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VeePN Review

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Overall Score:
8.9 / 10

I’m a VPN researcher and over the last several years, I’ve examined hundreds of VPN services. This time, I’ll be taking a look at VeePN to help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

VeePN is a leading VPN service that offers incredible performance and features, at an affordable price. It provides fast and stable connections, and can give you complete anonymity online.

I used the VPN for a week, and examined everything from speed to encryption strength, usability, and streaming capabilities.

In this VeePN review, I’ll outline the VPN’s strengths and weaknesses, and let you know if I recommend it.

Let’s get started!

vpnAlert rating: 8.9 of 10 ⭐
Jurisdiction: Panama
Encryption: AES-256 bit
Protocols: OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, Shadowsocks
Servers & Locations: 2500+ servers, 42+ countries
Logging policy: No logs
Live chat: Yes
P2P & Torrenting: Allowed
Simultaneous Connections: 10 devices per subscription (more available for an extra fee)
Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
Payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, PaymentWall, Cryptocurrencies

Overview of VeePN

VeePN website

VeePN is an exciting service that promises “fast, ultra secure, and easy to use VPN service to protect your privacy online.”

That means it can safeguard your personal information without slowing down your internet speed.

The provider claims to have a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, which is pretty much on par with industry veterans like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. This makes VeePN a good candidate for a long-term VPN subscription.

The VPN is also quite affordable and can definitely help you if you’re looking for a service that can get past geo-restrictions on a budget.

Thanks to its military-grade encryption and fast speeds, the VPN can also keep you safe online without ruining your browsing or streaming experience.

VeePN boasts a decent fleet of over 2,500 servers in 50 locations, which allows you to access fast servers from any corner of the globe.

On top of that, the VPN works with almost every major platform out there and allows unlimited simultaneous connections so you can use it on all your devices.

Based out of Panama, VeePN does not keep activity logs and enjoys some of the most privacy-friendly laws. The service is owned and operated by VeePN Corp., which is committed to protecting your data and identity.

"We place great importance on the security of all personally identifiable information associated with our users. We have security measures (including physical, electronic and procedural measures) to help safeguard your Personal Information from unauthorized access and disclosure."



Privacy & Jurisdiction

Rating: 9.0 / 10
VeePN keeps zero activity logs.
VeePN is not collecting logs

So you won’t need to won’t to worry about your browsing history falling into the hands of the authorities should they seize the VPN servers.

That said, VeePN admits to storing connection data, including IP address, connection timestamp, and session duration.

But on the bright side, connection logs cannot be used to identify what you do online. VeePN also makes it clear that they do not share the information with third parties and only use it to optimize the VPN service.

"Please note that the below provisions of this Privacy Policy regarding disclosure of personal data to third parties do not apply to the connection logs as we DO NOT share them with any third party. We collect and store connection logs solely for the purpose of services maintaining and optimizing as, for example, we use this data to calculate our servers load values in order to provide and improve our services."

Since VeePN does not keep activity logs, it can ensure that your search queries and the websites you visit remain private.

Jurisdiction & Applicable Laws

As I mentioned, VeePN is located in Panama, an excellent jurisdiction for privacy.

The country is not a member of the 14-Eyes alliance, which means it’s not required to share intelligence with the US, UK, Canada, and the other member nations.

In addition, Panama lacks mandatory data retention laws that might force VeePN to start logging your web activity.

Warrant Canary

On top of being located in a privacy-friendly country, VeePN maintains a warrant canary that is updated daily.

The provider uses it to warn users in the event the company receives National Security letters, gag orders, or warrants from any governmental organization.

VeePN Warrant Canary

When the warrant canary is not updated, you should view that as an indication that the company could be engaging the authorities.

Overall, VeePN has great privacy features. If not for the fact that they store some connection logs, I would rate it ten out of ten.


Rating: 9.0 / 10
VeePN is an extremely secure VPN that can keep you safe even when on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Tunneling Protocols & Encryption

For encryption, VeePN uses military-grade AES 256-bit, the most-trusted algorithm in the VPN industry. That means you get the highest level of protection against all threats, including brute-force and man-in-the-middle attacks.

VeePN explains what VPN encryption methods are used in the market

While connected to VeePN, your data will not only be safe from your ISP but also hackers and snoopers.

In regards to protocols, the VPN uses OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, and Shadowsocks. Again, these are the crème de la crème. But that’s not even what impresses me the most.

VeePN is one of the few VPNs that allow you to customize your tunneling protocol. I really appreciate this feature since it enables you to optimize your VPN for the task at hand.

When it comes to bypassing Censorship, I found VeePN’s Shadowsocks to be more effective. The proxy can definitely help you if you reside in China and are looking to circumvent the Great Firewall.

Other Great Security Features

VeePN comes with some of the most advanced security features that only the very best VPNs offer.

Top of the list is double VPN, which routes your traffic through two servers, making it untraceable. This gives you extra protection since the second server receives your data already encrypted, and as a result, gets no information about you.

