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Does IPVanish Work With Virgin Media?

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IPVanish works with Virgin Media and can help unblock geo-restricted content on devices connected to the ISP.

Since IPVanish offers 2200+ servers in 75+ locations, you can easily find a server to access geo-restricted content like France TV on any of your Virgin Media-connected devices. You can also connect to any of the numerous US or UK servers to maintain anonymity online and download torrents securely.

Learn more about how to use IPVanish with Virgin Media in this guide.

How to Use IPVanish With Virgin Media on Your PC/Mobile?

You can protect all your PCs and smartphones when connected to Virgin Media with IPVanish by following the stepwise guide below. I’ll demonstrate this using my MacBook, but the steps are similar across other PCs and smartphones:

  1. Buy an IPVanish subscription and install the app on your PC or mobile phone. (Discounts available!).
  1. Launch the IPVanish app and enter your login details.
  2. Go to the top left corner of your Mac Menu Bar.
  3. Click “IPVanish VPN,” then select “Preferences.”
ipvanish preferences
  1. Go to General > Active Protocol and select OpenVPN UDP/TCP in the dropdown menu. I recommend this protocol for top-notch online security while connected to Virgin Media.
ipvanish protocols
  1. Go to “OpenVPN” at the top of the app and check the box next to the “Kill Switch” option. This prevents Virgin Media from detecting you’re using a VPN if the VPN connection accidentally drops.
ipvanish openvpn settings
  1. Exit the “Preferences” page.
  2. Then, go to “Server List” and search for your preferred server location.
ipvanish server list
  1. Double-tap the server to connect.
ipvanish server connect confirmation
  1. And you’re in! Your Virgin Media PC/mobile phone is now protected from prying eyes online.
ipvanish connected boston server

How to Use IPVanish With Virgin Media on Your Smart TV/Gaming Console?

Here’s a stepwise guide for using IPVanish with Virgin Media on your Smart TV and gaming console. As shown below, you can complete the process using a virtual router or Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. Buy an IPVanish subscription (Get discounts).
  2. Follow the methods 2 and 3 in this guide, depending on your preference.
  3. Congratulations! You can now binge geo-restricted movies on Netflix, Hulu, etc., with your Smart TV and prevent DDoS attacks while playing COD on your PS4.

How to Set Up IPVanish on Your Virgin Media Router?

Virgin Media doesn’t allow third-party app installations on its hubs. 

However, you can still use IPVanish with the Virgin Media router by applying a clever workaround, as shown below:

  1. Choose your preferred IPVanish plan and buy a subscription (Discounts here).
  2. Switch your Virgin Media hub to “modem mode.” The video below helps you through the process.
  1. Install IPVanish on a third-party router (follow the guide above). You don’t need Virgin Media broadband on the third-party router.
  2. Connect the Virgin Media hub (now in modem mode) to the new third-party router with IPVanish installed.
  3. Connect your devices to the new router to get IPVanish’s encryption on top of the Virgin Media broadband network that passes through it.

Virgin Media Blocking IPVanish? Try These Fixes

If you keep experiencing IPVanish blocks or disconnection issues while connected to Virgin Media, here are some easy fixes.

Connect to a Different Server

You could get these blocks because the server is congested and raising brows at Virgin Media. Connecting to a different server will change your IP and should fix the problem.

Reinstall the IPVanish App

There might be an issue with the app version you have on your device that simply reinstalling could fix.

Likewise, this helps fix issues such as missing registry/installation/configuration files that may mess up your network setup.

Disable the Virgin Media Web Safe Feature

Virgin Media has a Web Safe feature designed to block websites that aren’t appropriate for children. When this feature is enabled, you may find that you can’t view most of your typical content. The solution is to turn off the Web Safe feature and reconnect to an IPVanish server.

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IPVanish can bypass Virgin Media site blocks if you turn off its Web Safe feature. The Web Safe feature is designed to block websites that aren’t safe for kids. 

So, to access any such website, you must turn off the feature first.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content on Virgin Media With IPVanish

Virgin Media is a secure ISP, but IPVanish helps provide an added layer of security for your digital data. The VPN’s AES 256-bit encryption, kill switch, and WireGuard protocols will protect you from internet criminals and ensure your information isn’t leaked.

Plus, IPVanish offers 2200+ servers to unblock geo-restricted platforms from anywhere. With this, you can easily access Netflix US, FOX TV, Peacock TV, and more from the UK.

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