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How to Set Up and Use Atlas VPN in Canada?

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You can set up and use Atlas VPN in Canada by logging into a pre-installed Atlas VPN app and connecting to a relevant server. The provider’s 1000+ servers across 40+ countries offer multiple connection and content-unblocking options within and outside Canada.

I’ll share how to install the app and use Atlas VPN Canada servers, its best protocols, and how much the provider costs.

How to Set Up Atlas VPN on a PC in Canada?

Follow these easy steps to use Atlas VPN on a PC in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN. Don’t miss out on these HUGE DISCOUNTS.
  1. Select and install a Linux/Mac/Windows Atlas VPN app.
atlas vpn compatible apps
  1. Sign into the app with your subscription email.
atlas vpn log in
  1. Turn on the kill switch. Go through Settings > Security to toggle it.
atlas vpn security settings
  1. Select a protocol. I recommend WireGuard for faster performance.
atlas vpn wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to a server compatible with your needs, for example, a US server to stream Netflix US.
access netflix with atlas vpn
  1. Search for your preferred content and enjoy secure browsing/streaming/gaming.

How to Set Up Atlas VPN on Mobile in Canada?

Setting up Atlas VPN on a smartphone is almost the same regardless of your device’s operating system. Follow these steps to use Atlas VPN on mobile in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to your preferred Atlas VPN package. Take advantage of the 2-year discount for the BIGGEST savings.
  2. Install an Android or iOS Atlas VPN app.
atlas vpn compatible apps
  1. Log into the app.
atlas vpn app log in
  1. Enable the Atlas VPN kill switch (varies based on your operating system).
atlas vpn kill switch
  1. Choose a protocol, preferably WireGuard.
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Connect to a server that supports your desired use and enjoy secure access.
atlas vpn connected to south africa server

How to Get a Canada IP Address on Atlas VPN?

You’ll need a Canadian IP address to access sites like Canadian Netflix or CBC while enjoying the VPN’s protection. So, follow these steps to get a Canada IP address on Atlas VPN:

  1. Log into the app using the setup steps above.
atlas vpn log in
  1. Search for “Canada” under the “All” or “Streaming” tabs. The latter is best for unblocking video content.
atlas vpn canada servers
  1. Click the Canada server to connect.
atlas vpn connected to canada server

What's the Best Atlas VPN Server for Canada?

The best Atlas VPN server for Canada depends on your use.

For instance, the nearest/fastest server is your go-to to keep your data away from hackers and the government, minimize ads/malware, or combat your ISP’s throttling.

In fact, using Deluge with Atlas VPN’s Canadian servers (the closest) while grabbing lunch at Stanley Park was a breeze.

However, you’ll need a compatible server to unlock geo-restricted content, say ABC iview. In this case, that’ll be an Australian server since that’s where the content is available.

atlas vpn us servers

Likewise, you’ll need a US server to access DirectTV, a Canadian IP address for CBC, a London or Manchester server for the DAZN United Kingdom, and so on.

On the other hand, you can get the best Atlas VPN server for geo-blocked content by testing the speeds of different server locations within the permitted region.

For example, I enjoyed following up on Andy Samberg’s rib-cracking sketches on Hulu’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine with the Miami servers as they had the fastest US speeds (6% drop) and Smurfette-sized ping (98 ms).

Can You Pay for Atlas VPN With CAD?

atlas vpn pricing in cad

You can pay for Atlas VPN with CAD, which appears as the default currency in Canada.

However, if you’re staying or visiting a place outside of Canada, the currency that appears depends on your location.

So, if you’d like to see how much CAD you need, change the currency on the checkout page to CAD.

atlas vpn subscription page
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Atlas VPN doesn’t offer Canadian servers on its free plan. 

So, you’ll need a subscription to access Canada-only content with the provider. 

Still, its free servers in the US (New York & Los Angeles) and Amsterdam, Netherlands, provide speedy unblocking of many geo-restricted sites but with limited bandwidth.

Explore the World Uninterrupted From Canada!

With 1000+ servers, Atlas VPN provides adequate options for a fast connection with dependable security.

Want to stream Peacock, Netflix, Bet365, or ESPN? Atlas VPN’s unblocking and anti-tracking features ensure you enjoy your favorite content lag-free.

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