Additional security features include:

  • DNS leak protection – Ensures all your DNS queries are routed via VeePN’s encrypted tunnel and not your ISPs to prevent exposure.
  • NetGuard – Protects you from phishing websites, DDoS attacks and blocks unwanted ads and auto-play videos while you’re browsing.
  • Internet kill switch – Safeguards your identity and location by stopping internet access immediately your VPN connection drops.

Does VeePN Leak Your Data?

I conducted extensive IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak tests to see if VeePN was indeed safe. As shown in the snapshots below, the VPN showed no leaks whatsoever.

Note: In the test below, I was connected to a Texas, US server, and my assigned public IP was

My assigned public IP

IP Leak Test – IPLeak.Org

VeePN is pretty safe and does not leak your real IP address.

I ran an IP leak test on ipleak.org and I was pleased to see that the VPN can guarantee you complete anonymity.

IPleak test showed that VeePN doesn't leak your IP address

DNS Leak Test – IP8.Com

VeePN clients come with the DNS leak prevention feature.

And as shown below, the VPN does not leak your DNS information, making it perfect for users looking to hide their search queries.

No DNS leaks were found for VeePN

WebRTC Leak Test – IP8.Com

Just like IP and DNS leaks, WebRTC information can reveal your identity and what you do online.

Fortunately, VeePN blocks WebRTC leaks.

VeeVPN passed the WebRTC leak test

Virus & Malware Test (VirusTotal.Com)

Besides testing for connection leaks, I run the VeePN installation file through a trojan scanner to make sure it wouldn’t inject my device with malware.

Again, as shown below, the VPN is clean and safe to install.

No malware were found

As you can see, VeePN is quite secure. It uses bank-grade encryption and best-in-class protocols. Hopefully, the provider can soon add support for the WireGuard protocol.

Speed & Performance

Rating: 8.5 / 10
VeePN is a reliable VPN that delivers fast speeds both when connected to local and international servers.

Speed Test Results

In my tests, I found the VPN to be fast enough for streaming even when connected to a location over 5000 miles away. Using nearby servers (UK), speeds dropped by just 7%, which is quite impressive.

However, over longer distances, the impact was a bit more noticeable, but still averaged around 27%, which is no mean feat.

Note: When conducting the speed tests, my baseline speed was 95.71 Mbps download, 48.05 Mbps upload, and a ping of 11 ms.

Location Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
UK (Gloucester) 24 89.01 44.17
US (Texas) 98 69.41 30.29
AU (Melbourne) 187 46.60 27.95
HK (Tsuen Wan) 167 49.28 23.06

To ensure my reviews are standardized, I use OpenVPN UDP for speed tests. But I did test the other three protocols as well, and I found IKEv2 and Shadowsocks deliver better performance. So, if you need faster connections, you can switch to either.

VeePN delivers fast connections even when connected to distant servers. Although the service can get better, I was satisfied with the performance.

Price & Value

Rating: 8.5 / 10
VeePN is one of the most affordable VPNs in the market.

How Much Does VeePN Cost?

Currently, the provider offers three subscription options:

  • 5-year plan
  • 1-year plan
  • 1-month plan

As is the norm in the VPN industry, their longer plans provide the biggest savings, but cost more in the short term.

Payment Methods

You can purchase VeePN using most of the standard payment options, including:

  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • PayPal
  • Payments Wall – UnionPay, We Money
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Refund Policy

All VeePN purchases are backed by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

"If you choose not to use our paid Services anymore, we guarantee you a right to claim a refund within 14 or 30 days following your subscription to our Services."

If you get the 1-month plan, you should make sure you request a refund within 2 weeks. The 30-day refund period is for 1-year and 5-year subscriptions.

VeePN is quite affordable and accepts a wide range of payment methods. The provider also offers a generous refund period, allowing you to test the VPN risk-free.


Rating: 9.5 / 10

VeePN again delivered in the one area where most VPNs fail – streaming.

It worked flawlessly with most streaming platforms and allowed me to watch HD and even 4K videos.

Platform Status
BBC iPlayer
Amazon Prime Video

Does VeePN Work With Netflix?

Yes, VeePN works with Netflix. While it does not have a dedicated server for Netflix, it unblocks over 14 Netflix libraries, including:

  • Netflix US
  • Netflix UK
  • Netflix CA
  • Netflix JP

Besides Netflix, the streaming service also works with:

  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO Max
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney Plus

VeePN unblocks all the popular streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu. It’s also fast, which makes it a great choice for streaming.

Torrenting (P2P)

Rating: 9.0 / 10
Although VeePN does not like to advertise its P2P capabilities, I found it to be one of the best VPNs for torrenting.

Is VeePN Good for Torrenting?

Absolutely, VeePN is a good choice for torrenting. They allow P2P traffic on most of their servers and do not limit the amount of data you can download.

And as we saw earlier, VeePN’s robust security and privacy features will also keep you far from the grips of ISPs and copyright trolls.

VeePN is extremely secure which bonds well for torrent users. Also, the VPN does not have bandwidth limitations, which allows you to download as much content as you need.

