPN has a simple SSL protected website.

The site is clean and well-organized but doesn’t contain much information about the VPN service.

Despite being located in the US, the provider has a strict zero logs policy and keeps neither connection nor activity logs.

AnonVPN doesn't keep logs of connection times, activity, or origin IPs

In regards to data encryption, AnonVPN uses AES 256-bit cipher, which is highly secure.

The VPN also offers a nice collection of tunneling protocols allowing you to pick the option that best suits your needs at any particular moment.

Servers and Locations

AnonVPN has servers in the US, Toronto (Canada), and Prague (Czech Republic).

However, as mentioned earlier, the exact number of servers isn’t disclosed anywhere on the website.

The service offers both shared and dedicated IPs.

While shared IPs are great for anonymity, dedicated IPs perform better when unblocking geo-restricted content.

Speed and Performance

AnonVPN’s connections are fairly good and on average, hit about 63 percent of my standard network speeds.

While this may be a far cry from the ultra-fast speeds offered by the likes of ExpressVPN and NordVPN, compared to other mid-tiers, AnonVPN stands tall.

I did experience some random connection drops, but overall, the service was good.


If you’re a fan of BitTorrent, you’ll be glad to know that AnonVPN supports P2P file sharing via VPN.

Unlike many providers that limit this activity to specific servers, AnonVPN allows P2P and BitTorrent traffic on all their servers.

Streaming, Netflix

Netflix has robust systems in place to detect and block VPN IPs.

As a result, not all VPNs in the market can unblock the streaming service. Fortunately, this is not a problem for AnonVPN.

The service has a fantastic SmartDNS feature that seamlessly accesses geo-restricted sites, Netflix included.

AnonVPN also reliably unblocks Hulu, Amazon, and HBO.

However, the service doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer.


AnonVPN supports a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, but only Windows and MacOS have native apps.

You can still set up the VPN on your Android and iOS smartphones but to do so, you’ll have to use the stock VPN feature and enter the configurations manually.

For this reason, AnonVPN smartphone users don’t enjoy the same user-friendly installation and setup that Mac and Windows users get.

But once you get the VPN up and running on your device, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Customer Support

Anon has a lot going for it.

Unfortunately, customer service isn’t one of those things.

They lack both a phone system and a live chat, and their FAQ section is gravely under-equipped.

They do, however, have a ticketing system where you can submit a request and have a customer rep reach you via email.


AnonVPN is competitively priced. They offer four payment plans – a one-month subscription at $9 per month, a three-month plan at $19 ($6.33 per month), a one year at $69 ($5.75 per month) and a lifetime subscription at $199.

Since AnonVPN doesn’t sell directly to consumers, you can only get the VPN by purchasing a prepaid card at a local or online retailer.

This unique voucher payment system makes it hard for any party to associate you with your account.

Interesting Reads:

What Do Customers Think About AnonVPN?

After scouring the internet for other user comments on AnonVPN, I found a mixture of positive and negative feedback.

Some customers were impressed by the VPN’s security and privacy; others were delighted with the Smart DNS feature.

However, many users seemed to dislike the VPN’s customer service.

Other feedback

What Should You Consider Before Getting a Service Like AnonVPN?

Whether you are looking to stream videos or bank online, a VPN can keep you safe and secure. The software is also ideal for users looking to spoof their location and access geo-blocked media on services such as Netflix and HBO.

But before you rush into picking a VPN, there are several paramount aspects you should consider:


A good VPN should always provide good, reliable connections.

No one likes slow internet speeds, and while VPNs will generally slow your connection down to some extent, the best providers can keep that change at a minimum.

Slow speeds can spoil your browsing experience and cause videos to buffer when streaming in high definition.

Therefore, you want to look for a VPN that offers different configurations for different purposes.

Whether you’re streaming or downloading torrents, with such a VPN you’ll be able to maintain good speeds.

Server Coverage

While the number of servers doesn’t make or break a VPN, a vast network will give you a better chance of finding fast and reliable servers in your preferred location.

As always, if you want to view restricted media, you will need a VPN that has servers in a country where that particular content is available.


A VPN that cannot safeguard your data is not worth your time and money.

VPNs work by encrypting your internet traffic before allowing it to access the World Wide Web. So, basically, the tighter the encryption, the more secure you will be.

The most common encryption standards are AES 128-bit and 256-bit, with the latter being the most powerful.

However, if you are looking for a mixture of security and speed, I recommend using 128-bit encryption.

It would also help if you considered the choice of tunneling protocols on offer.

Privacy Policy

Before using any VPN, always make sure you read the fine print.

Failure to do so can expose you to the same exploits from which you are trying to protect yourself.

I’ve seen many providers claim to have a ‘no logs’ service, only to find out that they record timestamps and share account information such as name, address, and credit card details.

I recommend getting a VPN that keeps neither connection nor activity logs.

P2P Support

Copyright trolls and government authorities are always monitoring torrent users.

If you frequent sites like the Pirate Bay or 1337X, you will need a VPN that supports P2P traffic.

Remember, not all VPNs allows P2P and BitTorrent traffic, and even some of those that do, restrict the traffic to a few servers.

Customer Support

While the best VPNs work almost flawlessly, just like with any other software, problems can still arise.

When that happens, you will want to have a provider who has a reliable 24/7 customer service.

Unfortunately, not many VPNs have live chat support for instant help.

AnonVPN Alternatives

Are there better options for AnonVPN?

There are many VPN service providers in the market, and a few could serve as suitable replacements for AnonVPN.

I conducted numerous tests to find the best alternatives, which I think are:

NordVPN – Premium Security

NordVPN is an excellent AnonVPN alternative that delivers fast speeds and great geo-unblocking capabilities.

Thanks to their unique SmartPlay feature, you can access streaming sites with a single click.

The provider has over 5,100 servers in 60-plus countries around the world.

To save you the pain of sifting through the server list, NordVPN uses advanced algorithms to suggest the best servers automatically.

The VPN uses 256-bit encryption and supports OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec protocols.

It also features an automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection, and perfect forward secrecy.

NordVPN is reasonably priced, and a single subscription supports up to 6 devices simultaneously.




ExpressVPN is a secure and reliable VPN that is based in the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to being located in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, the provider maintains a strict data policy and does not log user sessions.

The VPN offers robust encryption and a choice of three protocols – PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN with TCP/UDP.

ExpressVPN is extremely fast and comes with a unique split-tunneling feature that allows you to route selected traffic through the VPN while letting the rest access the internet directly.




FrootVPN website

FrootVPN is another excellent alternative for AnonVPN.

The VPN is based in Sweden and has been around since 2014.

Although the VPN only has 47 servers, they are well distributed across 35 countries.

FrootVPN delivers fast connections, and the overall performance is excellent. However, the VPN uses RSA 2014-bit, which pales in comparison to AnonVPN’s AES 256-bit cipher.

That aside, FrootVPN comes with apps for the major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even routers.

The service is competitively priced, and all their pricing plans are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Read our full FrootVPN review here.



Final Word

The internet is littered with malicious individuals, but with the right VPN, you can protect your data and stay safe and secure when online.

AnonVPN boasts strong security and privacy pedigree and is an ideal option for safety-minded users.

The VPN uses military-grade encryption, and their privacy policy ticks all the right boxes. Streaming fans aren’t left behind either as the VPN bypasses censorship and geo-restrictions with ease.

Overall, AnonVPN is a fantastic mid-tier VPN.

However, if you are looking for a VPN that has native apps for smartphones, I recommend a more reliable, more robust choice – NordVPN.

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