How to Choose Best VPN Service for Canada in 2017?
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How to Choose TOP VPNs for Canadians?

In recent years, Canada has enacted some strict cybersecurity laws in an attempt to prevent terrorism. While the law’s intentions are for protection, many believe that they’re overreaching and encroaching on people’s privacy.

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The legislation allows for IPS to store browser history and metadata on behalf of the government. A VPN is a great solution to protect your privacy while on the computer. VPNs can go even further than protecting your digital security. Many have other worthwhile features such as being able to unblock content like streaming services. There are a lot of options out there for people choose between. This review is aimed to help you navigate through common questions and concerns you may be having about getting a VPN and assist in getting the best one for your needs.w

What Are VPNs?

For those who don’t exactly know what VPNs are, here’s a quick rundown. The acronym stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a service that allows its users to connect to the internet through a private server. Everything you do on your internet, whether it’s through your computer, phone, or tablet, travels through whatever VPN server you chose and is securely encrypted.
Your privacy is ensured when using one of these services as they hide your information from the government and your IPS. They’re also useful for getting around any censorship your IPS, school, or government has instituted. They ensure that you can’t be hacked while connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots and allow you to P2P download in safety. They also allow you to geo-shift which allows you to access information denied to you because of where you live. The added benefits that VPNs have to offer make them a serious service that you should consider.

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Are VPN Services Legal in Canada?

Some people are rightfully wary when it comes to VPNs in Canada. As earlier stated, the government has strict laws about cyber security and virtual private networks would seem to violate those laws. So are VPN services legal in Canada? The short answer is yes. You will not get into any trouble if you sign up and use a Canadian VPN. Certain sites say that using a VPN is against their terms of service, but the worst punishment you’ll receive is usually the cancellation of that service. Some sites are lenient and just won’t play the content you want until you turn off your VPN service.
Another issue that many people wonder alongside the “are VPN services legal in Canada” question is whether VPN services are safe or not. The worry of something happening to your computer while on a VPN is one that many have. While a VPN’s main goal is to provide protection, the wrong VPN can harm your computer. You need to be wary of services that are free and do your research to make sure that the one you choose is safe. The options for the trustworthy service provider won’t have you second-guessing your security or your safety.

Learn How to Choose the Right VPN in Canada

While you now have a good grasp on what the intended use for a VPN is, you need to know the criteria for choosing the best Virtual Private Network in Canada that’s right for you. You need to assess what you need out of a VPN service. Is it simple protection or would you like to do more? When considering security, research their encryption standards to determine if they’re up to par with what you want. If you want to access content from another country such as Netflix US, then you’ll want a VPN with a server in the United States. If you want plausible deniability when it comes to downloading torrents, then you want to invest in a VPN that doesn’t keep logs. Not all VPNs can have everything you want, and more so it’s important that research is done so that you can get the most out of your VPN service.

Some Good Canadian VPNs

Now that all of the questions and concerns have been addressed let’s examine what VPN to use in Canada.  The list is based on criteria of how well they protect, their price, server location, speed, and bonus features.

  • ExpressVPN. For many people this the best VPN for Canada. It’s fast when connecting to the internet and has servers in 85 countries around the world. It has a strong privacy policy, and none of your browser histories will be kept since they don’t keep usage logs. It’s available on all devices and installs quickly. It’s more expensive than other VPNs, but with the service it provides, it’s worth the price.

  • Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield has a lot to offer for those who use their service. Though it has limited server locations, it provides lightning fast speeds that make up for it. Connecting to the internet is quick.  The service makes uploading and downloading fast as well, faster than most other VPN services. Hotspot Shield also offers a lot on the security front. It allows for a virtual location change and private browsing. You can rest easy knowing that this service deletes anything that may have been recorded during your session. For a fast and easy to use option, Hotspot Shield is a great Canadian VPN.


  • IPVanish. To many, IPVanish is the second most wanted VPN in Canada. It’s a cheaper option than ExpressVPN while still having servers in over 60 countries. With excellent reliability, speed, and features, IPVanish is the whole package for many. It also has high download speed for those who want download. While they don’t offer a free trial or anything like that, they do have a 7-day money back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied, but with their track record, it’s hard to be disappointed by them.

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Should You Get a VPN?

With the amount of scrutiny that Canadians face with their government, the rights to your privacy stand with you. Without a VPN, your information is being spread not only to those in the Canadian government but the countries apart of the Five Eyes, who share intelligence between them. While many view this as protection and find that they have nothing to hide, many feel entitled to their right to privacy and for a good reason. This VPN Canada review has given all the information you need to determine whether you should get a VPN service. Whether you want a VPN to access a Netflix out of your country or to download torrents or access public internet without fear or to protect your privacy, research and make sure the VPN you choose is not only safe but the best one for you.