Platforms & Devices

Rating: 8.0 / 10

VeePN is compatible with a good range of devices. Currently, you can run it on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Routers
VeePN applications

Additionally, VeePN provides browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

While its compatibility bests what most providers offer, I would like to see them add Smart DNS, and as a result, support for smart TVs (LG, Samsung) and game consoles (Xbox, Playstation).

How Many Devices Does VeePN Allow at a Go?

VeePN supports up to 10 simultaneous connections per subscription. In addition, the provider allows you to add more devices for a small extra fee.

VeePN can run on all the major platforms. It also allows you to connect as many devices as you need at a go. However, the VPN is not compatible with smart TVs like Samsung and LG, which is a bit of a downside.

Customer Support

Rating: 7.0 / 10
VeePN claims to offer live chat support, and indeed the feature is available on their website. However, I frequently encountered the ‘our agents are not available right now’ message when I tried to use the live chat.
Testing VeePN's live chat

On the plus side, the support section on their website does allow you to contact them via:

  • Email
  • Support tickets

They also provide a knowledgebase page that contains FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and setup tutorials.

In all, customer support with VeePN is good, but the lack of 24/7 live chat support is a letdown.

VeePN has good customer support. However, its live chat feature could use some improvements in terms to availability.

User Experience

Rating: 9.0 / 10

Installing VeePN is seamless, and the interface of the clients is very straightforward.

To establish a connection, you only need to click the large “ON” button on the home screen, and the VPN will automatically connect you to the best server.

You can also select a target server location by clicking the angel bracket next to the auto-picked server.

VeePN interface is very straightforward

In terms of customizability, I was impressed by the configuration options available.

For instance, the app lets you input WIFI rules for the networks you use. I found this setting quite useful since I frequently use my laptop in neighborhood coffee cafes.

Immediately I connect to one, the VPN detects this and automatically turns on, securing my data from prying eyes.

And as I mentioned earlier, the app also lets you switch the tunneling protocols to suit the task at hand – be it streaming or torrenting.

You can choose tunneling protocols

But VeePN doesn’t sacrifice simplicity either. It also automatically detects the best protocol and settings for your device and OS, eliminating the need for manual tuning.

If you don’t know your way around the various VPNs, you can stick with the auto-picked protocol and still get great performance.

This makes VeePN a good option for both beginners and seasoned users alike.

VeePN is quite easy to use and has native clients for most devices. It apps offer plenty of configuration options, which might be appealing to seasoned users.

Interesting Reads:

What Do Customers Think About VeePN?

Many of the user reviews I found on the web were positive, save for a few complaints, most filled in the company’s earlier days.

On Trustpilot, the company has a score of 4.5/5 from over a hundred reviews.

VeePN score on Trustpilot
More user reviews about VeePN
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VeePN Alternatives

Don’t think VeePN is for you?

Here are three excellent alternatives that might suit your needs better.


With over 5400 servers in 52 countries worldwide, NordVPN boasts a more extensive server network than VeePN.

NordVPN also comes with a wide array of unique features, including Onion over VPN and Obfuscated servers that VeePN lacks.


  • Offer top-notch encryption
  • Provide protection against DNS leaks.
  • Feature a malware and ad-blocker
  • Subscriptions are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • NordVPN has more servers
  • NordVPN supports Onion Over VPN
  • VeePN offers more protocols
  • VeePN allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • VeePN is more affordable


Although both providers allow you to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously, Surfshark does so without any extra cost.

Surfshark also has 3200+  servers in 65 countries, which is more than VeePN.

Incredibly, the VPN also features Smart DNS, which allows you to use it on smart TVs and other devices that don’t support VPNs.

Check it out here.


  • Both use strong encryption
  • Provide protection against DNS leaks
  • Offer an ad and malware blocker
  • Have a 30-day refund period
  • Allow unlimited simultaneous connections


  • Surfshark has a larger server network
  • Surfshark offers Smart DNS
  • VeePN is more affordable


CyberGhost has arguably the largest server network in the VPN industry. The VPN provides 6600+ servers in 111 locations across 89 countries, compared to VeePN’s 2500+ in 42 countries.

CyberGhost also offers dedicated servers for streaming Hulu and Netflix, which eliminates the need to test different servers. Check it here.


  • Feature best-in-class protocols and encryption
  • Both prevent DNS leaks
  • Have an ad and malware blocker


  • CyberGhost has more servers and in more locations
  • VeePN can connect to unlimited devices simultaneously
  • CyberGhost offers a longer 45-day money-back guarantee


No, VeePN is not a scam. It’s a transparent VPN service provider that has a good track record.

Yes, VeePN offers a 1-day free trial. Additionally, the provider has a generous 30-day refund period that allows you to test the VPN risk-free.

Final Word

Yes, I recommend VeePN.

The VPN is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable VPN service at an affordable price.

Its military-grade encryption, fast speeds, and user-friendly apps, make VeePN an all-around VPN. I was also impressed by how easily the VPN unblocks Netflix.

If you want to check it out, you can save a few bucks with our exclusive VeePN deal.

Try VeePN Risk-Free!

Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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