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Does IPVanish Have Servers in Pennsylvania?

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IPVanish doesn’t have Pennsylvania servers. However, it offers other US servers you can connect to for unblocking Netflix US, PayPal, or other US-exclusive shopping discounts on H&M.

I’ll show you how to use IPVanish’s US servers nearest to Pennsylvania and alternative VPNs for Pennsylvania IP addresses.

Best IPVanish Servers Close to Pennsylvania

Although IPVanish doesn’t offer Pennsylvania servers, you can use servers in the surrounding areas like New York to access gaming lobbies and Philadelphia local content on FOX 29 News.

You can also use the Ashburn, VA server to torrent Skidrow and RELOADED or for shopping online at American stores like Macy’s and H&M.

I conducted a speed test on all IPVanish US servers to help you pick the fastest one.

I started by establishing my internet speed of 40.78 Mbps download and 29.56 Mbps upload.

base speed test results

Then, I tested for each server location. See the result below.

IPVanish US Locations No. of Servers Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps)
Ashburn 121 28.17 23.95
Atlanta 147 21.80 26.96
Boston 65 16.71 23.17
Charlotte 40 13.45 26.61
Chicago 126 24.26 26.87
Cincinnati 21 11.80 14.38
Dallas 121 16.43 27.74
Denver 33 33.20 28.34
Detroit 28 21.99 26.40
Houston 54 26.00 27.00
Las Vegas 46 16.23 22.98
Los Angeles 84 25.66 28.14
Miami 67 20.45 27.92
Minneapolis 31 21.62 29.90
New Orleans 54 29.20 26.12
New York 150 35.80 29.38
Phoenix 35 36.95 26.09
San Jose 54 13.68 18.47
Seattle 30 25.71 25.07
St Louis 32 22.13 29.95

From the test above, I recommend using New York, Phoenix, and Denver servers from Pennsylvania for unblocking US local content.

Here’s how to use IPVanish servers to unblock US local content or connect to gaming peers in Pennsylvania.

  1. Buy an IPVanish subscription (get discount here).
  2. Download the IPVanish app. I’ll use a Windows PC app for this guide, but the process is similar across supported devices.
  3. Log in” to your IPVanish account.
ipvanish log in
  1. Click on the map pin icon to reveal servers. Use the search bar or scroll to US servers.
search server locations on ipvanish
  1. Select your preferred server. For this guide, I’ll connect to IPVanish’s New York server.
  2. Enjoy unblocking local news streams and special deals on GameStop.
unblocking gamestop with ipvanish on new york server

Alternative VPNs With Pennsylvania Servers

While having servers close to Pennsylvania is great, IPVanish isn’t the ideal option for VPN users who are particular about getting the Pennsylvania IP address for gaming, online gambling, or other purposes.

To that effect, I’ve reviewed reliable alternatives you can consider.

Private Internet Access

streaming pcntv with pia on pennsylvania server

Private Internet Access offers local Pennsylvania IP addresses. 

So, you can easily hide your internet activities from your school’s IT team and unblock social media while using Pennsylvania State University’s Wi-Fi network.

I’ve used the PIA Pennsylvania server to access my PCNTV account to catch up with local games.

PIA’s Pennsylvania server also offers reliable internet security with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, you get unlimited device support for connecting multiple devices simultaneously, so you don’t miss out on that from IPVanish.


locating meshnet toggle button on nordvpn

Unlike Private Internet Access (PIA), NordVPN doesn’t have a local Pennsylvania server. However, it has a unique feature, Meshnet, which allows you to create a local area network, thus serving as a local Pennsylvania IP address.

The Meshnet feature is available both on mobile and PC. Watch the video above for the setup guide.

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Unblock Local Content With Pennsylvania Servers

You can unblock US local content by exploring IPVanish’s US servers.

You can also unblock Pennsylvania’s local content by connecting to servers closest to the state. Securely log in and stream live local games on PCNTV with IPVanish using our discount code.

Alternatively, you can get Private Internet Access, which offers a standard Pennsylvania server, or use NordVPN’s Meshnet, to get a Pennsylvania local IP address.

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